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This week on Climbing With Scars I delve into the importance of repetition, and how this one aspect of business can turn average results in you into continued successes. Many entrepreneurs look to continuously change, however repetition across
On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I delve deep into what is the difference of mind growth VS being “brainy” smart, or an intellect. Education system rewards the “smartest” students, but the best grades don’t mean the best minds. Joi
It is the only part of business that never gets easier with time, being the “bad guy”.  Every entrepreneur and business owner is faced with having to deliver news that doesn’t always please everyone, and whatever you decide as a leader will nev
We’ve all been guilty at some time by assuming and suspecting a situation or person may be up to no good, only to find out that is not the case. Often in business there are a multitude of opportunities that never eventuate and relationships tha
This week on Climbing With Scars, I cover a topic that keeps evolving for me and what I’ve learned will always be an area for continuous improvement – leadership. I share my learnings on leadership from getting it wrong along my journey, but al
Authenticity is the one thing that separates you from every other business and entrepreneur. When we think of brands we love and connect with, the primary difference is the authenticity running through the veins of their brand and this extends
This week on Climbing With Scars I go deep into how self-talk directly impacts self-doubt. When we dream of wanting to achieve new goals, doubts naturally appear, but how do we address them, what do we say to ourselves and how can we use self-t
On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I discuss limitations and why 2021 is the year to start breaking down your barriers. Limitations often stem from influential people in our lives, affecting our mindset on what is possible. By creati
This week on Climbing With Scars I talk to Anthony Hart of Invigor Wellbeing. This inspiring story is one that needs to be told and inspiring where Anthony openly shares the dark place he had to deal with and through this help others going thro
This time last year there was a sense of excitement about the new decade upon us with 2020, and as we end the year it has defined many entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses. What did we learn and what was it for you? On this episode I dig d
On this week’s podcast I talk of the roofs and ceilings we create and work under. Ever heard the saying “we’ve hit our ceiling”, and many times after that people are content to stay there even though they may not have set the heights they can r
While I frequently hear talk of people wanting 2020 to be over, will it be the year that many say they wish never happened or will it be the year many look back on as a land mark period where it forced progressive change upon them? This week I
How many missed opportunities I see go astray because of the fear of being hurt, disappointed, let down or failing. On this week’s episode I go deep into the facts on the entrepreneur’s journey and share how there is no waiting for the “right t
Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity and this is often a point clearly understood by entrepreneurs working through their customer’s problems. But what about our own problems, are there opportunities to be found when we dig deeper i
With the news of US elections, Covid-19 vaccines and all the news items in between, how much of this is believable and how does it impact thoughts, mindsets and decision making in the entrepreneurs world? This week I go deep on what we get fed
Every entrepreneur starts with an idea, then has a dream and at that moment the dream is how big can this idea become which is common for almost every entrepreneur I know. However many businesses I know reach a point where it is safe, they’ve g
Often I hear people make statements that entrepreneurs succeed because of luck, or got lucky, were in the right place at the right time, yada yada yada. So, what is the difference between entrepreneurs that “get lucky” and others that don’t? Th
“Good things happen when you’re in motion” I heard this statement last year and rings so true for the entrepreneur. On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I go deep into the benefits of always being in motion, sharing my learnings about
Can you share the space where your convictions are present with convenience? And how comfortable can we get while going with our convictions?  On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I talk about whether convenience and conviction can wor
Advice comes to us all the time, but how do we know what is good advice?  On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I go deep into ‘what is good advice’ and how we’re sometimes conditioned to believe advice that may not be so good for us, s
Are you born fearless or do you become fearless? This question has been on mind for many years and always something that comes up when talking business and pursuits. People are facing fears every day, no matter your age, sex or background, and
The world is full of ideas, problems, thoughts, services and next big things, but how many of these come to life? Owning your piece is the differentiator. Whether you are overcoming a personal problem or bringing to life the next “Uber” idea, u
What separates entrepreneurs who are the best from the rest has more to do with learning new behaviours, rather than natural talent. Every entrepreneur starts out the same with an idea and a dream but only a few turn those into realities, why?
On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I discuss ‘Where It Starts’. When I talk to start up entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, I often hear complaints about what they need  and what they don’t have that gets in the way of climbing
On this week’s episode of Climbing With Scars I talk to the co-founder of Edible Blooms, Kelly Jamieson who shares an inspiring entrepreneurial story as one of Australia’s early adopting e-commerce businesses, combining flowers with food to cre
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