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When I think of annual festivities and celebrations, some of the first things that come to mind are birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving here in the United States, and Easter. But in this episode, based on Numbers 9:1-14, than just celebrating th
Have you ever found yourself incredibly excited for trip and everything in life and on your calendar is a race, a count down for that day? Whether it's something is super big like an international vacation  or it's going to see your family on t
Like the Israelites, we are set apart to be different. We are called to worship the Lord on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... every day of the week, and everywhere. No matter where life & our travels take us. But sometimes people view our w
Imposter Syndrome. A person who doubts their skills, talents, & accomplishments and fears being exposed as a fraud (Wikipedia). When stepping into your calling, or traveling for the Lord, have you ever felt like an imposter? Have you every doub
Have you ever been to a family reunion? No, I'm not talking about a gathering over the holidays - I'm talking about a destination based family gathering with extended family. I've been to a few - in Branson, at Disneyworld, in Tennessee. But no
Over the past couple weeks we have been following the story line of nomads Sarah & Abraham down through their descendants. In this episode, we will be taking a closer look at Joseph's family's story. Specifically how one choice leads to a life
Growing up my father loved the saying "life's not fun or fair.' As a kid, I absolutely hated that saying, because I had this strong belief that we make what we want out of our lives and that God didn't leave us here to be miserable. So, if I wa
Today, we will be looking at the story of Jacob and Esau. When God changes Jacob's name, Jacob really struggles with this change in identity. He goes from being a deceiver to the one who wrestles with God.  Travel tends to change our identity,
While I pray that you don't experience family/friend tensions while  on your road trips or adventures, I know that feuds and tension are just a part of the uncomfortableness of travel. My family and I loved camping trips, but sometimes in the m
Raise your hand if you are a person who has ever traveled somewhere thinking that you'll gain a certain skill or you'll learn a specific thing and you've walked away with so much more from your travel experiences! My hand is definitely in the a
How do you know if God is really calling you to travel? Because if we're being honest those of us that love to travel - dream of the day that we get to travel full time! We have looked over our budgets, come up with all the scenarios, and we ju
When traveling, does your devotional life go out the window? Breaking from your daily routine can really mess with your devotional life. If not intentional - we can accidentally forget about it all together. In this week episode we unpack diffe
If a stranger asked you "What are some reasons why people should know how to travel?" I'm guessing that you could easily come up with a few answers. In fact, you may know someone who has never left their home town and have tried to persuade the
What fears are stopping your from traveling? Is it the fear of traveling solo? Is it the fear of going overseas? Is it the fear of loosing your passport and wallet?  Satan loves to make our fears bigger than they actually are and stop us from
What is the definition of community? Oxford Languages defines it as: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. So is there any benefit in traveling with others who share you attitudes,
Been busy lately? Feeling overwhelmed? Despite how much we love to travel and how rewarding we know that it is - we often find ourselves neglecting rest in our daily lives. While we can easily answer why rest is important, we often get to the e
We’re all familiar with financial wisdom. It’s something we’ve heard before and it’s something we’ve told ourselves before. “Save money.” “Don’t spend too much.” What if you’re a Christian who loves to travel or wishes to travel more? What’s th
Lovers of Jesus, world travelers, Bible lovers, and adventurers! Are you excited to be traveling again? Are you looking to connect with other Christians when you travel? Are you wanting a weekend away to be rejuvenated in your relationship with
"How do we organize a trip that fits everyone's interests?" "How do we afford a trip that includes the whole family?" "How do we plan a family trip?" These are all great questions - and ones we will be answering in this weeks episode. From budg
"I could never travel on my own." "I'd lobe to do that, but what if I lost my passport?" "You're super brave. I wouldn't know how to navigate a city when they don't speak my language." These are some of the automatic negative thoughts that Sata
They can tell that we are Christians by our love, but how can they tell that we are Christians by our travel? It's not that we go to the Holy Lands, it's not how we are preaching the Gospel from every street corner, and it's not that we wear bi
Have you ever heard of Hilton Head Island or what makes it a great travel destination? I recently discovered it while researching different options for CTN's upcoming retreats, and I wanted to share this with you! It's a beautiful little getawa
Are you dealing with anxiety, nervousness, and fear when it comes to travel post pandemic? You are not alone! To some extent everyone is assessing how cautious to be when they travel. In this episode, we will be looking at some recent studies t
When everything in life is wearing you down, where do you connect with God best? If nature was your answer, then you will love hearing how Lindsey Wheeley has experienced God in the National Parks! In fact, she even shares how you can get invol
Do you think it's always possible to find a Christian community when you are traveling? Do you always seek the community out? Kate Boyd joins us in this episode to share about some of encounters with the global church and how it changed her per
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