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PUPPIES! That’s right people, we told you we would do a podcast about puppies because the world is a diseased, on fire shit show that frankly has been draining our souls for the last five years like a vampire with a tapeworm.  Titus Podcast ...
9-11! 20 years later, and it’s stunning how time and so many seasons of the Big Bang theory can take the violent sharp edges off of the worst terrorist attack in American History.  Titus Podcast ...because the world is a clown show.
"MY BODY MY CHOICE!" That’s right, its your body it’s your choice. When it comes to vaccines you can decide to not get it... even if you kill other people. When it comes to masks you can refuse to wear one even if you kill other people. It’s yo
AMERICA, are we a third world country? We're asking because Apartment buildings are collapsing, bridges are falling, power grids are failing, and pot holes are making us spill hot coffee in our laps! Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder talk infr
It ain't over yet folks. We do have dedicated ways to stop it... so why are we using a horse dewormer medication instead? Titus, Bombshell, and the Hylinder try their best to unpack the Idiocracy trilogy we're all living in.  Titus Podcast ...b
It's the end of summer and we're looking for a new place to vacation because for some reason our reservations at the Kabul Fairfield Inn got cancelled.  Titus Podcast ...because the world is a clown show.  
Today we will let you know how we have gotten through the Armageddon that was this last five years. LOVE. That’s right! I know this isn’t what you expected but here we go.  Titus Podcast .. because the world is a clown show.
Titus and Bombshell sit down with a special guest, all the way from Sweden, Shannon Titus Lovgren. Shannon is Titus' sister - the one that's alive and well. Hear her stories of how she was a Fire Fighter and other heroic things she's done to sa
The new Delta variant rips through the south and the rest of the sister-wife states, while the rest of us stare in amazement at the level of stupid we were unaware of, until the worst pandemic in a century ripped through the world. Titus Podcas
Rockets! Spaceships! Billionaires, oh my. The space race is on again and this time it’s bored white guys with so much money they can buy their way off the planet. Titus, Bombshell and The Hylinder talk about the recent rash of rich dudes flexin
Ahhhh, global warming, ah nice and warm. And Climate change is something that just happens... it gets colder it gets warmer... yeah...'change' moving on. Let’s just go ahead and clear-cut a rainforest to build a dragstrip. Titus, Bombshell and
Due to a Twitter bromance, Titus invited the Great, Hit-making, Richard Marx to the Combustion Lounge. Bombshell and Titus learn how to make it in show business, and how to subdue a rowdy Korean passenger on an international flight. Titus Podca
We've all been in bad relationships! But there are many different levels, and versions of bad. Are you in one right now?? Then listen up! Titus and Bombshell welcome special guest, Slade Ham. #TitusPodcast ... because the world is a clown show.
Voting rights, oh but it feels so wrong! Fake elections, fake ballots, IT WAS RIGGED!!!! Yeah…. no. Titus, Bombshell and The Hylinder talk voting rights, the For The People Act, and those that are acting against the people.  Titus Podcast
"Critical Race Theory!" What is it? Why is it? Who is it? And why is it important? I DON’T KNOW! But I do know that when racist white people are mad, comedy lives. Also, RIP Clumzy.  Titus Podcast ...because the world is a clown show.
Titus, Bombshell, and the Hylinder talk about gay pride month, how to spot a lesbian, the conflict in Israel and how to create a path forward... for all the world.  Titus Podcast...Because love is all you need.    
The death of democracy, the strangling of Justice and the disemboweling of liberty. This is the republican party 2021. Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder talk about how Republicans DON'T want to investigate the January 6 riots at the Capitol. 
Well, it looks like the last few horrendous problems in America; Pandemic, Immigration, millions out of work, mass shootings, you know, America... None of it means squat diddly ... because THERE ARE ALIENS!! #TitusPodcast ...because the world i
Covid's over, right? We are fine here in America, right? Nope. Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder talk current events, and Bombshell visits a sketchy Notary business.  Titus Podcast ...because the world is a clown show. 
Titus rants about the GOP ousting of Liz Cheney in the armageddon update, and world-renowned designer, Chip Foose is on the podcast. 
Titus, Bombshell and The Hylinder feel better about the country. There are signs that the last four years of historical ineptitude and presidential illiteracy are waning. Titus and Bradley are back on the road and Hylinder is finally releasing
JU-stice, you got me on my knees... JU-stice, I'm beggin darlin' please! Justice...that elusive blind bitch has once again thrown us a curve ball; she worked! What was supposed to happen..HAPPENED! Titus, Bombshell and The Hylinder talk the Der
Are we living in the shittiest Back to the Future movie ever written? Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder discuss the latest news... that seems to just repeat itself...repeat itself...repeat itself..thoughts and prayers...thoughts and prayers...
Have you ever met someone in your neighborhood that's kinda polio-ish?  Probably not. Know why? Vaccines. Know what else has been eradicated from vaccines? Rubella, Small Pox, Shingles, Hepatitis, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus, Hib, Whooping Cough (P
Titus, Bombshell, and The Hylinder discuss Biden's first press conference, and, how Biden plays whack-a-mole with journalists questions responding with facts and stats. Now if only that worked on Rae's actual backyard moles.  #TitusPodcast ...b
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