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Attention Bodybuilders: This is Your Simple Guide to Building an Outstanding Workout Routine

Released Tuesday, 7th April 2015
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Bodybuilding workout routines are like songs. 

New ones come and go, and most of them aren't that different. It's easy to get "hooked" on one for a few weeks before getting bored and trying a new one. 

But if you look at the songs that have endured over years or centuries, they all have common principles that make them great. I'm not a musician, so I won't pretend I know exactly what these are. But my musically inclined friends do, so I trust them. 

The same thing is true with bodybuilding workouts. No matter what new routines emerge, all successful workout plans will have some principles in common. And just like music, most people don't know what these principles are. 

In this podcast, you're going to learn what principles tie together many of the most successful bodybuilding programs. You'll learn about daily undulating periodization, wave loading, high volume versus low volume training, and much more. 

At the end, physique coach Russell Taylor will tell you how to make a a bodybuilding program that works for you.