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Episode 40 - Absolute Carnage, #JusticeForMew, Gwenpool 2: Electric Boogaloo
Weekly Pull Highlights Absolute Carnage: Scream #1 Absolute Carnage: Separation Anxiety #1 Invaders #8 Powers of X #2 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #47 Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 White Trees #1 Event Leviathan #3   Did you get one of the 20 issues of Absolute Carnage #1 with an exclusive sketch from Mark Bagley in the back? We cover what those suckers are likely worth, and why it might be better to pretend you never got one... at least for a while. Plus, updates on Powers of X, WHO'S LEVIATHAN, and how dare Ryan North make Squirrel Girl cry! 
Episode 39 - A Key Issue with Bentley-23, House of X Spoilers, You New Favorite Comic
Weekly Pull Highlights Future Foundation #1 House of X #2 Agents of Atlas #1 Absolute Carnage #1 Archie 10 Year Anniversary #1 Dark Age #1 Coffin Bound #1   Boy, is Tee mad about the brain archetype in media! After a significant rant (a mini key issue?), we get to some juicy X-Men spoilers in our review of House of X #2. We round out with a handful of new indie titles, including the spectacular Coffin Bound #1. (SPOILER ALERT! House of X Spoilers from 16:54-28:41)
Episode 38 - DC Annual Explosion, Joker in a Jar, Chris Needs Some Pants
Weekly Pull Highlights Red Hood Outlaw Annual #1 Justice League Dark Annual #1 Green Lantern Annual #1 Batman Last Knight on Earth #2 Batman Who Laughs #7 Powers of X #1 Knights Temporal #1 Manor Black #1 Paper Girls #30   We kick off this episode with a quick review of some of the deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame, but swoop right into a slew of DC Annuals that came out this week! It was an awesome week for comics, from big Batman title releases, to brand new books from Cullen Bunn, to the end of an era with the last issue of Paper Girls. Oh, and we maybe share a little more about ourselves than you wanted to know - no regrets. 
Episode 37 - A Million Marvels, Code Breaking, It's MIGHTY Thor
Weekly Pull Highlights Batman Curse of the White Knight #1 Archie vs. Predator II #1 Guardians of the Galaxy #7 Shuri #10 House of X #1 Valkyrie #1 History Of The Marvel Universe #1 Fearless #1 Web of Venom Funeral Pyre #1 Sword Master #1   Hope you're ready to get bombarded with a whole bunch of brand new Marvel #1's! From Valkyrie and Sword Master, to Hickman's highly-anticipated House of X, we're breaking it all down in a super long episode filled with Marvel history you may or may not have ever cared about knowing. Excelsior! 
Episode 36 - Hickman's Playroom, Unstoppable Wasp, Macho Man Randy Savage
Weekly Pull Highlights Age of X-Man Omega #1 Uncanny Xmen #22 Loki #1 Hot Shots #5 Unstoppable Wasp #10 Superman Pal Jimmy Olsen #1 Assassin Nation #5 Sonata #2 Sera and the Royal Stars #1 Vampirella #1   To endings and new beginnings! We cover everything from our apprehension of the X-Men's future (Age of X-Man & Uncanny X-Men), to the need for levity in comics (Unstoppable Wasp), to how much modern voicing can be ANNOYING in an old-timey book (Sera & the Royal Stars). Oh, and Vampirella wears basically nothing. Enjoy! 
Episode 35 - Wolverine's Hair, Comic Cover Conspiracies, Derek's Cans
Weekly Pull Highlights Invisible Woman #1 Venom #16 Wolverine Vs. Blade Special #1 War of Realms Omega #1 Black Cat #2 Naomi #6 Event Leviathan #2 Unearth #1 Reaver #1 Ghosted In LA #1 Second Coming #1 What's new, listeners! Well, for us, it's a bunch of number one's across the board, from the one-shot Wolverine's Hair Vs. Blade #1, to the much anticipated (and unsurprisingly controversial) release of Second Coming #1. But hey, if you're not asking yourself "WHO'S LEVIATHAN," are you really even reading comics? (I mean, we hope you are, otherwise, we're really surprised your here!)
Reel Extra: Spider-Man: Far from Home Our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man is back again for another installment of romance, intrigue, deception... and the best after-credits stingers EVER! Join us as we give our reviews, both non-spoiler friendly and SUPER spoiler-y! 
Episode 34 - Walking Dead Switcharoo, Female FURY, Hoboken
Weekly Pull Highlights Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual #1 Secret Warps Soldier Supreme Annual #1 Aero #1 Female Furies#6 Lois Lane #1 Sea of Stars #1 Space Bandits #1 Heathen #7 Buckle up for the Walking Dead news of the CENTURY. Or at least the next few days or so. We also have more Numba Ones than a Kids Next Door Marathon and a whole lot of apologies to the people of Hoboken. We cap off with our suggestions for books to read to get into the Patriotic Spirit! Enjoy, muchachos. 
Episode 33 - NEW FORMAT, War of Realms Recap, Marvin Gaye
Weekly Pull Highlights Batman Damned #3 Canto #1 Steel Cage #1 War of the Realms #6 War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #4 War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3 War of the Realms: Punisher #3 Avengers #20   Howdy and welcome to the new and improved Cover B (a podcast that is by all definitions still new so calling it new and improved seems a little redundant). Going forward, there is gonna be more content regularly with less content per episode. Episodes will focus essentially on one theme or type of topic instead of three or more. We explain it all in the intro. As for comics this week, we discuss the endings to Batman Damned, War of the Realms and its various tie-ins and Age of X-Man X-Tremists. We also discuss two adorably heart-warming independent titles: Canto and Steel Cage. Thanks for listening! 
Episode 32 - Everyone's Favorite Dave, AND TWINS, Graphic Novelties: My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies
Weekly Pull Highlights Goddess Mode #6 Assassin Nation #4 Superman: Year One #1 Crucified #1 Lab Raider #1 Age Of X-Man Nextgen #5   Chris shares some interesting new indie number 1's, while Tee wraps up DC's Goddess Mode (albeit a little... overwhelmed). The news is a little light this week, but we do get a good chuckle over some savage marketing by Marvel.  We wrap up this week with a brand new segment called Graphic Novelties, where we discuss and review "My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies," an OGN by Ed Brubaker.     
Episode 31 - Who is Leviathan, Rob's Tweetsplosion, Say nuq again!
Weekly Pull Highlights Jughead's Time Police #1 Superman #12 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #45 Event Leviathan #1 Silver Surfer: Black #1 Sonata #1 This week, Bendis changed the DC Universe (again), Squirrel Girl is saving the world (again), and Image is killing it with a brand new title (again).  Then we mostly just poke fun at Rob Liefield (oops) for going after DC on Twitter... Even though he might be right (oops again) (our bad) (don't hate us, Rob). 
Reel Extra: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Well, despite the hate and hostility from incoming reviews, we decided to brave the theater and wade our way though the final film in Fox's X-Men series. And it was... a movie! 
Episode 30 - Black Cat vs. Catwoman, Deadly Class Cancelled, Eternally Keanu
Weekly Pull Highlights Justice League #25 Incredible Hulk: Last Call Thumbs #1 Ignited #1 Black Cat #1 Lady Mechanica: Sangre #1 Female Furies #5 A big bunch of hot & fresh new number ones (some definitely better than others). Then, Tee continues through the dregs of Female Furies as we push toward the (hopefully?) satisfying conclusion.  In the news, we've got the sad report that Happy was cancelled after two seasons (that's ironic, right?) and Deadly Class is axed after just one. But we pull through the broodiness thanks to DC heroes supporting some real heroes.  Our third segment comes tomorrow when we review the new X-Men: Dark Phoenix film during a special Reel Extra episode!  
Episode 29 - Old Man Bruce, Tom King's Future, Key Issue: Marvel's Commitment Fears
Weekly Pull Highlights Doomsday Clock #10 Heroes in Crisis #9 Batman Last Knight on Earth #1 Superman Leviathan Special She Said Destroy #1 Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #5 X-23 #12 This week, DC comes in with a 4-hit combo of awesome stories and leaves Chris broken and abused. Luckily Tee is there to discuss some other comics while he gets up and ices his bruised readin' eyes. In the news, we got more Tom King, more Deadpool, more Sonic the Hedgehog.... Wow, things tend to repeat, huh? Also info on the Avengers game coming out of Square Enix and we briefly talk E3! Finally, Tee raises a key issue about Marvel and their lack of commitment. Seriously, guys, we just want to know what we are to you. We want a label, we don't just want to be some podcasters you know. This is real, we can feel it! ....wait, that's not what she meant by commitment? Haha, yeah.... I knew that all along..... totally....
Reel Extra - Brightburn The much anticipated sort-of kind-of evil Superman movie has arrived, and we discuss the highs, lows, and horrifying gore of the new James Gunn-produced horror flick. 
Episode 28 - Thori the Good Boy, Joker Babysits, Star Wars Squealing
Weekly Pull Highlights War of the Realms Strikeforce: Land of Giants #1 War of the Realms Journey into Mystery #3 Detective Comics #1004 Assassin Nation #3   After EVEN MORE War of the Realms (are you sick of it yet?), it's all kind of Batman talk as we debate the potential awesomeness (or blandness) of the Arkham Knight's origin and the sudden, and marginally incomplete, departure of Tom King from the current Batman run. 
Episode 27 - Naomi Revealed, Keya Morgan Charged, Know Your Bathrooms!
Weekly Pull Highlights Black Widow #5 Naomi #5 War of the Realms Giant Man War of the Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers War of the Realms Spider-Man And The League Of Realms   In this episode, Chris continues the dutiful task of covering all the War of the Realms titles so maybe YOU don't have to (or maybe you do - we like providing options)!  For the news, we cover the details of an alleged crime with horrible consequences that has people across the country up in arms... Game of Thrones Episode #8.  Finally, we give our best tips for the fan who wants to hit the Con circuit without drowning in big crowds and social anxiety. 
Episode 26 - Star Wars Fatigue, Teeny Tiny Trailers, Celebrating Mamas' Mamas' Mamas
Weekly Pull Highlights Female Furies #4 Excellence #1 War of the Realms Strikeforce: New Agents of Atlas Batman and the Outsiders #1 Flash #70 Doctor Aphra #32 Betty and Veronica #5   Tee is back in action this week, and makes her comic penance by going over the female dis-empowerment of Female Furies from last week, plus Chris gives some solid jumping in points for late issue comics.  As for news, we run you through a whole bunch of trailers both big and small, including the new 'Spider-Man: Far from Home,' AKA, 'Jake Gyllenhaal as everyone's favorite member of the Babysitter's Club'. We wrap up with a Mother's Day special about how not very special the poor mama's in comics are. 
Episode 25 - Bad Day for DC Heroes, Polka Dot Man, Jimmy Urine
Weekly Pull Highlights DCeased #1 Year of the Villain #1 War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Dark Elf Realm Savage Avengers #1 Hashtag Danger #1 Self Made #6 So, you only get half the sexy voices this time around. Tee is out of town, so Chris runs you through his picks of the week, some general news going on, and kind of just laughs at his own stupid jokes.  As for comics, it is seriously a bad time to be a DC hero, what with all the zombies and Super Villain teams. In the news, we've got Polka Dot Men, Swamp Things, Hedgehogs with toddler bodies, and many other bizarre things to talk about. Seriously, it's basically a Ripley's Believe it or Not crossover episode.   
Reel Extra - Avengers: Endgame Holy crap, Endgame.... Not much to say here. Enjoy our review. Spoilers at 21:46
Episode 24 - Character Assassination, Walmart Butts, Lazarus Merch
Weekly Pull Highlights War of Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1 Avengers #18 Vader: Dark Visions #3 Heroes in Crisis #8 Jughead the Hunger vs Vampironica #1 This week: PERIL! Death threats! Creepy stalkers! Butt Censorship! We also spend a sizable amount of time discussing the best Star Trek Captain and providing our Avengers Endgame theories.   
Come share a meal with us as we discuss the Hellboy reboot starring David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane! We'll be discussing the use of horror in action films, the changes between this series and the Guillermo del Toro series, and how delicious Cool Ranch Doritos tacos are. {SPOILER WARNING}
Episode 23 -  Star Wars Celebration, Nerd President Kevin Smith, The Boys
Weekly Pull Highlights War of Realms: War Scrolls #1 War of Realms: Punisher #1 Avengers: No Road Home #10 Thor #12 Mary Shelley Monster Hunter #1 Buffy #4 Angel #0   Lot's of wrap ups and round ups this week as we talk about War of Realms tie-ins and concluding thoughts on Avengers: No Road Home. Then, we discuss the plethora of Star Wars news coming out of Celebration, including an interesting theory from Nerd Commander-In-Chief Kevin Smith in regards to the title of Episode IX. We also talk Disney+ pricing, The Boys trailer, and the unfortunate future of the DC Universe streaming service. We'll be back this Saturday for an episode of Dinner and a Movie where we will be talking Hellboy and eating tacos.  Because why not.
Episode 22 - Rat Queens Kickin' Ass, Hawkeye Show, Secret Shortbox: James Patterson
Weekly Pull Highlights Symbiote Spider-Man #1 War of Realms: Journey Into Mystery #1 Detective Comics #1001 Wonder Twins #3 Infinite Dark #5 Rat Queens: Swamp Romp Faithless #1   This week we discuss tons of comics (probably too many, sorry wallet) and dish out some stellar news about release dates for some sweet-ass comics and shows coming up. We close talking about what comics James Patterson might read if he had a secret comic collection stowed away under his writing desk.
Reel Extra: Shazam  Welcome to our first edition of REEL EXTRA, where we discuss the big recent movie release. This edition is all about Captain Marvel SHAZAM! [SPOILER WARNING]
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