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Technical interviews about software topics.

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Oliver Gould worked at Twitter from 2010 to 2014. Twitter’s popularity was taking off, and the engineering team was learning how to scale the product. During that time, Twitter adopted Apache Mesos, and began breaking up its monolithic architecture into different services. As more and more servic...

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Modern applications store most of their data on hosted storage solutions. We use hosted block storage to back databases, hosted object storage for objects such as videos, and hosted file storage for file systems. Using a cloud provider for these storage systems can simplify scalability, durability...

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A common problem in a distributed system: how do you take a snapshot of the global state of that system? Snapshot is difficult because you need to tell every node in the system to simultaneously record its state. There are several reasons to take a snapshot. You might want to take a picture of the...

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In the last four years, CoreOS has been at the center of enterprise adoption of containers. During that time, Brian Harrington (or “Redbeard”) has seen a lot of deployments. In this episode, Brian discusses the patterns he has seen among successful Kubernetes deployments–and the pitfalls of the les...

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A backend application can have hundreds of services written in different programming frameworks and languages. Across these different languages, log messages are produced in different formats. Some logging is produced in XML, some is produced in JSON, some is in other formats. These logs need to ...

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