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Episode from the podcastConnection Loop with Ruben Dua

Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn and Podcasting with Billy Samoa Saleebey

Released Wednesday, 7th October 2020
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We’re now living in an era where there are plenty of tools to help you promote yourself or your business. Better yet, nearly all of these tools are free. Through hard work and paying close attention to your audience’s wants and needs, you maximize your odds of achieving your marketing goals, Yet while there are plenty of tools, we want to spend this episode of Connection Loop focusing on LinkedIn and podcasting. Used in conjunction, these tools can be extremely powerful.
To learn more about the power of LinkedIn and podcasting, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Billy Samoa Saleebey. Billy is the creator and host of For the Love of Podcast. The purpose of the show is to help podcasters create world-class podcasts, no matter the subject area or topic. He is also the president and founder of Insight Media, which is a Los Angeles-based broadcasting and media production company focused on the growth and development of individuals and businesses. With an extensive podcasting background and robust LinkedIn presence, Billy is the perfect person to discuss the topic at hand.
Among the things that Ruben and Billy discuss in this episode include Billy’s biography and origin story, Billy’s journey to podcasting, how you can tell if you are using LinkedIn incorrectly, how to start a podcast, determining the audience for all of your content, why you should sell less to sell more, and how you can graduate your conversations. Whether you’re trying to bolster your LinkedIn presence or want to start a podcast, you’ll get a ton of insights from this conversation.

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