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—David is invited on our buddy Andrew Donaldson's podcast "Heard Tell" to discuss the Canadian federal election. Give 'er a listen!
—Anti-vax radio hosts have short life spans —The Gavin Newson California recall movement fails —Inflation numbers on the rise —Joe Biden hasn't slashed tariffs...his trade policy is exactly the same —Canadian federal debate and upcoming ele
—French language Canadian federal election debate —Eat Out to Help Out and Twitter beef with Justin Trudeau's former aide —Storm chases and social media —Coinbase, SEC, and DeFi banking is on the ropes INTERVIEW: Dr. Sylvain Charlebois is a
—The rise of the hurricane influencers and social media —Should we be worried about misinformation? —The best innovations happening before our eyes INTERVIEW: Franco Terrazzano (@franco_nomics) is Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers F
—A Canadian election? Now? Really? —Gavin Newsom on the ropes —Consumer Corner: A DeFi app, ice cube maker, and a carbon negative beer INTERVIEW: Zahra Sultani is a native of Afghanistan and Senior Consultant at Loyalist Public Affairs — Th
August is ending and we're in good spirits, but worlds are shifting around us! —The Afghanistan fiasco and what to really think about what this means —Accept the refugees! —New Zealand goes in lockdown, Australia cracks down: the harshest CO
Back in the saddle, Yaël and David hit the latest and greatest consumer-focused news across North America —The U.S.-Canada border reopens (somewhat)! —We are now broadcasting on Liberty Radio Network ( —Gov. Cuomo steps down an
INTERVIEW — Colin Grabow (@cpgrabow) is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute's Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies where his research focuses on domestic forms of trade protectionism such as the Jones Act and the U.S. sugar pro
In this week's episode, David is off and Bill Wirtz, host of the ConsEUmer Podcast and Senior Policy Analyst at the Consumer Choice Center, sits in. -The US should not copy-paste the EU's agricultural rules -China's tech industry is being des
In this week's episode, Yael and David break down the response to Jeff Bezos' space exploration. Interview: David chats with Jocelyn Bamford from the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers about how impending regulations are going to make everyt
INTERVIEW: Canadian Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre (@PierrePoilievre) -Plastic bans and restrictions don't help consumers and don't help entrepreneurs -Worries about inflation are real, and Ottawa is to blame -The tale of Henry the Eight's
-Why doesn't David support Canadian teams in the Stanley Cup finals? -Vaxx that thing up -The Delta Variant and Why It Really Doesn't Matter -The Big Tech investments of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are turning heads -Should politician
-The Electric Vehicle Availability Index and a huge success! -Canada's silly attempt to ban vape flavors
-Presenting the Consumer Choice Center US Electric Vehicle Accessibility Index, with Elizabeth Hicks (@eohicks), US Affairs Analyst at the Consumer Choice Center
-Getting tased on the boardwalk for vaping: is this what the anti-vape zealots want? -Jon Stewart brings us real comedy on the Lab Leak Hypothesis and
-Oh my, business people pay different tax rates! What if we actually understand how taxes work? -The absolute sh*t show of the rental car industry and the innovative competitors they try to keep out INTERVIEW: Jerry Buting (@jbuting) -Update
-Consumer choice and hard seltzers -The "Liquid Death" brand and the marketing of water in a can -Soda tax in Newfoundland: can we just stop with regressive taxes? -We are now Bernie bros INTERVIEW: Franco Terrazzano (@franco_nomics) -Regr
-Mixing vaccine doses -Toronto Maple Leafs and full stadiums -The argument for removing the LCBO's monopoly: $559 million in savings -The
-Life is back to normal in the U.S. -Beach life -The Crypto Massacre of 2021 -Ride-sharing freedom INTERVIEW with entrepreneur Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media -View on the COVID stimulus bill: a payoff for Democr
-The Zombie Apocalypse Gas Shortage -US vs. Canada pipelines -Not talking about Israel-Palestine -Cable News is bad for your brain -Two movies, one screen -Fauci Vs. Rand Paul -Lab Leak Thesis -Origin of Cov
INTERVIEW: Stephen E. Sandherr, Chief Executive Officer - Associated General Contractors of America -Joe Biden's PRO Act and the harm it would have on consumers and workers -The role of labor unions in the 21st century -Why we should care ab
-Reaching herd immunity? -TRIPS Waiver and the international organizations and populists who want to seize COVID vaccine IP and tech
-The Derek Chauvin trial and aftermath -Are consumers getting the short stick on data and consumer privacy? -Make it closing time for Ontario's beer monopoly an
-CNN covers Canada's vaccine failures, and it shakes up the country -The new anti-tech populists INTERVIEW: Jennifer Huddleston (@jrhuddles) -Do we need a federal privacy law? -There are innovative practices used by private companies. We sh
-Janet Yellen wants a global minimum corporate tax. How does it impact consumers and firms? -Trillions in infrastructure spending -The Case For Ireland -Georgia election rules changes and MLB boycotts -What about the Olympics and China? -C
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