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At age eleven Ethan has three younger brothers in our large family. He shares three tips to leading well which include ways to encourage your younger siblings, the importance of including them when playing with your friends and leading by examp
When things go bad, you want to be in a population of like-minded people. Many of the reasons for moving have already been validated just a year later after watching the further deterioration of freedoms in Oregon. While raising children we bel
Too many kids raised in Christian homes are falling away from the faith when they leave their parents' homes. Part of the problem is that too many assumptions are made by parents that actually put performance pressure on kids. That’s the opposi
Drew is highly self-disciplined and shares his insights on why this is so important while sharing stories about taking on a major role in remodeling the podcast studio. This will be an encouragement to take on projects beyond your current capab
We all want obedient and respectful kids but the usual behavior modification approach just doesn’t work very well long term. It’s like pulling weeds but leaving the roots. You’ve got to get to the root of the issue which is your kids' heart. Do
Solomon picked this topic himself and shares his reasons why it’s important to obey your parents and gives some really important tips. Solomon is five years old, the seventh oldest kid in the family. He leads two younger brothers and understand
Tune in so that you are more equipped to help your family’s health as the hospitals may not be able to help you. There’s a perfect storm happening in the hospitals all over the world right now with so many doctors and nurses quitting due to the
Luke started an essential oils shelf business this year and shares the trials and lessons he’s learned in the process. Your kids will be encouraged to hear him share how he overcame the challenges of his product showing up broken to every custo
Unchecked selfishness will prevent your marriage from thriving. It’s vital that each spouse recognizes the battle we all have to be too self-focused. If we don’t recognize the ongoing battle, we won’t work on it. Isaac and Angie share their tip
Recently the Tolpin’s had to pull Goatheads from their property. Their eleven-year-old Ethan shares some Biblical wisdom about pulling the weeds in our lives. All show notes, scripture references, and resources mentioned are found at COURAGEOUS
If the vaccinations work, why are the vaccinated getting so angry at the unvaxed? If natural immunity is twenty-seven times more effective than the vaccine, then why are people who have already gotten Covid losing their jobs unless they get vac
Tune into the first Courageous Kids episode that Lord willing will come out every Friday. Our sixteen-year-old daughter shares her thoughts on dealing with loneliness and building strong Biblical friendships. Let us know what you think of our k
We aren’t a guest show, but sometimes we make an exception for worthy discussions. This is a must-listen as Isaac interviews Andrew Yeghnazar as they discuss the fastest growing church in Iran, Biblical perspectives on the current Afghanistan s
Regardless of where your kids go to school, make sure you add these eight things to their education. I’m sure you would agree the world has drastically changed over just the last two years. As we look at the trends, these eight things are vital
It's vital to think clearly about how you provide for your family. How solvent is it during these uncertain times? It's forced vaccinations now, but there will be more challenges coming. Isaac takes you through his process for discovering your
PLEASE SHARE AS IT WILL LIKELY GET CENSORED. So many have messaged us asking for advice regarding the Covid Vaccinations. We’ve received so many stories of people facing losing their careers unless they get the jab. We’ve purposefully stayed aw
There’s enormous pressure on your kids to be worldly. It will seep in regardless of your protective measures. In fact, it’s better for them to deal with some of it while they are in your home so you can equip them while experiencing it. We give
We aren’t to fear the world or be worried about tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take logical steps to be prepared for greater uncertain times. If you couldn’t buy anything for three months, how would your family do? We believe it’s
There are greater costs today for your family if you are a reactive decision-maker. Here are four proactive decisions to make right now that you will likely be thankful you made just six months from now. We must prepare today for what the futur
There is no perfect place to live until we are in heaven, but no community is safe from this growing challenge that could prevent your kids from launching with a Biblical worldview. This episode was prompted by a conversation Isaac’s young barb
Parenting is a long game and we need strong endurance to do it well. We all get frustrated and discouraged in our parenting at times. Tune into this episode to get encouraged and practical help that will reinvigorate your motivation and energy
Get an inside look into Angie’s birth and postpartum experience so far, just four weeks after giving birth naturally to the Tolpin’s 9th child. You will be encouraged and get practical insights to help you or another pregnant woman around you a
You are your kids' most important teacher of Biblical truth. This is an area that can’t be delegated if you want a different and better outcome than most Christian families. Every other leader that teaches the Bible to your kids is helpful, but
Just think about what the world may be like during the year you launch your kids from your home. How well someone responds to change, challenges and relationship conflicts matters more than ever. Emotional resilience is a critical skill you wil
We are all passive at times that we shouldn’t be and over time it can have negative consequences in your kids lives. Isaac challenges us to think about these six areas to make sure we aren’t passive; education, purity, peers, family boundaries
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