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News of the Mueller grand jury broke on this episode of CrabDiving. A marijuana grower bought up a California town in an effort to build a pot-friendly oasis. In news that isn’t shocking, we learned Shitler’s immigration policy totally sucks balls. The Crabs read through an insane transcript of a phone call betwixt Cheeto Teats and the King Of Australia. A lunatic Trumpalo in beautiful West Virginia called for the assassination of liberal protestors and wasn’t charged. Crazy Creationist Ken Ham called for Christians to reclaim the rainbow from gay people. The GOP tried to take measures to protect Mueller from being fired by the orange-a-hole-face. A study revealed most Trump supporters to be racist jerk-offs. A Gallup Poll enlightened Pat and Ryan as to the number of social conservatives in Murica to that of social liberals. Listen to more liberal talk radio at!
The Vegas terror mass shooting was the main point of discussion on this episode of CrabDiving. A guitarist who survived the gun violence at the end of that concert, called for immediate common sense gun control. Skesis Pat Robertson blamed the mass shooting on disrespect for PEEOTUS. RWNJ wind-bag Alex Jones promoted a hoax about the Vegas gunman being a leftist actor angered by Shitler. Dildo’Reilly blathered that the shooting in Vegas was the price of freedom. Oxy-walrus Rush Limbaugh bellowed that media outlets weren’t connecting the gunman to ISIS. Gun stocks soared due to the shooting. Data proved Australia’s gun control policy has been a yuuuuge success. In additional sad news, famed rocker legend Tom Petty was found unresponsive due to a possible heart attack. Check out more progressive talk radio 24/7 streaming on CrabDiving Radio.
The FBI raided Michael Cohen and surely Trump is crapping his tightie-whities on this episode of CrabDiving. Shitler’s former squeeze Stormy Daniels posed nude for Penthouse. Senator McCain offered harsh criticism for PEEOTUS’ Syria strategy, which included blaming the White House for a chemical weapons attack. The Zuck said sorry for mishandling all the data of its Facebook users. Pat and Ryan learned Cheeto Teats started the trade-war on a whim. A retired general humiliated Ivanka in a debate about federal child care programs. Tammy Duckworth became the first U.S. Senator to give birth while serving in office. A dilbert on InfoWars said the Syrian gas attack was a false flag. Violent NRA loon Ted Nugent suggested he would shoot Democrats, just as he would a rabid coyote. A Sinclair media shill faced a boycott after threatening David Hogg with extreme violence. An insane Jesus-bot on the Jim Bakker show ignorantly offered up a dumb theory regarding BLM and the Bible. A bigoted Pizzagate theorist landed a job in the U.S. government, puke. Finally, a Floridian blamed the wind for her cocaine possession charge.
Trump kisses Saudi butt and not a single atheist soul at CrabDiving Studios was remotely shocked. Pat read Trump’s insane official statement about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  A report revealed Shitler wanted the DOJ to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded the Inspector General probe Matt Whitaker… blech. Our rapist-in-chief won’t visit the troops because he’s scared to venture into a war zone. Per Trump’s incestuous attorney Rudy Giuliani, Man-baby has submitted written responses to questions from Special Counsel Mueller. The Crabs got jelly over the recent legalization of the good herb in Massachusetts. Women-hating Conserva-loads in Ohio want abortions punishable by death. In other crappy GOP news, RWNJ legislators are bitching and moaning over an international trade agreement that also protects the rights of LGBT folks. Right wing extremist idiot Dave Daubenmire suggested “ugly women” become lesbians because no man will have them. Listen to more of this liberal politics podcast in the archives!
Trump wants to take away your healthcare because Cheeto is an evil Sith Lord load. Presidential candidate Kamala Harris sent a parent to jail over truancy back her days as a prosecutor. MSNBC saw a drop in ratings after shifting coverage from the Mueller probe to healthcare. Even though he hasn’t read the report, former CIA Director John Brennan apologized for calling our rapist-in-chief a traitor. A judge blocked vile GOP orcs in Kentucky from implementing Medicaid work requirements. A federal judge tossed North Carolina’s 20-week abortion ban. A racist Trumpalo went berserk over a bilingual menu in a Mexican restaurant, insanely caterwauling “We aren’t in Spanish!” ICE Agents proved they don’t give a fig about civil rights as they attempted to serve an unsigned arrest warrant to undocumented human beings on their way from an immigration hearing. The Writer’s Guild threatened to kill Georgia’s film and television industry if the state passes archaic anti-choice laws. Deplorable tinfoil hat loon Alex Jones pushed a horrific, narcissistic conspiracy theory involving the Sandy Hook father who tragically took his own life. A company is suing over a confetti “dick bomb” gag gift sent to their workplace. We also learned the minimum wage should be $33 per hour per fat cat Wall Street standards.
Michael Cohen poll rigging and payments made in cash in Walmart bags are just another typical story in the Trump era. Bonus: Who knew the bag of cash Cohen delivered was to some Liberty University douche? Shitler shat all over the cornflakes of The Speaker of the House with a last-minute denial of a trip Pelosi and company were taking overseas. The Mississippi government tweeted they would be closed to recognize the birthday of Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King Jr. on the same day! White supremacist legislator Steve King slammed his racist GOP colleagues for not coming to his defense. For the most part, a sign of hope is that it seems Iowa voters would rather white nationalist Steve King resign. Finally, the Crabs learned all about “Cumblr,” the sexy alternative to the newly family-friendly Tumblr, which is now apparently being overrun with nazis.
A relatively legal scandal involving Alabama sheriffs taking prison food money was covered on today’s podcast. Zuckerberg offered up a lame, unfeeling response to accusations that his beloved Book of Face stole the election from Hillary. The Austin bomber blew himself up without letting the world know where the rest of the explosives are planted. Thin-lipped Gollum Sessions wanted us to believe McCabe’s firing had nothing to do with an investigation into the AG. Fox News load Lou Dobbs maligned former AG Holder and Obama during an insane rant directed at the DOJ. Rancid Republican Sasse poo-poo’d Shitler for his non-combative call with Putin. Crooked Conserv-a-twunt Nunes is under investigation by the FEC. Right wing coward Corker said he’d finally make calls for Cheeto’s impeachment if Mueller was fired. A vile Neo Nazi advanced uncontested in a primary for the Illinois House. A dickbag hardliner compared the LGBT community to ISIS.
As vile Republicans defend separating immigrant families, the Crabs covered the shameful state-sponsored child abuse. Orange fascist Trump said Dems want illegal immigrants to “infest” our country. Shitler said some dumbass crap about shoes smuggled into Canada from the U.S. Florida Senator Bill Nelson failed in trying to tour a concentration camp in Miami. MRA twunt Gavin McInnes wishes Cheeto was tearing more families apart. Nazi skesis Laura Ingraham likened the child detention centers to summer camps. The U.S. withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council, shocker. Twitler attorney Giuliani said he was questioned by the FBI regarding leaks that damaged the Clinton campaign. Former Trump lawyer Cohen may be ready to cooperate with Mueller. Finally, an amazing idiot racist attempted to explain how black people loved slavery and the Confederacy in an effort to defend keeping a confederate name for a Georgia park.
News of Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team broke and Pat regaled listeners with a spot-on imitation. We learned Shitler’s pick to head NASA is climate change denier. Progressive Bernie Sanders signed a marijuana legalization bill. A-hole, racist confederate flag loons continued to disrupt a school in Michigan. GOP strategist dick-dandy Roger Stone branded the late Barbara Bush a drunk on Insta. Senator Duckworth made history by bringing her newborn daughter to the floor of the legislative body. Clips of RWNJ loads complaining and moaning about their beloved ten commandments were featured on the CrabDiving Podcast. A Kansas art teacher opted to leave his home state due to threats from violent homophobes. Stupid conserv-a-twunt Jesse Lee Peterson insanely blasted the people that stuck up for the African Americans arrested at Starbucks. Speaking of the Starbucks snafu, petty, white trolls are butthurt because the coffee chain will briefly close for racial sensitivity training.
Senate Republicans confirmed another unqualified lifetime judge. Trumped asked SCOTUS to keep his tax returns secret. Gun violence claimed more lives in a mass shooting at a Los Angeles area school. A study revealed crap-loads of domestic violence in families of cops. Fireman prophet-for-profit Mark Taylor said President Carter’s black eye from a recent fall was actually a sign from the Illuminati. Anti-Semitic dick lord Rick Wiles resigned from YouTube then rambled about sheep husbandry. Racist Kentucky kook Matt Bevin finally conceded the gubernatorial race. Those two creepy Russian Giuliani henchman that were busted trying skip town had suspicious items on their person related to Cheeto’s not-so-perfect Ukraine call. Rudy G. hilariously suggested loyalty between himself and Trump. Ambassador Taylor’s testimony during the impeachment hearing revealed disturbing stuff about PEEOTUS’ security protocols whilst on his celly.
As evil AG gollum Jeff Sessions fights back against Trump, clutching massive pearls over the suggestion the DOJ was politically motivated under his reign, Trump declared the market would crash if his treasonous, orange pumpkin head were impeached. The National Enquirer’s David Pecker has decided to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation and has a safe full of evidence against the Cheeto. The Donald uses special tech to conceal communications with Vlad and Co. With a single stupid tweet about South Africa inspired by FOX bigot load Tucker Carlson, our rapist-in-chief further embraced a white nationalist bullcrap narrative. A gay Utah Republican claims LGBT youth suicide is a result of too much sex. A supporter of Shitler assaulted a car with a knife at a Kathy Griffin comedy show. In the Republikkk of Alabama, a crackpot preacher who speaks in tongues demanded prayers for Trump. Finally, Don the Con, reminded us flipping should be illegal.
The Stormy Daniels interview was reviewed as the dishonest and chaotic White House called Stormy a liar but said Trump was consistent. The Crabs learned Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth could be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The conserva-twunts on Shitler’s favorite morning show urged PEEOTUS to build the wall by declaring a state of emergency. Former workers of evil Cambridge Analytica said the firm sent foreigners to advise U.S. campaigns. White supremacist Rep. Steve King of Iowa attacked Parkland student activist Emma Gonzalez on Facebook. Some states are trying to figure a way around the crappy electoral college. A Tennessee preacher got in troubs for jacking it in front of a female employee, oops.
The Crabs opened the podcast with an insane “When Animals Get Pissed” segment involving the assassination of a 17 foot python in Florida. Progressive females in the Senate called for Al Franken’s resignation due to a slew of sexual assault allegations. Shitler called his VP a yokel, citing his love of animals and lack of wealth. Defying odds, a shark attacked some humans in Costa Rica. To the chagrin of most of the world, our lunatic-in-chief announced the U.S. embassy in Israel would be moved to Jerusalem. Blotch-Nazi Bannon blathered some stupid crap about GOP load Mitt Romney regarding his lack of military service in Vietnam. A progressive African American woman was elected in Atlanta by such a small margin a recount was triggered. In typical Trump fascism, the White House considered assembling a private army of evil spies. The good folks at Patagonia announced plans to sue the Trump cabal in an effort to protect mountains in Utah. A student at Arizona University engaged in sexual misconduct with a classmate and wasn’t expelled due to his great good grades. The brave women that came forward with allegations of assault against PEEOTUS were named Time Magazine’s persons of the year. According to a RWNJ broadcaster, Flynn couldn’t help but lie to the FBI due to his super-duper spy training. Check out more of this funny political podcast in the archives!
As the evil GOP worried over another state legislature loss, GOP dick-bot Paul Ryan warned fellow Republican loons to start listening to the voters, whatever. Conserv-a-jerks said they were nervous they’d take blame for government shutdown. National Parks advisers left their jobs in protest over the crappy leadership of Trump-chump Ryan Zinke. Crackpot conspiracy theorist Alex Jones list his loony self in a marvelous tirade chockablock full of obscenities regarding CNN’s use of “shithole.” Republican Harry Potter bad guy Gowdy got pissy because meth Nazi Bannon wouldn’t answer his questions. Speaking of seven-shirted blotchy Bannon, Dem Adam Schiff said Shitler put a gag order on the corrupt piggy. Former adult actress Stormy Daniels revealed gross details about her going with PEEOTUS. A panel of psychologists canceled a talk about Don-the-Con inspiring violence, due to threats of violence. A gay couple getting hitched received anti-gay pamphlets rather than their wedding programs. California is clearing the records of felons with marijuana charges. Our dickheaded DOJ skewed crime stats to justify the administration’s fascist immigration policy.
The Crabs discussed the impending treasonous dick-bag Devin Nunes memo release. The lawyers of Rick Gates quit, signalling Mueller may have flipped the Manafort toady. The lone voice of reason on FOX News, Shep Smith, warned of a constitutional crisis. Shitler spin master Hope Hicks could be guilty of obstruction of justice. Sadly, on the first day of Black History Month, the Crabs learned slavery is not be covered properly in our schools. Cheeto Teats flubbed a name during the State of the Union and covered for it in his usual ungraceful, vane manner. A soccer coach in Idaho was harassed by horrendous racists because there are minority children on his team. A federal judge struck down a lifetime voting ban imposed upon felons in the state of Florida. RWNJ loon Alex Jones suggested the “deep state’ would detonate bombs in federal buildings in an attempt to create a “false flag.” And much more!  
Crappy conservatives are lining up to attack Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, in typical, woman-hating GOP fashion. Trump and the White House are blocking the FBI from vetting Kavanaugh’s sexual assault. RWNJ media failed miserably at smearing Kavanaugh’s courageous accuser. Don Jr. put his subhuman sense of humor on display with a meme poking fun at Kavanaugh’s alleged victim. Over the hill skesis Orrin Hatch said Kavanaugh’s past sexual misconduct shouldn’t be considered in his nomination. A racist scumbag called the cops on a University of Massachusetts employee for walking to work while black. The Cheeto spilled his guts to the White House lawyer thinking his words were covered under attorney client privilege, ha-ha! According to Tom Arnold, journalist Ronan Farrow has tapes of Shitler saying the n-word. Speaking of the True Lies star, Arnold says he was assaulted by reality show producer Mark Burnett. Trump’s State Department has been stocked with white dudes. The trial began for the murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke. Protesters forced conserva-twunt and senatorial candidate Rick Scott from an eatery. An Oklahoma police chief was forced to resign once it was discovered he had ties to neo-nazi organizations, which included a skinhead video production company and record label. Check out more of this progressive podcast in the archives!
The great progressive Governor Jerry Brown gave Gollum Sessions what-for regarding immigration. Former adult actor Stormy Daniels announced she would be suing President Cheeto. Education Czar DeVos barely paid a visit to the students that survived the Parkland massacre. Speaking of those heroic students, they issued a stern warning to the NRA letting the gun lobby know their days of influence are numbered. Shitler’s DOJ is going after a nursing home for making an employee get a flu shot, despite the worker’s insane, dangerous religious beliefs. Faux News dickbag Jesse Watters suggested it was impossible for PEEOTUS to be racist since he has dated an African American model. Germany did the right thing and jailed a bunch of far right terrorists attacking refugees. Fox & Friends twunt Brian Kilmeade stated America is being tortured by Mueller’s Russia investigation. A far lesser InfoWars guest host blabbed that gun control activists may carry out false flag attacks against kids marching in the upcoming school walk out.
Patriots owner Bob Kraft busted was for busting was the yuge headline on this Faithless Friday show! R Kelly was charged with ten counts of criminal sexual abuse. A climate science denier was appointed by Trump to head a climate panel… MAGA! Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett reportedly claimed his issues stem from a drug problem. Former Fox doc and current dick-bag Keith Ablow has been accused of sexually exploiting some of his patients.  The Dad that caused the measles outbreak in Vancouver thinks he might have been wrong about vaccinations causing autism… womp-womp. Christo-loon “Coach” Dave Daubenmire suggested Shitler should get the benefit of the doubt due to the newness of PEEOTUS’ Christianity. Evangelical wanker Jim Bakker said Trump has surely been saved spiritually many times during his insane presidency. An anti-LGBT Kansas jerk-off introduced a bill to unrecognize same-sex “parody marriages.” The Church of Norway officially apologized for their past stance on women’s reproductive rights.
Trump will declare a national emergency for no good reason except racism. Democrats warned Shitler about consequences of his national emergency maneuver. RWNJ skeksis Anne Coulter labeled Cheeto “America’s Merkel.” GOP load Chuck Grassley looked to sky-god to grant our rapist-in-chief wisdom. The ancient Republican also bit back at Cocaine Mitch for interrupting his corn juice speech to announce the national emergency. The conservative-lead Senate confirmed Trump lapdog Billy Barr as AG. In a tell-all book, former FBI head Andrew McCabe wrote about Trump’s cabinet considering an invocation of the 25th Amendment. A really racist substitute teacher scolded a student for dressing like he was in prison and then the bigoted harpy spewed lies about how Martin Luther King Jr. took his own life. In a “Trump’s ‘Murica” moment, a gaggle of douchebag educators forced a student to cover a t-shirt advocating inclusivity.
Alex Jones performance art seemed real when the Crabs played clips of the loony hate-caster on this episode of CrabDiving. Shitler congratulated Erdogan on his power grab. A defiant North Korea announced more missile tests. In a Gallup Pole, Americans said they don’t believe The Donald. Trump’s Pooh-bah for Homeland Security said weed is not a factor in the current war on drugs. HBO talk show host John Oliver lashed out at Geraldo Rivera over the Fox-bot’s dumb comments about the MOAB. Christo-crook Jim Bakker moronically suggested conservatives never marched or protested against Obama. We learned Marine Le Pen is gaining even more popularity among anti-immigrant voters in France. The Solar Eclipse was deemed a sign from God by a loon. Finally, in news that is good, Pat and Ryan discovered that possibly one quarter of Muricans don’t believe in sky god! The post CrabDiving – Mon 041717 – Alex Jones Performance Art & North Korea Launching More Missiles appeared first on CrabDiving.
Trump lost his mind over the Cohen raid today and launched grumpy attacks on Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein and of course, “Crooked Hillary”. The Zuck testified for the old, white Senate. We learned Shitler is totally losing it, being “more unpredictable than ever.” PEEOTUS’ attorney was raided by the Feds to look for information into the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.. Cheeto Teats complained, via Twitter, “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” The White House spokes-goblin cackled that Shitler could indeed fire Mueller. The Trump Company attempted to strong arm the Panamanian government. Older, white, educated voters who inexplicably supported the orange-a-hole-face in the last election might vote Democratic the next time around. Skeksis GOP tyrant Laura Ingraham said the boycott against her was “Stalinist.” More of our liberal talk radio streaming 24/7 at
The sexist GOP rushing Kavanaugh accuser to testify is totally screwed up. A Republican insider said they’re worried about another shoe dropping with Kavanaugh. Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono suggested Kavanaugh should be investigated for witness tampering. Cheeto blasted as “ridiculous” the U.S. spending bill after the GOP included zero dollars for his wall, and then Man-baby threatened a shutdown. The crabs played wondrous audio of Snoop Dogg righteously slamming Kayne, The Donald and all the Trumpalos. Our racist, gollum-esque, treasonous AG poo-poo’d BLM, activists and even the ACLU, suggesting those orgs are to blame for our nation’s ills. The crappy GOP gubernatorial candidate in Florida finds his white supremacist ass embroiled in yet another racist scandal.
Trump dug in on Twitter prompting confusion about the SCOTUS decision regarding the citizenship question on the Census. A sexist, victim-blaming judge in Jersey handed down a ridiculously lenient decision in a rape case. A study shows Russian propaganda may have helped Trump putting him in office. The manslaughter charge was dropped in the Marshae Jones case. The snowflakes Texas can’t stomach the “in no god we trust” banners hanging in Fort Worth. An anti-LGBTQ pastor in the Republic of Alabama was busted for child molesting. The horrible former GOP Governor of Michigan, complicit in the Flint water crisis, resigned his Harvard fellowship. The courts in Kentucky stumbled into common sense when they ruled against an antivaxxer student.
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave heroic testimony at a hearing for predator SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Meathead, alleged rapist Brent K. suggested he was the victim of a revenge plot on behalf of the Clintons. The Crabs learned all about Trump’s crappy attitude towards his transition team during the 2016 election. Yak load Senator Lindsey Graham revealed his true, hateful self while questioning Kavanaugh regarding the credible sexual assault allegations of the horrendous court nominee. The White House figuratively sucked off Lindsey over his ridiculous performance at the hearing. Pat and Ryan reviewed the craziest moments of a recent Cheeto press conference. The Donald gave the leader Canada the cold shoulder at the UN dealio. In the Gold Coast of Australia a baby’s crib was invaded by a horned up, poisonous brown snake. In other snake news a dude in Connecticut found a copperhead in the trash and a unlucky bloke in Georgia opened up an Amazon order and found a serpent straight chilling in the box.  
A youtube video that inspired a heartless, idiotic conspiracy theory regarding the Parkland Massacre grossly trended to the number one position. The Crabs reviewed the awful details about Billy Graham’s life that were left out of his wrongfully glowing obituaries. Protestors for gun control marched upon Florida’s capital. A Missouri grade school baseball team raffled off an AR-15 as part of a fundraiser, cuz freedom. A gun-horny church dumbly blessed a bunch of guns. Progressives won a traditionally red seat in Kentucky by a crap-load of votes. Skesis Pat Robertson oddly stumbled into logic when the sky-god charlatan suggested assault weapons should be banned. RWNJ, gun-loving Coach Dave insanely faulted male students for not stopping the Parkland shooting. Lunatic conserv-a-twink Alex Jones moronically claimed there’s a cover up regarding David Hogg and the recent school shooting.
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