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In the wake of continued US-backed destabilization efforts in Haiti, Border Patrol are engaged in a caricature of imperialist cruelty against Haitian refugees. This new cruelty follows in the footsteps of the old cruelty - punishment for demand
In the span of a week, both the 9/11 attacks and the Occupy movement have big anniversaries, 20 and 10 respectively. So, in this special episode, Lee and Eleanor discuss the context surrounding 9/11, what Occupy made possible and more!   libera
The latest ban on reproductive rights in Texas is atrocious - but it certainly doesn't stand alone. Still, neither do those seeking access to basic healthcare. And beware of Dems using this as a threat for votes. They could've avoided these dis
Hurricane Ida has wreaked havoc on Louisiana - very predictably. We highlight the intersections of catastrophe that set the stage for this literal and figurative shitstorm, and where to turn in the aftermath. Also, please stop thanking Biden -
It's not about women's rights in Afghanistan - it's about mineral rights. On a dime, media shifted from "omg, the women!" to "omg the lithium!" Also, Russia and China are evil. Pipelines leak even before they're built. In this case, they leak i
Phew, the sudden interest in the plight of women in Afghanistan is nothing short of dizzying. Here's why you should stop calling for U.S. intervention if you care at all about the people (including the women) of Afghanistan. Millions go hungry
Between a moratorium that wasn't one, cirque de soleil level political gymnastics and big handouts to Dems from real estate companies, the eviction crisis is far from over. Meanwhile, capitalism steals your soul - no, literally. PLUS incarcerat
Whistleblower Daniel Hale was sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison today - for the vicious crime of divulging war crimes. Just last week, water protector Jessica Reznicek was sentenced to 8 years in prison - for demanding a livable future. As
A short but bittersweet episode this week with plenty of thoughts to ruminate on til next week. From Texas to LA to the whole damn system - there won't be one big obvious sign that things have gone too far. This. Today. Yesterday. These are the
If we're gonna talk about what's going on in Cuba, we HAVE to talk about U.S. economic warfare. Dozens of orgs write an important open letter connecting imperialism to climate chaos, a trend we have to see more of if we actually wish to tackle
LA laments the lack of slave labor available to fight forest fires. Looks like they're actually gonna have to pay some folks... In the past 3 months, the Pentagon has gifted $18.1 million in military gear to police - which actually pales in com
Sooo, Build Back Better Biden continues his pedestaling of U.S. fascism by bombing Syria and Iraq for no other reason than perpetuating war and weapons sales. Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner's latest report shows that reparations aren't a f
The new infrastructure bill is about to pass, which sounds like great news. But there's a lot missing from this corporate media darling... Warning: anarchists, socialists and other anti-capitalists are now, according to Biden n friends, terrori
Pride is a celebration - it is also a demand and a fight. Human rights can't by definition be for sale. So when corporations wave those rainbow flags, be very wary. Deona Knajdek was murdered by a terrorist this past weekend as she took action
The 1033 Program funnels military weapons to police departments across the U.S. Biden could end it with the flick of his wrist. Instead, he's given it a boost. Speaking of boosting fascism, ICE got a nice raise thanks to Uncle Joe as well. PLUS
It's been one year since the murder of George Floyd. How have cities around the country responded to demands to defund and hold police accountable? Meanwhile, here in DC, everyone's favorite squad watches a $1.9bn police budget increase go thru
In a move that shocks absolutely no one who knows them, Dems abandon the suggestion to maybe kinda push Biden to rethink his nearly $800 million weapons sale to Israel. The Supreme Court has announced that they'll hear a case that could devasta
In the midst of mass propaganda about "not having enough workers," many are posting signs on the windows of their workplaces to set the record straight. The problem with the death penalty is the death penalty - less so the various flavors. Acro
Eleanor's new EP is out! Get an inside scoop on the new project and where to find it. At the cross-streets of systemic racism, public health and climate chaos, black landowners battle a crude oil pipeline in Tennessee and the entire state of Ca
A quick and dirty episode this week - a look to the past so we understand the present so we may clearly build the future. May 1st, May Day, Labor Day. #NeverForget
Murderer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts. This is an important moment - the movement towards liberation continues... does the fight to end the war on drugs and deliver justice to those incarcerated. Florida Governor DeS
Biden is pulling troops from Afghanistan - in 6 months, kinda, maybe. Elon Musk is not a god - he's actually a bit of a dipshit penis wrinkle. We can do better, and indeed we must. PLUS what Mead, NE has to do with the Flint water crisis, and t
If you're drinking water from your sink right now, spit it out. A recent report shows high levels of lead, arsenic and "forever chemicals" (yep, that's what they're called) in drinking water across the U.S. Meanwhile, the infrastructure bill mi
Well, it's a shorter episode this week folks - and here's why. But don't despair, we've got plenty of content to tide you over til next week!  
Amazon doesn't just fight unionizing efforts with traffic lights, they're also forcing drivers to agree to biometric and facial recognition software. For the sake of humanity, we all need to support these unionizing efforts. A new report finds
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