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An enigmatic creator. A much-hyped cryptocurrency. Bitcoin might be paving the way for a financial revolution, but critics say the digital dollar is a perfect cloak for criminals and cybercrimes.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcast
They say a Bonesman is for life… Their secret bond might have led to the creation of another clandestine organization: the CIA. Some even wonder if it was the Bonesmen who ordered the hit on JFK. But these might just be a few small steps in a m
Formed at Yale in 1832, a fraternal secret society counts media moguls, CIA operatives, even U.S. presidents in its roster. But with only 800 living members, those odds seem too good to be true — which is why some wonder if Skull and Bones is p
A spy device developed during the Cold War has evolved into ubiquity, used for everything from tracking cow medications to locating nuclear materials. But when companies began using the technology to gain intel on their customers, consumer and
After boarding a plane to visit her estranged husband in 1986, Marcela Basteri disappeared. Her whereabouts are still a mystery. Some believe she suffered a psychotic break, or abandoned her family to start a new life. But others point to a dif
As one of Mexico’s biggest pop stars, Juan Gabriel’s talent and rags-to-riches story were legendary. But despite his fame, he was able to keep an astonishing number of secrets — ones that resulted in speculation over his life and death, and a f
To this day, no one knows what made Berenger Saunier so incredibly wealthy. Some believe he uncovered ancient treasure from the Knights Templar. Others claim he held secrets about Jesus Christ. Maybe the priest was nothing more than a conman wi
Every year, thousands of people flock to a tiny French village to solve an ancient mystery. A 19th-century priest acquired a massive fortune while renovating a local parish, but was it treasure — or knowledge — that garnished him with such weal
Two years after Princess Diana died in a car crash, the French authorities concluded the death was accidental. But people around the world weren’t so sure this is what really happened, and many believed she was killed. We investigate the theori
In 1997, Princess Diana of Wales died in a car accident in Paris. The news shocked the world, and many people weren’t so sure this was an accident. In the first episode of two on Princess Diana, we explore her life...and perhaps her not-so-acci
Ashley Flowers explores 15 of the world’s worst crimes in the new Spotify Original from Parcast, International Infamy. The first episode takes you to Mexico and the true story of Juana Barraza — a pro wrestler who became a serial killer known a
After the mysterious death of his father in 1993, Michael Jordan retired unexpectedly. The decision sparked rumors of mob connections, gambling addictions, and covered-up suspensions that NBA fans are still trying to get to the bottom of.  Lear
Was the 1985 NBA draft lottery rigged? Facing disillusioned fans and dwindling TV viewers, NBA commissioner David Stern changed how the draft was done. Goodbye coin toss, hello televised lottery. But some fans think he did more than change the
Revisit ten of the worst fathers in true crime history in this special collection from Parcast Network. From the father who turned his son into a spy, to the dad whose long business trips turned out to be mafia hits, these dads will definitely
When do conspiracy theories stop being theories? Today’s episode visits real accounts of deadly misconduct committed at scale by governments and businesses. Poisoned alcohol, contaminated medicine, mind control experiments — in every case, the
Reptile overlords. Pizzagate. QAnon. What makes conspiracy theories so alluring, and why are some more unshakeable than others? Today’s episode breaks down the driving forces behind false narratives, and what happens when true believers take ex
Even expert primatologists can’t agree on whether Bigfoot exists. Is it all a hoax, or is the creature more intelligent — or cosmic — than we give it credit for? Maybe there really is undeniable evidence that could lay the sasquatch question to
It’s the most-glimpsed creature that doesn’t exist. A mysterious ape-man whose legends date back centuries. But while the stories shift and morph, some elements remain the same: The giant footprints. The rancid smell. The hairy, humanoid shape.
In April 2021, Bitcoin hit its all time high of over 60K per coin — and it's still growing. While Bitcoin's creator still remains in the shadows, there are whispers that the cryptocurrency will one day replace the U.S. dollar as the world's glo
RFID tags have become a paper-thin, barely detectable building block of our economy — but they aren’t without controversy. Skeptics cite concerns over data theft and privacy violations, while rumors of a Bill Gates-funded government plot to imp
This awards season, pull back the curtain on Tinseltown’s most infamous controversies in the new Spotify Original from Parcast, Hollywood Scandals. You can hear the first episode on Hollywood’s sordid beginnings right here, then follow Hollywoo
Is the threat posed by global warming as imminent as it seems? Is it possible that corporations are manipulating data (and exploiting our fears) to make an extra buck? And how likely is it that humans aren’t to blame after all? Learn more about
Over the last century, the fossil fuel industry has exploded. Carbon emissions are at an all time high. Wildfires and hurricanes are on the rise. Our planet's temperature is heating up at an exponential rate. But is global warming a misundersto
Creepypastas, frightful TikToks, online horror stories… Loey Lane and Eleanor Barnes are taking you into the spookiest corners of the web in their new Spotify Original from Parcast, Internet Urban Legends. Meet the hosts and hear their debut ep
The world looked on in shock when an assassin shot Pope John Paul II in May 1981. The official story was that a crazed lone gunman was to blame, but some theories suggest the attack may have been part of one of the biggest international coverup
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