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Hello! Welcome back for a new Series. This is the session zero where we get the chance to introduce Ukhaz, Anep, and Bale. We set up a few bonds and flags and even get a little roleplay in there for fun. I hope you guys are excited, I (Zach) am very excited for you to see how these players really bring each other to life.Check out our merch here!
We continue our Trophy Gold campaign with Jason Cordova of the Gauntlet gaming community. Trophy (now called Trophy Dark) was originally published in Codex Dark 2 and the follow-up game Trophy Gold (which we’re playing today!) can be found in Codex Gold.Check here for a more in-depth look at Trophy.Ezio, Sareh & Thessil continue through the ruins of Torren’s Bend, and the town of Hester’s Mill, finding a pristine farmhouse offering a brief respite from the unrelenting rot of the surrounding land. But despite the offering of sanctuary, the house holds secrets and terrors to be discovered.…and hey! We have T-Shirts and Stickers! Check them out here
It’s all or nothing as our adventurers come face-to-face with the mastermind that condemned Jataka to ruination. Twice. Seeing no way out but diving headlong into danger, will our party survive and make it out of the palace? Can they ensure the betterment of Jataka? Let’s find out, in the conclusion to our longest story yet!Check out our merch!
Our trio continues their adventure, seeking to slay the final guardian within the House of Dust and Ash that still protects the ritual spell that will summon a volcanic dragon to destroy Jataka. Unfortunately for them, the fourth guardian is a figure seen before in another adventure. One that can match their burning ferocity and determination.Buy a shirt or a sticker to support us!
A big shout out to Jesse Ross, Jason Cordova, and other involved with Trophy. It is 100% our pleasure to play your amazing game: out as well to hinterheim for the use of their track “Finnaly Lost” which I got from the FMA. Please support their music if you enjoy it: Song is licensed under a CC BY.
Viatrix, Orello, and Brendis continue their way through the strange, twisted halls of the spectral palace that has overtaken and subsumed Jataka. Up against enslaved warriors, royalty, gods, and even darkness itself, can our trio of adventurers struggle against the House that even time has not destroyed?We’ve got shirts and stickers available here! And don’t sleep on our C-Side of Trophy Gold with the Gauntlet’s Jason Cordova!
JD, Nathan, & Zach play Trophy Gold with Jason Cordova. This is the first of a three-part crossover with Jason. You can also find this and other information about Trophy here.Our entrance music was made by Gabi Vanek. Thanks, Gabi!Ezio, Sareh, and Thessel come upon the blighted land of Torren’s Bend in hopes of discovering treasure left over from the overthrowing of Lord Galdren by the farmers and townsfolk of Hester’s Mill, but first they have to find the road leading to Hester’s Mill, and that’s a lot easier than it sounds.
This week, Nathan, Zach, and J.D. celebrate the coming of Halloween with a one-shot of The Skeletons, by Jason Morningstar. This is a freeform, meditative, and GMless RPG about dead guardians protecting a tomb. Though limited in their awareness due to magic only animating them when intruders are breaking in, the guardians slowly remember their forgotten pasts. This was our first time playing it, and we had an absolute delight with this little game.We have shirts and stickers available here!
Brendis, Orello, and Viatrix meet with Alovara and a mysterious figure at the Goran estate in order to make plans. Settling on a course of action, they head toward the House of Dust and Ash which has finally subsumed the Jatakan royal palace, altering space and time within.We once again use a modified Labyrinth move by the wonderful Jason Cordova in this episode. It rules.We have t-shirts and stickers available here!
After leaving the party, Brendis faces his ultimate fear. Then the party face their final, and most dangerous, challenge in the gladiator arena. However, the politics of Jataka continue to churn, leading to an unexpected swerve.
Our party makes it through their encounter with the city guard (ACAB), and joins the party celebrating the queen of Jataka - the reason for the current run of games they have been fighting in. But it's awkward. Orello lunges headlong into what should be a social disaster, Viatrix stress eats in the corner, and Brendis looks for somewhere he can get fucked up. Some of this goes all right...
We're back with the main party of Brendis, Orello, and Viatrix. Their last morning in the desert before returning to the city-state of Jataka, the party discusses what they went through in the Library of First Thought and make their plans for getting back in the city despite Brendis being wanted. Though a reunion with an old ally has them questioning what they should do next. This one is roleplay and plot heavy!We have shirts and stickers available for purchase now. Check them out here!
We continue our GMless/full game by following Iltani Evermind and Tahunas as they seek to kidnap an invading desert elf and extract knowledge from their mind. Mostly Zach and J.D. DM this one, with input into the conversation from Ryan and Nathan adding key details to the fiction. Iltani and Tarhunas struggle with some personal issues before tackling their primary mission.
While the main characters are searching for a book of evil rituals, life in Jataka continues. We rejoin Kurul, Iltani, Tahunas, and Kinea in order to learn what is happening while the main characters are away. This GMless/GMfull game shows a different way to enjoy Dungeon World, and we have a ton of fun working with characters and fleshing out the politics of this city as our evil agents of the Ashkeshahri Empire attempt to manipulate Jataka’s future.
Brendis, Orello, and Viatrix, their goal attained, make their way back to the library tower in order to exit back out into the desert. But the lion riders sent to find them have already entered the tower and locate the party before they can safely leave.
Our cup runneth over this episode as we were graced by the amazing Zack Garth (of the Heart Points podcast) and together we play the equally amazing Swords Without Master (by the, you guessed it, equally amazing Epidiah Ravachol). Hopefully this can serve as a primer to those new to the game and for those more familiar just sit back and enjoy!
The crew continues traveling through the Library of First Thought, as Do'alar slowly pieces his past life back together in his mind. But retrieving Etrofasch's spellbook won't be as easy as simply finding it.
Orello, Brendis, and Viatrix have made it safely to the Library of First Thought. Since their guide has a poor memory, we use Jason Cordova's excellent Labyrinth move to remind him of his past life and search for Letvedi Etrofasch's journal of vile rituals. We also begin looting ancient relics, but hey, we're just trying to help, right?
Brendis, Viatrix, and Orello start their day with a surprise before heading off into the desert to find a book. And they fight a god in there, somewhere.
Brendis, Orello, and Viatrix get back in the arena against Lilith the Bloodmistress and her two whipping boys in a race to reach the top of a spiked pyramid. But the politics of Jataka cannot be contained as an assassination interferes with the entertainment.
In our GMless / GMfull take on Dungeon World, we follow Kinea, Iltani, Tarhunas, and Kurul as they attempt to sow chaos in Jataka on behalf of the Ashkeshahri Empire. Each of us plays a character, and we let the Conversation be the GM for our game, and find this way of playing Dungeon World can be a very satisfying experience!
The crew party with the Ghoul, Orello takes a nap, Brendias moves a bomb, and Viatrix gets her gold before a great force enters the city. We also get the chance to meet another cast of characters.... who have their own plans for the city.
Despite the appearance of a ghostly castle appearing in the sky, the Jatakan festival continues, and our adventurers must fight once again in the pits, this time coming eye-to-eye with a flying tiger!
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