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Today's podcast is my 150th episode. I'm doing a quick look back on some of the episodes and encouraging you to listen to them. I'm also reminding you of a second podcast I'm co-hosting with comedian Frank King titled Over Fifty and F'ing Funny
This episode on "Burning Lunch" is a quick story on something that happened many moons ago and still kind of mystifies those of us involved today. It happened over a year while I was doing 40 comedy shows for one group. We asked ourselves, What
Sure comedians remember things like their first time on stage or the first time they worked with a big star. But sometimes the firsts in comedy are things that are even bigger than those. In my podcast this week, I talk about 3 comedy firsts th
Yes comedians get asked weird questions. Probably because people aren't used to meeting comedians, so they just blurt out stupid questions, but also I think that people hat since we talk about ourselves on stage, people think we're okay with an
Golfing and cops usually don't mix, unless you lived in my neighborhood. The place I called home when I first move to LA was pretty dicey, and full of cops. This week I'm telling a quick story about my run in with the law when all I wanted to d
All you've got to do to get famous is get on one of those shows like Last Comic Standing, and do really well - right? Well maybe or maybe not. Here's a short story about my auditions for these kinds of shows. Yeah, this episode went over 5 minu
Not spending the holidays with your family because you don't want to kill them with a virus is one thing, but missing family get-togethers because you're working on the road as a comedian is totally different. In this episode, I talk about a co
This is a really short episode today but this story has just stuck with me. A lot of bar gigs were hard for me, and this one just kinda summed up all of those bar gigs. When you go through stuff like this, and still do stand-up comedy, you know
Prop comics are entertainers who use props; anyone from stand-up comedians to magicians, hypnotists and the like can be considered prop comics if they include humor in their act along with something visual. There are good and bad things about b
Performing comedy in front of zoom may be one of the hardest things to do. But as a comedian and keynote speaker it's something I HAVE to do now. So I've come up with 5 quick tips that have helped me do comedy on zoom SUCCESSFULLY. Hopefully th
Yes, I've done my comedy at a resort for gay men . . . and it went great for ME. Not so great for the other 2 acts. This week's podcast is a short story about that show and what I learned.
Writing jokes for specific audiences is so much fun because you learn about the group, and the jokes usually help you connect right away! When you're working comedy clubs, you can't interview the audience ahead of time, but you can still do a l
Being live on hundreds of radio shows is a learning experience for sure, and one that has helped me even today with my virtual comedy events today.  I'm not sure I learned from every show, but there were lots of strange experiences. Like the ti
Some comedians don't know when to stop with the jokes! Maybe you know someone like this who isn't even a comedian! But for me, I feel like we don't have to be "on" all the time - it's annoying. Here's a quick podcast about a couple guys I know
Our Baby Boomer Comedy Show is a hit! Or at least it is a hit give or take COVID. I'm sure we'll be performing it again in theatres soon, but this week's podcast focuses on how we got started with the show and a few of the hurdles we had to jum
If you were around in the 70's and 80's you might have heard about a nifty type of programming called Cable Access. The cable companies were new, and as such they were required to allow anyone to put together a TV for free using their equipment
How often does my comedy act change? That's a question that comedians get asked a lot. In this episode I talk about writing new jokes versus using the standard jokes for my act.
Should actors be comedians and comedians be actors? Well, that can happen, but just because you're one doesn't mean you can be the other. In today's podcast, comedian Jan McInnis talks about a few random acting classes and auditions she's done,
People go to comedy clubs all the time to celebrate, birthdays, weddings, even winning a million bucks. True! Here's a few stories of times when I've been on stage when some celebrations were taking place. I always tried to participate fully in
Is it better to have a small crowd or a big crowd at your comedy show? In today's podcast, Jan talks about how comics treat small crowds differently, and what her experience has been with small crowds. Listen in and see if you agree!
Being the designated driver is a nice thing to do, but sometimes you get taken advantage of! I learned this on several occasions when I showed up to the gig with a car, and the other comic needed a ride. I'm still happy to give rides, but now I
Many keynote speakers and motivational people will tell you to, quote, find your passion! But that's hard to do! Sure some of us have found it, but you might not really know what your passion is. So instead, I have a couple of quick tips on how
I've worked with some big name headliners, which has given me the opportunity to watch how they treat other comics and the audience. Some are great, and some are not so great. Here's a quick story about 2 big name headliners, and the difference
Comedians are offered all sorts of "deals" in comedy in order to get booked. Some deals are great, and some are less-than great. Here's a quick story about a time that I was offered a GREAT deal . . .for $3500. Would you take it? I was amazed t
Everyone has fans, and even unknown comedians like me have a few. And I'm a fan of other people's work as well. But what happens when people don't appreciate having fans? Here's a short story about a few times that I've reached out to people to
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