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Episodes of Commander ad Populum

After coming back from a two-day Magic trip, I'd like to share all the best things that happened and all the reasons why Magic events are. The. Best! Join me to hear why you should get out to the next event and jam games with hundreds of other
This week, we revisit Commander's Arsenal from 2012 and compare it with the more recent Commander Collection Green and Black. Which products have stood the test of time? Which one's are better bang for your buck? Do I want more products like th
Giada, Font of Hope is one of the most intriguing new commanders from Streets of New Capenna. She provides mana ramp and creature pump from the command zone all wrapped up in a two-mana package. She might just be the perfect commander for my ne
Having an additional viewpoint or way of thinking through a topic is always a good thing. Today, I I explore a common theme of Commander ad Populum, but in a new way. Join me to hear about a new way of thinking and how it applies to Commander d
This week we continue the continuous hype for the summer's Commander products. We take a look at the hits and misses from the most recent Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate! There's some stuff that we really like and some funny predi
This week I tackle a tough topic that's come up a couple times in the last week or so. The topic of personal hygiene. Today, I get into some ways I think this can be helped or solved. Additionally, I talk about what NOT to do. Join me.Welcome t
I'm experimenting with something new, this week. I want to take a look at Magic's newest set and give my reaction to some of what we are seeing. This won't be a review but an analysis of how I think the mechanics may effect the format of Comman
This week is all about motivation. From the little day-to-day things to the larger things that we work towards, over the course of years. It's important to stay committed and it helps to recognize how things like Magic can help us develop/maint
Join me to hear my thoughts on how to prioritize things when your life gets too busy. Where does Magic/gaming fit in? What needs to be taken care of first? Does it matter if you don't have all the newest legendary creatures memorized? Get my an
After having a great time at a Magic event this weekend, I wanted to discuss and celebrate the return of CommandFests this summer! Join me to reminisce on past fun times and to get some of my best advice for attending your first big Magic event
Spring has sprung! It's time to get brewing. This week, I discuss two new brews and how I got the inspiration to brew both of them, back to back. Listen in to how getting stomped by a vintage deck including all Power 9 cards inspired me to buil
Are decks more interesting when they're not as powerful? Do they encourage more politics or other non-mechanical opportunities for you to gain an advantage when you cut the most powerful cards? Do you win more for making your decks worse? Come
It's been a while since I last took an honest look at where all my decks sit, with regards to power level. It's a good idea that every so often, we take a step back and make sure we honestly evaluate where decks are at. This makes sure we are u
We may be getting out of winter in the Canadian Prairies but what's wrong with one last hurrah for the cold?! This week, we delve into Ice Age. Like all Retro Set Remixes, we take a look at some of the behind the scenes themes, stories and nost
This week, we revisit process oriented thinking and how Magic has taught it to us. Or, for some, how we've applied process oriented thinking to our Magic game play and decision making.Welcome to another very special episode of Commander ad Popu
We kick things off today with a piece on why organizing your collection is important. We've hinted at this before, but today, I wanted to remind everyone that respecting our cards and collection is an extension of respecting ourselves. After th
This week we get into the stories and special meaning behind cards in our collections. I discuss why it's special to have a complete set of Magic cards that have memories tied to them and recommend that everyone try to collect their favorite se
This week, I take a few minutes to highlight a couple really positive tweets I saw from a friend of the show. Some sentiments that made me happy to be part of such a great online community. After that, I go all in on The Dark Retro Set Remix!We
Every once in a while world events are forced into our lives in such a strong way that they dominate everything around us. This is one of those times. Thankfully, we have Magic to both keep us grounded in a great community and to lend us knowle
This week, I dive into and explain three ways that I've found to be very effective in assisting newer players. Because Magic is such a complex game and the social implications of attending your first FNM or MagicFest can weigh heavy on many, it
This week, I relive the glory days of the early 90's. I look back and remember how seeing a very particular movie box while renting movies with my dad. That single moment sparked an entire lifetime of love for the fantasy genre.After that, we h
We begin this week's show with a shoutout and a recommendation. Tune in to find out what that's about. Then, I go all the way into the storied history, with predictions, for the upcoming Brothers' War expansion with the Antiquities Retro Set Re
This week, I discuss building decks around legendary creatures that have a reputation or the stigma of being that deck. I look at why people might feel the way they do, with examples from outside Magic. We finish up with some of the reasons it'
We kick off this week's show with a couple wholesome MtG stories as I relate a recent FNM experience to my younger playing days. Then, we get into the best cards that Arabian Nights had to offer and how they influence the Commander card pool. I
This week is a little bit of a follow up and a catch up on a couple topic ideas I've had but couldn't stretch into their own episodes. Come hear my thoughts on a new way to analyze the best cards in sets from the past and a few other things on
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