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Helping America Cope After Electing President Trump
American's are having a historical reaction to the Presidential election. The division caused by President-elect Trump is causing a mental health crisis. Join Dean Deguara and Faydra Koenig for an intimate discussion about what you can do if you are in crisis and what you can do to help others who feel that they are hopeless and helpless in this situation. 
Lauren Herrera Interviews Host Faydra Koenig About Her Role As America's Crisis Coach
Podcaster Lauren Herrera interviews Coming out of the Fire host, Faydra Koenig about being America's Crisis Coach and her bold approach to crisis management. Faydra shares intimate details about the political nightmare she faced with her husband. 
Bonnie Arron's Daughter Survived Compartment Syndrome After A Near-Death Drug Overdose
Bonnie Aaron lived one of the worst nightmares on a parents list when her daughter nearly died from a drug overdose that lead to Compartment Syndrome. Bonnie's daughter Tiffany was a heavy drug user. In an effort to help her, they kidnapped her and placed her in a treatment program. Unfortunately, this didn't help. Not long after, Tiffany overdosed and her parents found her unresponsive on the floor. She was taken to the hospital where her diagnosis was grim.
Nicole Holland Was A High School Drop Out Who Created Her Own Destiny
Nicole Holland was a high school dropout. living on her own, living hand to mouth until she pieced together the life of her dreams. Today she helps entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams. 
Dana Pharant- On Being Jehovah's Witness And A Dominatrix
8.1 million people make up the Jehova's Witness religion and Dana was one of them. After high school, she broke her ties and ended up a Dominatrix. 
As A Teen Mom Danielle Boose Changed Her Life For Her Daughter
Becoming a teen mom changed Danielle Boose from a destructive teen to a focused, educated young woman, breaking free from poverty and abuse.
Infidelity Ended Vidal Cisneros' Marriage And Lead To Reckless Behavior That Landed Him In Prison
Vidal Cisneros was devastated when his wife had an affair and became pregnant by another man. He shut down and life spiraled out of control and caused him to go to prison. 
Managing Postpartum Depression As A Public Figure With Sara Oblak-Speicher
Being a mother is hard work. Being a mother battling postpartum depression is ten times harder. Sara Oblak-Speicher, an immigrant from Slovenia, moved to New York speaking very little English and determined to create a career where she had the freedom to visit her family back "home" whenever possible. Oh, did I mention this fun fact....... she got married in a castle, ummmm yeah, I said a CASTLE!  After trying her hand at being a Virtual Assistant, Sara quickly discovered she hated being told what to do and realized she had a much bigger gift. She launched her business coaching service and did very well. Things were going great until the birth of her second child. Sara started suffering after her child's birth and knew something wasn't right. She had experienced depression after leaving her homeland, but this was worse.  Sara lost interest in her business, her relationships and her self esteem was plummeting. She recalls battling feelings of Denial Anger Self-pity Sadness And she knew her girls were watching her, her husband was counting on her and her business was imploding. Sara took the bold step to talk to someone about her symptoms and discovered she was experiencing postpartum depression.  Sara began making small decisions that built upon themselves. She changed her eating, gained a bit more energy and found that each new day was "easier than the day before." Once she felt more emotionally stable, Sara realized that she was at war with herself. Her business focused mind was clashing with her mommy mind and Sara was caught in the middle. The previous take-no-prisoners mindset didn't have the same value it did prior to her motherhood. Sara realized that instead of denying that her motherhood was a value that could co-mingle with her career, she decided to integrate the two values and began helping other mothers "Build out their businesses without sacrificing their family lives."  Here's what I loved about this interview- Sara not only left her country to live in America, she hardly knew any English and left most of her family. Despite the dramatic climate, culture and other changes, she carved out her own niche and didn't accept anything less than she and her family deserved for her sacrifices. Sara loves her family with a passion and fierceness that bleeds over into her work with other women who struggle with being a mom and a badass business owner. If Sara's story really hits home with you, you can find her here on her website  You can also connect with her here on her Facebook Page Photo Cred: Foto Aki The show is getting more and more popular by the day! You can have the show sent straight to your device simply by subscribing. click the icon for your platform and grab an easy subscription. ONE MORE THING!! (caps for emphasis, not for shouting....) have you gotten your Crisis Crusher yet? WHAT?! Dude, go grab it NOW.  I want you to be ready when crisis strikes you or someone you love. It is my FREE way of saying thank you for listening to the show. 
Born Into A Cult, Raised In A Ghetto And Coming Out On Top With Emmanuel Wolfe
Born into a cult, raised in a ghetto and narrowly escaping a felony, Manny Wolfe seemed destined to fail at life. If you are a woman with a Bad Boy fetish, this episode is for you!  As Manny tells it, he was programmed since birth to distrust society, hold no value in money and simply avoid anyone outside of the California cult he was subjected to. Up until the age of twelve, Manny lived outside of the mainstream, wearing hand made clothes and having no social skills whatsoever. In this powerful first episode of two, Manny shares every detail (Prepare for some F-Bombs) of the anguish he faced being raised in a cult with a family who had no regard for his safety, his mental health or his soul. At the age of twelve, Manny found himself the only Caucasian tween in a mostly Hispanic ghetto. Every day of his life he faced literal and metaphorical battles as he tried to fit in, despite his upbringing. He spent his teens mired in sex, drugs and running from authority. He had no interest in fitting in nor the ability. He had been brainwashed since birth to rage against society. In His Twenties, Manny came within hours of committing a felony that would have solidified his lot in life. He chose a different path and that one choice changed the entire course of his life. "Wired to the teeth" Manny hitched a ride out of the town that sought to destroy him and he headed back to the only place he had to go- the ghetto of Modesto CA, ranked one of the ten most violent cities in America. He got clean, sober and realized the misdirection he had been subjected to. He had to make BIG decisions in order break free from the hold that the cult and his family had on him. As hard as it was to leave the only lifestyle he had ever known, he chose the path in his better and higher interest. Today Manny is an author, a speaker and a Podcaster (One of my Favorites!) Manny helps men and women realize that they are not doomed to be the person their childhood might pigeon hole them into. what I love about Manny is he is as raw and real as it gets. He holds nothing back. How can you when you come from such a tough place?  You may not face being in a cult or being raised in a neighborhood that would rather see you dead than on the street, but you will resonate with Manny's badass look at life. You will be inspired and you will feel humbled and somewhat unworthy of the good things you take for granted. Stay tuned for episode two when Manny takes us deep into the mindset shifts that he had to have in order to rise above this traumatic childhood and come out on top. This is literally like listening to an episode of The Blacklist with a real-live Reddington.  You can Find out more about Manny on his website-The Steep Side You can catch Manny's podcast here If you are looking to become a more charismatic speaker, join Manny's rockin' Face Book Group Charismatic Beasts: World Class Presenters
Managing the Fear of a Family Health Crisis With Natalie Marie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is not afraid of change. As a matter of fact, in Nat's previous podcast, released Monday, she shared how she changed her diet, her relationship status, her zip code and her attitude about everything. She lost weight, got a divorce, found love again and was livin' the dream until her new love was dropped like a hot rock with a widow-maker heart attack. You can get all of those details in Lee Collins' two episodes here: Surviving a Widow-Maker Heart Attack and What Crosses Your Mind When You Are Dying and Reviving a Broken Heart, Southern Style. In Episode Two of her two-part story, Natalie shares her scary PTSD spiral after learning the man she loved had suffered and survived an almost always fatal heart attack. One would think she would be elated with joy that he was well and had little to no lingering affects, but one would be wrong. Just as one would be wrong believing that they can eat just one slice of pizza and simply walk away....  Some things don't happen easily. After Lee survived, Natalie was paralyzed by the overwhelming weight of the issue. She nearly lost someone she loved and it was difficult to find a new normal. This level of stress and crisis was new to her. She did take steps to get back on track and this episode is all about HOW.SHE.DID.IT. That's the good stuff and what I love most about this podcast. It teaches people how to take action in their own best interest. Natalie isn't super human. She does have some mad skillz in business planning, smoothie making and essential oils, but I digress... Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. A coach, a friend, a therapist. Sometimes we reach the end of what we know to do and that opens up the opportunity for us to connect with someone who does know what to do. When I need a burrito, I can NOT make it the same way as Chipotle. I NEED them to do what they know how to do....make damn good burrito's, so I can do what I want to myself into a Mexican-ish food coma. Natalie sought help and took action to get herself back on track, married and living La Vida Loca while keeping her husband away from stress and saturated fats. Join Natalie and I on this final episode of her journey and glean some seriously awesome skillz for your own crisis-proof tool kits. (Oh, and after reading all of the food references in this post, I obviously need to visit the fridge as I am apparently starving....)  
On Speaking and Breathing and Other Cancer Related Stuff With Felicia Slattery
In this powerful second episode, Felicia shares her practical tips about beating cancer. Learn how she fires a doctor who doesn’t offer her the hope and support she needed to cope with her diagnosis. How she attributes asking for prayer from her 30,000 plus email subscribers for causing a miracle in her life.   Felicia offers hope, guidance and support for anyone facing an unexpected crisis. Felicia did not let her diagnosis define her or keep her from the everyday activities that brought her joy. Never one to passively stand by, she took an active role in her care and in her commitment to living life to it’s fullest.   She’s a badass, learn from a pro.   Communication expert Felicia Slattery, M.A., Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” is the creator of the Signature Speech™ system and co-creator of Signature Speech & Webinar Wizard. Her clients include experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities to help them deliver speeches like a pro and get amazing results.   You can find more about Felicia here on her site. Find her on Facebook too
Joan Sotken Was Called A Hypochondriac Until She Found Her Own Diagnosis And Saved Her Life
Joan Sotkin was called a hypochondriac when she presented with symptoms that stumped western medical doctors. Her tenacity to find answers led to her being a pioneer in the area of food and body connections and how to overcome disease through food choices. 
A Child's Death, Bankruptcy, Cancer and Chronic Illness Plagued Susie Miller Until She Became A Possibilitarian
Can you overcome the death of a child? What if there was more? Author Susie Miller not only had to overcome that issue, she had to overcome losing her parent, bankruptcy, cancer and chronic illness. Find out how Susie became a Possibilitarian and dropped the habit of perfectionism.
Coming Out Of The Fire With America’s Crisis Coach
Welcome to the show! People have described me with many titles and in many ways. Listen in to hear the single most humiliating title I have ever been given… with a 22 year background in Mental Health, Social Work and Family Court Services, I have served thousands of people suffering the worst times of their lives. In 2008 my private and professional world collided and I had to dig deep to overcome the worst thing I had ever been through. The trouble was, I had no one to help me. I literally didn’t know anyone who had ever been something like I was facing. It was Bat-Shit-Crazy and devastating. Thanks be to God, my snarky look on life and a community that helped me when I needed it, I managed to recover my composer and my self-esteem. Now I help other high-achieving people just like me make sense out of the unimaginable. Known in pop culture as America’s Crisis Coach I help people go through the worst times of their lives. Sometimes life sucks, but I make it suck less. Here’s what my bio reads: “Amazon Best Selling Author, lover of iced tea and snarky banter, Faydra is determined to shake people up about their mediocrity and stop living a half-life that is killing their spirit. Known in pop culture as America’s Crisis Coach™ Faydra shares stories of triumph and hope that make a lasting impact on people moving through their own crisis.” Basically, what you need to know is that this show is going to feature all the badass people I know who have gone through things that most people can’t fathom. They are going to share their stories and their journey back to the land of the capable and self assured. The show will be in aired in two episodes- Monday and Wednesday. Monday: Listen to the actual story that lays out the good, bad and the ugly about each guests crisis. Wednesday: Take a deep dive into their mindset, their action steps and what they learned coming through the fire. Once out the other side, they will share their wisdom and give practical steps to help shorten your crisis learning curve. Lean in, take care, take heart and take a moment to enjoy the show. Connect with me on Facebook here
Sarah Rusca And Samantha Messersmith: Two Sisters Who Dropped The Martyr Lifestyle And Got The Lives They Wanted
Sarah Rusca and Samantha Messersmith are sisters who have been there for one another through thick and thin. Which came in handy when Sarah's fiance came to her days before their wedding and admitted to chronic infidelity. These sisters are no BS women who are taking charge of their lives and helping every-day women stop the spiral and achieve anything. 
Kicked In The Head By A Pony, Kerri Gardner Suffered Depression And A Teen Suicide Attempt
Kerri Gardner was kicked in the head by a pony as a child, which lead to seizures, which lead to medication, which lead to depression, which lead to suicide attempts.
Brought To America And Abandoned By Her Husband: Kay Sanders Rebuilt A Life On Her Own
Kay Sanders was a US military wife. After her husband brought her to America from Germany, he abandoned her and his son, leaving her alone in a new country. 
Military, Marriage, and Mental Health: Jeff Smith's Story of Surviving Suicide
Depression lead to two suicide attempts before Jeff Smith found the help he needed. After his second failed attempt he realized life was worth living. 
Ann Strout Was Abused In Foster Care Before Being Adopted As An Adolescent
Placed into foster care at birth, Ann was abused and neglecteduntil she was placed in a family adoption at 9 years old. Later,taken out of school to care for family, she started off adulthood ayoung mother with few options. She discovered the on-line world andnow owns a thriving company. 
Rena Bonesio Was A Victim Of Child Sexual Abuse And Uses The Experience To Teach The Power Of Impact
Sexual molestation has the potential to ruin a child. Some survivors use the experience to help make a difference. Rena uses the impact that the experience had on her to teach others how their actions affect others. 
Losing A Run For Political Office And Saving Face With Holly Porter
Holly Porter put her ego on the line THREE times running for political office. The second time nearly killed her. In the end, she discovered what she was born to do when she was denied what she thought she wanted most.
Managing An Overbearing And Judgemental Parent With Louise Armstrong
Having an overbearing and judgemental parent can be devastating to your development. Louise found a way to overcome her mother's rejection and found her calling at the same time. In Episode One of the two-part interview, Louise shared how being told "I don't love you" by her mother was a nearly impossible thing to comprehend. I mean, who does that!!!??? Let's did in to Episode Two! As a mother, I can't fathom this and then I recall my own childhood and have to admit..... it does happen. Unlike my mother, Louise's mother had a total about face when Louise did the only thing that can be done in a situation like this- she got help with her own mindset.  What this meant for her was: She let go of the need to control her outcomes with her mother She refused to be verbally assaulted by her mother She stopped needing her mom's approval wanna know what's funny about that?  As soon as she changed, her mother completely stopped the mean and resentful way she engaged Louise. What you ignore, goes away... After the incident at the stove (you will hear all about that in episode one) Louise went home and hired a coach. Her intent was to work on her financial issues caused by over leveraging mortgages. What resulted were radical changes in her bank account and her relationships. Louise stopped reacting to her mother's snide remarks and engaged her mother with an even tempered nature that totally reverse psychologied that situation. Louise's mother: Started to respect her daughter Stopped being passive aggressive Gave her daughter a HUGE birthday bash where she publicly praised her daughter and confessed her love Took Louise on a trip to her (the mother's)  childhood hometown where Louise came to understand her mother in a whole new way Offered Louise access to the family cottage to host retreats All of this happened without Louise requiring anything from her mother. This story is a true testimony of what turning the other cheek and loving people despite their ugly parts can do. I am so proud to call Louise a friend and to share her story with you. If you live in relationship with an overbearing parent, you will find actionable steps that you can take to change your relationship with ZERO confrontation. If you want to know more about Louise and her coaching, catch her here on her website: Women's Midlife Coach Catch Louise on Facebook here! You can subscribe to the show and get episodes delivered directly to your favorite device every Sunday and Wednesday!
Overcoming The Rejection Of Love From A Parent With Louise Armstrong
Louise's mother looked her in the eye and said "I don't love you." Louise refused to let the words pierce her heart. Instead, she did the most courageous thing a child could do (even an adult child) under the circumstances and it will make your jaw drop. In Episode One of her two-part story, Louise shares how she took the words her mother said and used them to totally change her whole perspective about relationships. Prior to this cutting remark, Louise had a history of bantering with her mother and always leaving the conversations feeling belittled, underestimated and judged. Louise loved her mother, but she knew that this was not a healthy way for her to live. Instead of dropping her mother from her life. Instead of yelling at her. Instead of hurting the one who hurt her, Louise boarded a plane from England back to her home in Dubai and decided to do the one thing she could do- WORK ON HERSELF. Louise realized that the only thing she could control was herself. She got a coach She took control of the white elephants living in her house She grew her self confidence She refused to engage in any negative talk with her mother Here's what is amazing to me- despite the harsh words from her mother, Louise refused to let the statement penetrate her heart- the result..... Louise's mother completely stopped her dysfunctional behavior and Louise has created an exceptional relationship with her mother. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! By doing the inner work to cope with the pain her mother caused her with the rejection, Louise went from a devastating financial situation to financial freedom and stumbled into the world of coaching. Not only did she heal her inner man, err woman, errr child, know what I mean... she found her calling. Join Louise and I on this amazing journey as we laugh, cry and celebrate her story. If you are a child of an overbearing, judgemental parent, you will resonate deeply with this story. You can find out all about Louise's coaching practice here on her website: Women's Midlife Coach Connect with Louise on Facebook here
Overcoming Brainwashing, Promiscuity And The Gangster Lifestyle With Emmanuel Wolfe
Manny Wolfe was a self described "Animal living on high alert." That's what you get when you are born into a cult and indoctrinated since birth to believe that you will never fit into society, nor should you want to. In Episode one of his Bat-Shit Crazy story, Manny shares what is was like to be born into a unimaginable situation, raised in a ghetto as the only Caucasian and the outpouring of anger, self destruction and self-serving behaviors that developed in his formative years. It's not hard to understand why Manny developed maladaptive social skills like drug use, promiscuity and gangster behavior. What IS freaking remarkable is that he was able to curb his gangster enthusiasm and do a total about face. In a pivotal moment, Manny realized he was about to commit a crime that would have severe repercussions and he stopped himself from making what could have been the biggest mistake of his life. This is a no holds barred interview that totally reignited the ferrel cat in me and brought me back to my own childhood. You are going to get some deep insights into America's Crisis Coach in this listen.  Described as "A live-wire coated in a veneer of highly polished civility" (Dude, I did not make that up, it's totally in this episode) Manny is dripping with charisma and has a heart to serve. In this epic episode (Episode one has become one of the most popular episodes to date) Manny reveals in detail HOW he changed his life from being a scrawny, "wired to the teeth" hoodlum to the ripped Author, Podcaster and Motivational Speaker he is today. After disengaging with a family who had no ability to accept Manny for who he was, he found that the disconnect was the factor that allowed him to thrive. Outside of their influence and dysfunction, Manny created a healthy relationship with people and with money- two things he had never been able to successfully manage before. This shift in thinking and engagement changed his world. Manny says that one of his mantra's is "You have to get up one more time than you fall" This episode is sure to inspire you to stop selling yourself short because you aren't where you want to be or you fear you don't have access to the lifestyle that you want. Or, it is going to entertain the hell out of you, either way BINGO, you're a winner! You can learn more about Manny on his website- The Steep Side If you are looking to up your charisma game, join his awesome FaceBook group too. I am totally in it and I try not to hijack his site with my know-it-all charismatic wisdom- sometimes I am just too much  AND if you haven't listened to his podcast, DUDE, what are you thinking?! (it should be your second favorite, jus' sayin')
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