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How to get into D&D - Ep104

Released Wednesday, 28th July 2021
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  5. Ep 104 Community Spotlight:
    1. Disclaimer: There’s not going to be a lot of talk about Magic this episode, so please let us know what you think of the episode
      1. How long you’ve been playing D&D, how long you’ve done the DM thing, I know you got a module published, etc etc
        1. Murder at Myrefall (A Cabin created adventure)
          1. Drivethroughrpg.com (place to get these books)
        2. The Studied Summoner
      2. Vorlen Publishing
      3. Collaborations with Carlos
    2. BJ’s credentials
      1. History as it relates to D&D (Being the original that spawned the rest).
      2. Different systems out there and what BJ is currently playing or has played.
    3. Overview of TTRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Games)
      1. What are some things people can expect?
      2. Common misconceptions?
    4. Why get into D&D?
      1. Bare minimum, books, dice, etc
        1. I used to really enjoy reading the manuals when I was a kid
      2. Pathfinder Society
      3. Adventures League
      4. No thank you evil (http://www.nothankyouevil.com/)
      5. warhorn.net
      6. Does the bare minimum differ if you plan on being the DM?
      7. What people might want to think about getting down the road?
      8. Aonprd.com
    5. What people need to start
      1. What is the right number of people to be in a group?
      2. Define stuff up front: How often you want to play, etc etc
      3. Testing out gameplay through Adventure League or Pathfinder Society.
    6. Forming a Group
      1. VTT (Virtual Tabletops like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Maptools, etc..)
      2. Online Character Builders
      3. Online Rules Resources
    7. Online resources
      1. What does it take to be a good DM?
      2. Any tips for rookies just starting out on the DM path?
      3. Setting expectations (IE What kind of campaign you’re running).
    8. Being a Dungeon Master (DM)
      1. What does it take to be a good player?
      2. How a bad player can ruin the game for everyone (Not bad as in the don’t know the rules, but bad as in they are abusing the rules or the game itself for personal enjoyment).
      3. Setting expectations (What are you looking to get out of the game?).
    9. Being a player
  6. Main Topic - How to get into D&D
  7. Keep it Social!
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