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The Star Wives are back and are on FIRE! They pull no punches as they progress through the story of Attack of the Clones. With the help of some background story from ancillary materials, they further forge their disdain for this movie! The only
For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic - before the poisoning mindset of the Sith disenchanted some, who became... The Lost. Join us and Ro Gazga from The Scarif Scuttlebutt
The is the second and final part of the deep dive into this fantastic novel by Christie Golden! For part one, be sure to check our Part 1 on It's True. All of It. A Star Wars Podcast. Enjoy this awesome discussion! Thanks to Mike and Dale from
From The Clone Wars, Season 5 - Episode 16, the duel between the upstarts Maul and Savage against a most displeased Darth Sidious. The duel is bookended by the tragic Obi Wan & Satine story, Bo Katan being revealed as her sister and the civil u
Dex misplaced his menu for the new diner... and it's opening tomorrow! What is he going to do? Who can help him? Obi Wan Kenobi can, but its the awesome Star Wars community who wielded awesome creativity like a Jedi! Listen in for some phenomen
In this very special episode of ConverSWations, we tackle a sensitive subject. There's much debate about both eras, and we try to come to a conclusion. We came to an interesting end, that's for sure! Enjoy! Thanks to Mike and Dale from It's Tru
The sixth planet in the rarely-travelled Hoth system - uhhhhh Hoth - is the setting for the pivotal battle in The Empire Strikes Back. Join us as we explore this interesting planet!  Thanks to Mike and Dale from It's True, All of It podcast for
The Convention is back baby! And that means so is our Fandom Presence series! We had the pleasure of speaking with a few awesome Star Wars fans who were happy to get back out to conventions and to express their love for the franchise! We had th
In Star Wars - A New Hope, Wedge Antilles was such a minor character that 3 actors portrayed him. By the time we see him in Rise of Skywalker, he's had a huge amount of character development - both legends and canon. Join us as we discuss one o
On and off between 1997 and 2002, and then again full time between 2003 and 2015 - were Star Wars Weekends. Hosted exclusively at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios for 4 consecutive weekends in late May and early June, they offered park goe
Ralph McQuarrie - not Macchio - Helped George Lucas sell Star Wars. His visuals not only defined the first movie(and the entire Star Wars universe), he also ushered in a new crucial job. Join us as we explore the vast depth of McQuarrie's infLu
Our new "Anatomy of a Duel" series will break down many of the duels we've seen in the Star Wars universe. We start with Luke versus Vader from Empire Strikes Back. Luke is coming into this duel with very little training, and Darth Vader is wai
In A New Hope, Grand Moff Tarkin had an immediate impact on the Star Wars universe. Even though his character didn't survive the destruction of the first Death Star, Peter Cushing's performance gave Tarkin an imposing weight that reverberated n
The planet Mon Cala is an aquatic world with two sentient species: The Quarren & Mon Calamari. They are two very different cultures co-existing and sharing a complex - and tumultuous - history. We ask the question: Who had the most impact in th
A working-class character trying to make his way through the galaxy. We're referring of course to Dominic Pace. As he launches his second tour of the US, we have a ConverSWation with him about his goals for the tour, his family, other projects
Anakin, Obi-Wan & Ahsoka are sent to coordinates from where a mysterious message was received. And after a blinding light, they find themselves on Mortis, a realm strong in the force... and peril! Join us and special guest Rob from the Jedi Tem
From his origins in Dooku: Jedi Lost to his end in Revenge of the Sith, Count Dooku of Serenno is a very complex character in the Star Wars universe. Rejected as a child by his father because of his force abilities, through his transformation i
Finales - no other franchise has inspired so much emotion as Star Wars with their finales. From trilogy sets, animation & all the way to the final act of movies like Rogue one. Join us and special guests Andrew & Merisha from Coruscant Radio Un
The very first time we sat behind a mic and hit record, it was for a commercial. And throughout our 2-year run, we've continued to make new commercials. The best part? Collaborating with our Red 5 Family and the great friends we've made along t
From the Outer Rim, the Muuns and their InterGalactic Banking Clan was one of the most influential commerce guilds during the Fall of the Jedi era. They claimed to be impartial to both sides of the Clone War, but they we eventually exposed as m
4th Quarter EPS results, as at Primday of the current calendar - Adjusted for Trade Route taxation shortfall agreement, Version 76 slash B section 12 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/converswations/message
Who knew taht back in December of 2018, while recording our first commercials (one of which is featured in this episode) that we'd still be at it in 2022! We certainly had NO clue! Thank you to everyone who's listened, interacted, shared, joine
Pira... Smuggl... Uhh... Brigand! Hondo Ohnaka! From the Clone Wars, through Rebels and all the way to Galaxy's Edge in the Sequel Trilogy era, we delve into everyone's favorite legitimate* businessman! Funny lines aside, he's a complex charact
We are joined by Justus and Doctor Gary of Pod Wars Podcast for an action (comics) packed Part 2 to the Red 5 Missions - Droids discussion! From sentience a droid battle between Chopper & BT-1! Make sure to listen to Part 1 of this discussion o
Dathomir... Moraband... Exegol... Just some of the planets that spark fear in Star Wars fans minds! We talk about them and more - we're going dark side! Thanks to Mike and Dale from It's True, All of It podcast for providing our intro song. We'
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