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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

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You should have better Christmas lights, you should have already decorated, you should be baking treats, but you should also be watching your treat intake . . . Does "should" ever haunt you? Culture and a few scrolls on Instagram tell us we're
Shopping, food, and body image...oh my! The holiday season can feel like a time when our body image is under attack! But, what if there were a way to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE the holidays. Today, Heather talks about: Dealing with holiday
Five minutes online and you can see what our girls are up against. It seems like, from every angle, their identities are under attack. From the hyper sexualization of young teens to gender dysphoria to the all out war on biblical truth--girls (
Today we take a little break from our non-diet dietitians series to bring you more holiday specific content. Today's show features my friend author Sarah Geringer--author, podcast host, artist, and mom of three. Sarah and I talk about boundarie
This is Part 2 of an interview with Megan Hadley, MS, RDN, LDN -- a non-diet dietician whose advice you will really enjoy. In the first episode Megan talked about why we tend to overeat in the afternoon or evening (or whenever we get home) and
This is Part 1 on a 2 part interview with Megan Hadley, MS, RDN, LDN -- a non-diet dietician whose advice you will really enjoy. In today's episode we answer the question, "Why do I always overeat at night (or when I get home in the afternoon)?
We interrupt our non-diet dietician series to look at what the Bible has to say about food rules. No one's trying to say that the Bible is completely against your diet, but it's very interesting how Paul encourages the church at Colossus to not
We continue our series talking to non-diet dietitians, with an informative interview with Brooke Fredrickson, RD. Today, Brooke and Heather discuss what it means to eat with grace. Some of the fascinating nuggets of this conversation include:
Candy is EVERYWHERE. Seems like October rolls around and the candy doesn't leave until January. But, then it only stays gone until February when Valentine's candy shows up, which rolls right into Easter candy time. How do we handle ALL the cand
This is the second part of a 2 part interview with Amy Carlson, RD -- a practicing dietitian and eating disorder specialist with more than 20 years of work helping those who have an unhealthy relationship with food restore peace with eating! Li
This engaging and fun interview with Amy Carlson--an RD and Eating Disorder specialist for more than twenty years--will make you smile and encourage your heart. We have a straight talk about what to do if you walk away from the doctor's office
When I recognized that my body image had become my idol--it changed my life. This recognition was really the first step in my journey to freedom. All the dieting, all the over-exercising, all the striving --it all connected to this idol in ways
If you're like me, you may know so much about diets, calories, macros and food that the thought of talking to a dietician seems a little unnecessary. What more could you possibly learn about food and how to eat? But, today I start a month long
Do you have Psalm 139:14 memorized yet STILL struggle with your body image? This famous psalm says we are, "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made." But. if you're like me, there are many days when I still don't feel like my body is good enough. Why do
My friend, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Erin Kerry and I have a candid conversation about what 1500 calories a day really does to your brain and body. Did you know that 1500 calories a day can put your brain and your body into survival mode? Th
Today we wrap up this month long series with a quick prayer over our whole body image. What has God been showing you? Are there areas of your body image or aspects to your body image issues that you hadn't considered? If this series has been a
Today we pray for favor -- a concept that is different than seeking the approval of others. Favor is something that God tells us and shows us through scripture that he gives to his people. Favor doesn't come from us projecting a certain image o
For those of us who struggle with body image issues, I've noticed through the years of talking and working with women that control can tend to also be a problem. Are you secretly a control freak?I have been. There are many reasons and ways that
Today's episode is not about how to grow in love for your body--rather, we're talking about how to love God and others well! Though it may seem like a backwards concept, I promise you that when your focus shifts to loving God and others well, y
Do you have friends? Not the kind of people that always want to diet and do things to look hotter-- but a friend that is safe to talk to about the ways you struggle with body image and comparison and who will lead you back to the truth of the G
Are you held captive by the opinion of the scale or the reflection staring back at you from the mirror? Does the wrong number or a new wrinkle ruin your whole day? If you've ever felt enslaved to the opinions of the scale or the mirror -today w
Confidence! We've been told it comes from having a great body or achievements, or worse -- some say we can have confidence just by having more self love. But is this really what the Bible teaches? I don't think so. I think the kind of confidenc
Can we trust God as our divine dietician? Today we talk about the truth that God's wisdom is good for ALL areas of our lives and the one who created our bodies probably knows best how we can take care of them. It's a simple truth that most of u
Health: It's good to be healthy. It's good to desire health. It's good to be a responsible steward of your body... But, health can become an idol. For many clients I work with and women I meet, health presents an area of confusion. They have a
Do you know what gifts God has given you? Do you know how he made you tick, what he wired you for? Finding our "purpose" doesn't have to be some giant, elusive, mission...but taking steps towards doing things that match how God made you WILL he
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