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The 5 Laws of Dieting that Every Bodybuilder Should Know

Released Friday, 15th May 2015
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Dr. Mike Israetel comes on Evidence Radio to break down the science of eating to build muscle and lose fat. 

You know that calories, macronutrients, food quality and nutrient timing matter. The problem is that you're not sure how much they matter, or how to manipulate them effectively. 

In this episode of Evidence Radio, Mike simplifies the science behind dieting to lose fat and build muscle, so you can use your time in the most efficient way possible.  

Here are some of the main things you'll learn... 

- The most important nutritional principles for getting big, lean and strong. 

- How to effectively and easily track progress when bulking or cutting. 

- How fast can you gain muscle without (or with) steroids?

- How to adjust your calorie intake as your weight changes.

- Mike's method for setting macros for fat loss or muscle gain.

- The simple science behind nutrient timing.

In case you're wondering why I had Mike on the show, he has an impressive background as... 

- Head Science Consultant for Renaissance Periodization, a bodybuilding and powerlifting consultancy.

- Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri.

- Former state, national and world record holding powerlifter.

- Competitive bodybuilder.

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