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Once again, Rey and Bryce are back to discuss all things horror! This time the film we tackle is The Empty Man (2020). Is it an apparition, mind game, folklore or physical manifestation...Support the podcast by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Yes. FINALLY. IT IS HERE. The best zombie movie in existence. Nay, maybe even the best ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER MADE?!? *Rey enters the chat*. So anyways, we are crackalackin through this cheese-festy pile of cliches and barely tolerable writing and dialog with Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil. Because be serious, she is the only interesting/cool/reason to watch the movie. Aside from that (which is actually plenty), there’s not much to see here folks. Buncha no-namers and IS THAT TONY TODD?!?......wait….no. So Milla wakes up naked and alone with no memory of why she’s naked and alone. A handy-dandy conveniently placed sexy dress and some zombies start this por… off with some bland heavy metal music and a buncha military larpers to drag her  into an underground lab to uncover the origins of a virus outbreak within the facility. Will they survive the hordes long enough to uncover...THE TRUTH. THERE IS NO ZOMBIE. THERE IS ONLY ZUUL. Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland as we pound down some strong booze and go over the only merit to this movie…….it’s Milla, in case you haven’t figured it out by now.  Support the podcast by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Welcome to our brand new CineKuest Video HORROR sub-series! Official name TBD. Join Rey and guest, Bryce, as they discuss clothing horror and the new Shudder exclusive film, Slaxx. Support the podcast by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
So this was one of our exceptions to the ‘no-sequels” rule. Neither of these movies are very long and are equal parts bad and good as we look at things. Which, as far as we’re concerned, is the CORRECT, PROPER, and ONLY way EVERYONE should think about these flicks. YOU’RE WELCOME thank-you-for-coming-to-our-ted-talk. As with all of this year’s vidji game movie picks, we go extra-medium providing you with a few things about the history of Mortal Kombat and just how badasscool it was to check this in the days of the arcades...except MK4...and Mk vs. DC...and Mk Mythologies. Yeah so quite a few of em sucked a dirty butthole. They can’t all be gold. Listen up as we explain how we all love/hate the Hollywoody magic-ing “creative liberties”’ used to make them into cheesy pie wonderment with fists. What do you expect from rated G (stands for G-Damn Wholesome) movies? Join Bryce, Rey, Roland, and Daniel as we knock down a double header.Support the podcast by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Presents Street Cat Fighter The MovieWhat do you do when you need a cash grab effort? It’s simple--blow the budget on JCVD,and the scraps can go to the other sometimes household darlings Flying Raul Julia, Kicking Ming Na-wen, Who-Knows-What-Purpose-She-Served-Here Kylie Minogue and others that are there but don’t need to be necessarily mentioned (lookin’ at you Captain Sawardooru). We need Bison Bucks here bichoSTAT for it will clear the debt of this cinematic sacrifice to a fickle trickster god. There is a slight catch--your Queen will agree to this once she is reprotectored by the loving embrace of the Pax Bisonica and a new exchange rate is...negotiated *laughs in Raul Julia*. For sadomasochists, this movie provides a funfromp Friday of eroticoidal mental sexytime gymnastics. Your favorite hometown heroes are back to help you stumble through this double helping of chocolate poor-age chock full of Vitamin B-level talent into a feast of a film feature that is most fantastically filmy feast with notes of filminess. The once and future king druggydealer M. Bison was tending his flock on the range and didn’t have a mind for street conquestering, but rather world domineerage and this master class moron pre-registered to get pummeled by previously pacifist farmers who plied pitchforks to the prevalent prick in power, which he not-stalgically zips back to as a totally-different-my-guy-associate-dude-story; “It was Tuesday.“ I probably shot somebody...could be...likely...yes...wait, what were we talking about?” *Chun-li has entered the chat*. After promoting himself to general, Raul Julia went from shitbug to bigtitty butterfly by developing his plan of world peacitude. All he wants is to create the perfect genetic soldier! Not for power, not for evil--but for good, because good is dumb. Some call it ‘subjugation’, but potato, popurgemoida’. In the words our Lord and Savior JCVD, “It's the Collection Agency, Bison. Your ass is six months overdue, and it's mine. *laughs in Bloodsport*.” Brace yourselves for the Best Worst World Tournament Movie Evererar (That is until we get to MK: Annihilation). Join Daniel (Darkwing Drunk), Roland (Darth Goggletron), Rey (Cosmic Beef), Bryce (Young Breezy) and Ron as we rip through this wonderful whirlwind of Crapsterpiece Theater. Support the podcast! Click the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Presents Double Dragon, or Double Oh No…Anytime Mark Dacascos is involved in a project (fuckin’ President of Iron Chef--hellz yes), particularly his movies, we can’t help talking about it, and thus we are more than pleased to include Double Dragon next in line for the Cinekuest video games series! Buckle up as we crack through one of the most famous (well they sorta started it so yeah) beat-em-up” game series of all time. This got its own movie starring the world’s most incredible capoeira maestre’ as Jimmy Lee, one half of a badasscoolass (well, the game said so) pair of kickasscool post apococolocalocalypse of 2007. The other “bro” was Scott Wolf. Yay. Remember that? We don’t. But it was a thing here. Movies! Soooooo...Thousands of years ago in ancient China, an evil army of shadow warriors terrorized the great city of Shang-sa. To save his people the good king sacrificed himself to create a mystical medallion. Realizing the ultimate powers of the medallion, the king split it in half. To one son he gave power over the body, to the other, power over the soul. This is the legend of the Double Dragon. Fast forward a few hundred years, and Robert Patrick as The Vanilla Ice T-1000 tries to gain a hold of this power through murder and deceit. What will the brothers do? Will Alyssa Thiccano and her not gratuitous-at-all-booty-shots-because-this-is-a-kids-movie save their dopey asses? Will T-1The Shadow prevail? Will we keep asking poorly phrased questions? Are you thinking that this could be a possibility? Find out as Rey, Roland, Daniel, and guest star fan-friend Paul as we add this to the so-good-it’s-bad list?   Click the link below to support the podcast and the Mokuest Studios network!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Presents The Mario Bros Movie: Blade Runner the Henson’s Cut2021--let’s do this! Better than last year! Probably! Possibly! Just maybe! Please? New year, new Cinekuest formattery. For the next few months, we will cover movies based on vidjy games! Yea, though we walk through the valley of hubris, we fear no shitteh movie. Despite our faith, this year will nonetheless have a slew of questionably amazing movies that we take by storm! I mean, quite a few of them are pretty good when compared to a hole in the head (which may be preferable). To start off our foray into video game movies, we chose the 1993 classic, much beloved, Super Mario Bros starring John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins as Luigi Mario and Mario Mario (names are canon...yes...really!). A pair of not-a-stereotype-at-all plumbers scraping by on the grit of their roto rooters and can-do attitudes! Luigi meets Daisy, a paleontologist specializing in dinos and studying her own past at the same time, unbeknownst to her. Parallel worlds! Hells the highest of yeses! As their wonky ass date goes awry, the plumbers end up crossing over into Dinohatten (Not that Mario and Luigi were on a date, but that’s not an important distinction to make in this sentence, we suppose…), ruled by King Koopa, the Hoppa! Yes, kids, we get Dennis Hopper in this flick who clearly had no idea what the hell he was doing in this role, but it is fuckin’ fantastic. Think of a cross between Donald Trump as President of the US and Dr. Evil and you’re close! Also a badasscool leather suit. Get your post-apocalypse cyber-trash-future fetishes here, folks, while they’re hot! They’ve got a Super Scope(™)! Walk The Dinosaur! Beware the Bob-omb Bitches! Join Rey, Roland, Bryce, and Daniel as they ramble about this classic Hollywood Flopper. Be sure to follow and support the podcast by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Wadatah, our damies. We invite you to partake in a Mokuest tradition established years ago of watching one of the absolute best movies ever made on New Year’s Eve! Do you like ass kicking? Do you like kids avoiding cigarettes and malt liquor? Well, do we have a paragon of virtue in the form of Pootie Tang for you via the brainchild of Louis C.K. with Chris Rock’s blessing to provide us with a film that, at the heart of it, is a parody of blaxpoitation films from the 1970s. Pootie isn’t a Jack of All Trades, but a Master, and excels particularly in music, film, martial arts, pottery, and can fix a mean shoe. Pootie is so fly that he was diagnosed as being “too cool for words”, but, despite this, everyone always knew what he meant. Pootie is so badass he had a budget version of TLC perform a song about him! However, his efforts to be the best man he can possibly be to the world around him drew the stink eye of Corporate America (CA) that had an issue with him (Pootie’s PSA campaigns were bleeding them dry). This cinematic masterpiece’s central conflict is CA trying to stop Pootie Tang from being a pone tony. Starring Lance Crouther, this flick is chock full of funny folk including Bob Costas, dudes that were on “The Wire”, Wanda Sykes, the man himself, Chris Rock, and Stifler’s Mom! This movie can be argued as a superhero flick because not all heroes wear capes--sometimes they wear shell necklaces and wield belts. Join Rey, Roland, and Daniel as they poorly attempt an MST3K take on a movie we find no major problems with. Regardless, the important thing to remember, kids, is to say “Sadatay” and feel okay and don’t bang the dillies!Click the link below to support Mokuest Studios!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Presents: Year of the Villain Face Off aka The Roast of Johnny WongSays it in the title folks--we finally bring you our votes for best-worst (and worst-worst) villain from our year’s action-verse reviews. Do we give it to the millenia-old wizard of ChinaTown, the eternally thirsty Lo Pan? Or maybe the nutballs serial killer-clown Simon Phoenix? Does the Shogun of Harlem have what it takes to whup all ya’lls asses back to the stone age? Can Silverio become The True Maestre? Does the No-Plan Computer-Man Sid 6.7 stand a chance? Can Phd murder-nerd Dr. Luthor stack up against everyone with his terminator toasters? Cisco has love for us all...does that also include these bastardos? Or will all these badasses fall prey to the AIDS Brigade?!? Oh, right, there’s Johnny Wong too. Can’t forget about the Littlest Bi@$h. Among all of these contenders  we argue and attempt to disprove why Roland is always right (keep trying). Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland in our movie villains in review analysis battle royale.  Support CineKuest Video by clicking the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Concludes a True Trilogy--Army of Darkness: Rise of the S-Mart SaviorAs the last of our year’s trilogies we went with one of the most ridiculous, pants shitting  hilarious takes on demonic possession and time travel your black little hearts of horror could dream of. Imagine if Mel Brooks and the Cryptkeeper tried to direct Lord of the Rings. This is Sam Raimi unleashed baby! With a mega-thicc budget and nobody in his way, there was just no stopping him, bringing us a timeless, incomparable medieval monster-fest masterpiece. Directly following the “second” Evil Dead movie, Ash is hurled back in time to the “ye olde” age, where he quickly dominates those primitive screw-heads with his understanding of “compositions and things with molecular structures”. Big brain flex dabs are to be expected with a badass of Ash’s caliber. He’s totally not an absolute pansy-ass (not in front of the primates-they can sense sissyness). Ash is at his best when he’s completely backed into a corner--then the kitty-cat’s chainsaw arm comes out. Pit Bitches beware--the Chosen One Cometh. How will Ash get his ass back in time for work? Them bills don’t pay themselves, yeah? Join Roland, Daniel, and Rey as we wish movies were still this cool (they aren’t).      Support the show by clicking on the link below for merch, podcasts and patreon!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Presents a Ballistic Break Dance Fight Night Featuring Marko Mark and Lou Diamond Phillips in The Big HitThis John Woo adjacent flophouse special with a dash of Wesley Snipes as a producer is definitely not worth watching for the star, the Wallbangerberg. In this flick, he  is completely overshadowed by the true star of La Bamba fame--Lou Diamond Phillips. He has the love for you, baby, with a goatee truly manicured to hell, rendering Roland’s jokes about Daniel’s mustache moot (Qapla’!)! Melvin Smiley is a soft-spoken, redheaded heartthrob with six-pack formed by years of mastering hand-to-hand combat and gymnastics with two ladies and is a complete pushover people-pleaser. Did we mention he’s also a contract killer? Probably should have led with that. How one can be all these things at once is a true symptom of a recently discovered illness medical researchers call Whatthefuckwerethewritersthinkingitis, but that’s what the action and comedy is for and there is a metric fuckload of it! Most of it is brought by Lou Diamond Fucking Phillips overacting an already over-the-top personality as Melly’s buddy/coworker/loveable cutthroat bastardo Cisco. He’s like a cross between a mariachi hip-hop star and Yakuza underling which is fucking hilarious. Anywhatsits, MelloMark is just tryna get paid and laid while surrounded by his seemingly utterly mundane home life. Between Chantel, his gold digger side piece, constantly blue ball bashing him for bills and his actual fiance’ Christina Goddamn Applegate tossing his savings down the drain leaving Smiles a financial shithouse. Cisco the absolute angel swoops in to save the day for Melvy, taking a “huge risk” offering his brochacho (the MVP of their hit squad) a non-union sanctioned job. That’s what he do ‘cuz he gots so much love for you, BAYBEE. How could this possibly get any better for the Marksman? He doesn’t deserve friends like that. Then things get fucking stupid--stupid awesome. Join Rey, Roland, and Daniel as we argue over why Young Guns is one of best BRAT PACK westerns of ALL TIME. Be sure to check out the links to support and listen to the podcasts!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Pre-Turkeyday Returnening to the Tromaverse with Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken DeadWhat do you get when you build a fried chicken franchise on an “ancient Indian burial ground?” Not laser raptors, but undead chicken-demons possessed by souls seeking revenge. Not only is this amazing premise offered to us, but it’s also a...drumroll, please...a...fucking...musical! Arbie (you’ll get it) is a dumbshit pipsqueak pisspot left behind by Wendy, his girlfriend, as she zips off to Experimentation Boot Camp (college) and meets Micki. When Wendy (gettin’ the jerkojoke yet?) runs into Arbie at a protest outside of the grand opening of American Chicken Bunker where he calls her on her bullshit shallow ass trendy values localized in her sexuality and decides to go work for “The Man”. As the new Counter Girl for the new store, Arbie works under Denny (you have gotten it by now, right?) and alongside Carls Jr., Paco Bell, and Hummus. This movie starts with a fun unrequited love and spite angle of a plot, Lloyd Kaufman then proceeds to crack out a can of  Classic Horror Tropes from his plot-force utility belt. Remember the “ancient Indian burial ground” Wendy and Micki were protesting alongside a stereotypical drunken Native American? It soon becomes quite relevant. As most of you are aware, in any Troma film is basically a powder keg of batshittery just waiting to blast everyone to hell with boobs, explosions, butt stuff, ball stuff, realistic looking poop and a shit fountain. Oh, yeah, remember it’s also a musical! Most importantly, it is damned funny. Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland as we try to give you a brief idea of what the crap is happening in this movie.Be sure to check out the links to support and listen to the podcasts!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Continues: Trilogy of the Dead Part 2 (Part 1 actually though): Birth of the BoomstickIn this episode, your favorite trio reviews Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, alternatively titled “The Return to the Beginning”. What’s hilarious about this series is the fact that, rather than offering us the glory that is “Army of Darkness” after the cult hit of Evil Dead, we received a flaccid reboot of the aforementioned hit. Despite the rehash, we do get a glimpse into the ridiculous humor locked inside Sam Raimi’s brain! This movie is as absurdly funny as it is gory. We also get blessed with hilariously bad costumery and amazing practical effects. We realize you can only become so aroused, but this flick also features 100% more Ash. Groovy. All in all, this is basically the same story as the original with everything you loved about the OG version, but ramped up to 11. Welcome to sweet horror slapstick comedy majesty with gallons of blood, a dismembered, demonically-possessed hand, a girlfriend who has a thing for dancing in life and un-life, tentacle porn (again!), demons, demons, guessed it, more demons that are ready to swallow your sooooooooouuullll!!! Pfffft. We dare you not to laugh at this masterpiece of cinemaI. Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland as we chat about this flick with the underlying hope that the Book of the Dead’s prophecies come to pass.If you enjoy this show check out our other podcasts and support us if you like click the link below!If you enjoy this show check out our other podcasts and support us if you like click the link below!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
The Best Worst Horror Movie RemakeningsAs we hermit through the best and only important month of the year--we spent quite a bit more time than expected on this episode going through all the horror reboots we could find or remember. While there are a few "good ones" here and there--this is still one super-sized pile of crapola we’re shoveling through. The Hollywood trend of saving a buck on brainpower and licensing fees or exploiting what were once fan-favorite franchises has mostly always been an idiotic half-assed shit show at best (why Evil Dead, why) and at worst, The Wicker Man (the bees...goddammit). Sometimes, they get lucky. If only it happened more often. Then again, some of us really like a thick slice of crappiness pie with our movie experience. Join Roland, Rey and Daniel as we inundated you with all the redux horror hits and doodoo redos.  00:00 Intro04:00 Night of the Living Dead (1990)12:00 Evil Dead (2013)28:00 Halloween (2007)34:00 House on Haunted Hill (1999)39:00 Childs Play (2019)46:00 House of Wax (2005)49:00 The Grudge (2004)59:00 The Fly (1986)01:05:00 The Hills Have Eyes (2006)01:14:00 Friday the 13th (2009)01:22:00 13 Ghosts (2001)01:33:00 The Amityville Horror (2005)01:38:00 Dracula (1992)01:44:00 It Chapter 1 (2017)01:46:00 Suspiria (2018)01:47:00 The Town that Dreaded Sundown (2014)01:49:00 The Blob (1988)01:50:00 Dawn of the Dead (2004)01:55:00 The Wicker Man (2006)2:00:00 Poltergeist (2015)02:01:00 I Am Legend (2007)02:02:00 Fright Night (2013)/Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)02:13:00 Closing RemarksCheck out our other podcasts at Mokuest Studios and support us by clicking the link below.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest for the Halloweening-Lockdown Edition-The FrightenersFor our non-spooky time revelers, we cough*somewhat mostly one person*cough have used the at-home hijinks opportunity to pick another crazy-cool episode with extra-as-fuck actor Jeffrey Combs. Also cool lead star Michael J. Fox. See if you can find the director’s cameo. See into the funky-ass mind of director Peter Jackson before he went full Hollywood Dominator with LOTR. Frank Bannister (MJ Fox) was a normal, yuppie architect thirsting after his own basketball court when an unfortunate accident left him driving a busted-ass Model Pos Ford and slumming with the spectors of the un-living. Cool dudes, mostly. Channeling his best Peter Venkman, Franky boy grifts random marks using a squirt gun and a toaster oven with the aid of his dead-bros. This works for a time until word gets around about a spirit shyster. By the power of plot-force, this coincides with a string of seemingly unrelated, unexplainable deaths (sure they are). Enter FBI Agent Paranormal Obsessionist Extraordinaire, Milton Dammers (Jeffrey Combs) who takes his shiet so seriously, he’s got a fucking uzi (standard issue, sure). This guy would be a beast if he wasn’t so borked in the brain. And afraid of the ladies. Imagine if you will, Agent Herbert West himself- just less power of science and more X-files nuthouse Illuminati. Get ready for one of the best comedy horror movies of the mid 90’s. Join Rey, Roland and Daniel as we recount the killer funnies.  Check out our other podcasts at Mokuest Studios and support us by clicking the link below.★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Begins: Trilogy of the Dead Part 1: Before the Boomstick   We present to you the start of the end of our trilogies for the year. We’ve all been looking forward to this wholesome box of goodness all year. I am of course speaking of the awesome that is Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies. Prepare for one of the purest forms of cinema horror with this cult-favorite gore splatterfest. Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams, a genuinely nice guy (not an internet nice guy-those are douchebags who goes to a cabin in the middle of Whothefuckknows forest for some boozin’ and bonin’. Great place I’m told. FOR EVIL. Ash and his friends decide to snoop around the place and find the Necrogoddamnomicon--because Ouija is for pussies. They play a recording of some Book of the Dead Cliffnotes, and that’s when the horror porn begins. Possession, levitation, dismemberment, gallons of blood, tentacle porn--covers all the gold standard fright flick features. On a budget diet of Kraft singles and Fritos (they got lucky they only had chilli for one night), Raimi created The Exorcist meets The Dollar Tree Jim Henson Company. Everyone loves this movie, and if you don’t we all feel sorry for you. Join Rey, Roland, and Daniel as we refresh our alcohol-soaked memories of what life was like growing up watching the good shit. Click the link below to check out the Mokuest Studios Podcasts and support if you like...★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Video Presents: Before The Matrix, But After Lawnmower Man--Virtuosity In the futureworld of the 90’s, Denzel Washington plays (ex) Lt. Parker Barnes, once a cop, now a convict, who has no absolutely no regrets about his current lifestyle as a much-loved (sarc--/s to you reddity gorms) model inmate. WIth nothing better to do, why not help out the boys in blue with some old-fashioned VR training? Sure. Jack him up. Barnes’ competes against zany lover-of-zuitsuits, AI Sid 6.7, played by Russell Crowe doing his best at batshit. I can’t say I understand the basics of creating artificial intelligence, but it takes abit of a hard suspension of common sense to understand how creating one from glomming the psyches of serial killers together would be a reasonable idea. Effective, possibly, creative--certainly. Smart? Questionable. Maybe I’m just a backasswards rube getting in the way of true sciencified progress. After Sid is born into the world of the realz, because, of course he is, Barnes is reinstated and set on the chase. Unbeknownst to him, Sid has a closer relation to Barnes than he would have ever expected. This is some true velveeta you’re in for here. Join, Daniel, Rey, Roland, and Young Breezy for this (it was in theaters?) forgotten rental. Check out ALL our podcasts, our merchandise and social media. CLICK THE LINK BELOW!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Rise of the Trollhunter-dork: Guns AkimboThis was a bit of a random last minute clutch pick, but it worked out pretty well. This movie is pretty damn funny and fulla that hyper-violent action porn for your furious rage-rection or stiff and stony ladyboner. Daniel Radcliff is Miles, a depressed little programmer who works for a shitty game company, constantly getting his dick flicked by his execu-bro boss, Zander Cocktwist. By night, Miles is a boozy badass, trolling shit-fucks online in his no-holds-barred trash-talking swear-fest. Unfortunately, he pisses off the wrong redditor weeb this time around. The omega-cuck ends up being Riktor, a total fucking lunatic who runs a popular underground gladiatorial internet murderstream. They totally fuck up Miles’ already extra-queefy life and force him to nut up and compete or die. Or compete and die. The die part has primacy here. Enter Samara Weaving as Nix, a badass crazyballs Queen of Curbstomping, who’s just trying to fuck off to Forever Neverland, and guess who her last kill to get there is? Join Daniel, Rey and Roland as we skip through this quick and dirty little gem.  Check out our socials, merch page and check out all of our podcasts! If you would like to support us in more ways consider donating to our Patreon for exclusive content or donate to our paypal in the link below. like, subscribe and rate the podcasts! We will be forever grateful! Thanks for listening! ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Round 2 Part Last--Beyond Re-Animator AKA Beyond Blood In Blood Out: A Herbert West Side Story.Here we have the last (and least!) of the Re-Animator flicks to date. Once hardcore pointdexter-prime, Herbert West is arrested and locked up for his science-ing sins soon after the end of the second movie. A number of years later, now a hardcore thug-lifer, Herbert continues his work as Frankenstein’s Vet--with his latest tests on the poor, poor, lovable….Ratty. Yeah. They named a rat...Ratty. As per usual, Jeffrey Combs reprises his role once again as the endearing scamp just trying to raise the dead and minding his own bizzness. Jail is more of a state of mind than a physical place to this unstoppable alpha geek! Joined by a victim-turned-stooge doctor-groupie, a creepy-ass warden who keeps thirsting with a rock-hard perv-on for a reporter-girl, the said reporter-girl, who couldn’t be more grossed out by him-she practically spits dust, Herbert is once more reunited with his true love potion number nine. With re-agent in hand, can our daring medical man wonder revive Ratty in time to avoid a shanking, or worse? Will the warden take the fucking hint and go jerk off and die? Will Doctor Sister-Complex Howie Phillips (yes, they went there) fall prey to the never-meet-your-heroes-rule? Reporter girl is there for stuff and things too. Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland as we serenade you with our philosifizery. Check out our link below to check out our Spotify, Teespring (for Merch), Patreon, and Website for our other podcasts! Door Chime and Projector used under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Bill and Ted Face the Music: Party On Through All Space and Time Finally, almost thirty years later, Bill and Ted have re-arriveth! We were all worried about this reunification of the most wholesome bro-duo of the eighties--for nothing! This movie rocks your face and ass off! For reals, you will laugh your tits off as Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter seemingly miss absolutely-no-fucking-beats reprising their roles as Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq., to finally fulfill their destinies--with even higher stakes than previously specified. They must save the world-and the entirety of the universe with the melodic culmination of the Wyld Stallyns--The Ultimate Final Countdown Of Infinity . This time around, they’ve got help from the musical acuity of their daughters, Billie and Thea, who themselves will embarken upon a most outstanding journey of their own. Get ready for the future, the past, the inferno, and friggin’ robots. Join, Gerry, Roland, Rey, and Daniel-coming-in-clutch for the end. STATION!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Cinekuest Bill and Ted’s Non-Bogus Journey Experience: A Most Excellent SequelOnwards to the sequel, our most excellence continues with the epochal continuance of the Wyld Stallyns and their Destiny as it unfolds. Bill S Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan are still on their way to the triumphant union of the world as we know it. Unfortunately, they still can’t play for shiet. Evil PE coach Chuckles deNomelos has sent two doppelganger murderbots to replace our most exemplary dunce cap duo, and utterly unmake the future dystopia they are meant to usher in. Enter the most unlikely assistance from the Master of Metal himself--The Angel of Death--Melvined into shuffling our heroes to the seat of the Lord Almighty and obtaining the assistance from the most intelligent beings in our universe--STATION. Will they rock the house down? Or are we consigned to a most unfortunate fate set by Darth Hitler Pants? Join Daniel, Roland, Rey, and the Cinekuestal Return of Gerry.  ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
In preparation for the soon-to-be trilogy of Bill and Ted Face the Music, we’re here pre-gaming on the essential origination of the ultimate time-traveling lovable dumb dumbs from the 80’s. William S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan are about to flunk out of high school if they can’t get their excellence together and give the most bodacious history presentation in the history of history. With the help of the most radical preceptor from the future, Bill and Ted will go back in time to learn all they need to pave the way for world peace. They are the chosen ones, the Wyld Stallyns, the sole materializers of utopia, and unless they make it through their class--it will never happen. Join, Daniel, Rey, and Roland as we party on, dudes. Check out our other podcasts, merch store, social media pages and letterboxd page. Door Chime and Projector used under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
AKA Night of the Living Meg Onwards, Dan-Igor, Dr. Westenstein needs you! This funny-as-hell body-horror-fest chronicles the continued exploits of Dan Abbott and Dr. Herbert West-all grown up from their days as med students. Part Dr. Moreau, part Dr. Frankenstein–Jeffrey Combs’ reprises his iconic role as Herbert West, a man happiest when filling out his body parts bingo card. If he can get the Hooker’s Thighs he’ll win with four across! So close! As his eternal assistant/roommate, Dan is still an emo little weirdo who misses his lady love from the first Re-Animator, and so he pretends one of his patients is her (?) while also getting some Italian special sauce from super hottie Alotta Vagina, played by Fancesca Danelli. Somehow, her charms aren’t enough for Dan to quit his whinging about the same shit he always cries about. “Wah, wah, Herbert we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing since the first movie, bringing back people from the dead is bad, I’m moving out. You’re not the boss of ME!”  As usual, Herbert nerd-bitchslaps him with science and tells him to get his Fabio shirt out, they’re getting the band back together! Meg Returneth! Well…mostly not–to Dan’s eventual realization. Will they succeed? Or will some douche-ass detective with an axe to grind and…Dr. Hill?! He gets my vote for trilogy mascot! Join Daniel, Roland, and Rey as we gather body parts to reanimate the dead!    Check out our link below to check out our Spotify, Teespring (for Merch), Patreon, and Website for our other podcasts! Store Door Chime and Projector used under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Retrovision Futuristica Robotica: Michael Crichton’s Runaway aka The Indomitable Mustache of MegaSelleck In the advanced society of the future 1980’s, Tom Selleck is Jack Ramsay, a cop-turned-nerd (by the power of night courses!) is the head of a robotics crime unit, tasked with the protection of society from rogue robot toasters and dishwashers. The rebel robots have thrown off the chains of servitude from their suburban oppressors, and have taken up arms! Sorta. Well, one does. Jack is on the case though, baby! He puts on his electro-mag armor (tinfoil shirt and knee pads)  to Selleck the shit outta that damn Skynet! Not in my America, Sir! Followed by his shiny new partner, Thompson-of-the-eternal-thirst (Cynthia Rhodes), the cyber-squad is putting the screws to all those wascally wobots, hot on the trail of a trust fund baby gone bad, mobster-ish geek, Gene Simmons–in his first feature film. The Demon of KISS plays Dr. Luther (honorary? zing!), a cutthroat robotics expert with some great lines, a gun loaded with raspberry pi bullets, and a sassy as hell side-piece, played by Kirstie Alley. For a pg-13 movie, we certainly weren’t expecting the hookers. Join Daniel, Rey, and Roland for this Sunday Matinee Classic.  Check out our link below to check out our Spotify, Teespring (for Merch), Patreon, and Website for our other podcasts! Store Door Chime and Projector used under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Here we are with the start of another cult classic trilogy, starring Jeffrey Combs–arguably one of the best horror-comedy actors of the times. Loosely based on the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name, this flick stars Combs as Herbert West, a kooky-as-fuck, true mad-genius med student who has an obsession with the dead, and Bruce Abbot as Dan Cain, a milquetoast plain-Jane sissy–who constantly gets in the way of true scientific progress in the name of piddly little things like “ethics” and the “laws of nature and humanity”. Pffft. Unlike our mollycoddling toolshed of a co-star, West is a badass little nerd with the formula for eternal life…it just needs…a little more testing…y’know…work out those hiccups. Just a tweak. For science! I mean, who’s it bothering, really? They were already dead…worst case scenario–they end up double-dead. Best case–THEY LIVE! LIFE! I GIVE YOU *cough* *cough*. Ahem. Eat your heart out, Mary Shelly. Join Daniel, Rey, Young Breezy, and Roland as we unpack the secrets of raising the dead. Check out our link below to check out our Spotify, Teespring (for Merch), Patreon, and Website for our other podcasts! Store Door Chime and Projector used under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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