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Episode 87: From teacher, to UFC fighter, to entrepreneur, with Rich Franklin [PODCAST]
Every one of us has a fighter inside. That’s what UFC fighter Rich Franklin has to say about his career as a fighter and how it’s impacted the way he sees people in general. On this episode you’re going to hear a very interesting conversation with this guy who was once a high school teacher turned UFC champion, and now is working as a motivational speaker and global businessman. It’s UFC champion Rich Franklin, on this episode of Crank It Up. Teaching in high school and fighting on the weekends. When Rich Franklin was still teaching high school he was already getting into the fighting scene. He was very skilled at karate and began taking bouts on the weekends. It wasn't unusual for him to come into class with black eyes, swollen cheeks, or even on crutches. It was quite a sight for his students, can't you imagine it? But when Rich began to climb the ranks of the fighting profession, he stops teaching it began to train full time. The rest is history. UFC champion Rich Franklin is David's guest on this edition of Crank It Up! I forgot to enjoy the journey so winning the championship was a bit of a letdown. Most of us imagine winning a championship of any kind as a glorious moment when all of our dreams have come true. Well that is true, it wasn't exactly that moment of glory for Rich Franklin. When he became UFC champion he has it was sort of a let down because he had forgotten to enjoy the journey. Every moment had been about training. Every day was about getting to his goal. It was a long hard drudgery that took him to the championship, and looking back he wishes he had taken time to enjoy himself during the process. On this episode of Crank It Up you will hear Rich describe what it was like to become UFC champion and what is life now is like after his retirement. A devastating loss. Rich Franklin is one of the most celebrated UFC champions who has ever owned the title. His rise to the top in his time as champion or definitely one of the most exciting stories in sporting history. However, his defeat in the first round to lose the championship what's one of the most devastating things he had ever experienced. Looking back, Rich says that he was a bit too cocky and did not take his training or opponents seriously enough. It was a great lesson for him which he has pivoted into a TED talk and a series of speeches about what it means to be a good loser. You can hear richest thoughts on the subject on this episode. Winning and losing is dictated by your perspective. Some of us know what it is like to win, and most of us know what it is like to lose. Losing can be a very hard thing, especially for those who are ultra competitive. Rich Franklin has learned lessons about loss the hard way, losing his championship in the UFC during the first round. he's taken those hard lessons learned and the perspective that it has given him and become a motivational speaker and businessman who helps others deal with loss and winning with the right perspective. You can hear rich share his insights on this episode. Outline of this great episode [0:48] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Rich Franklin. [1:37] David’s views on the UFC and how Rich became a UFC fighter. [3:23] Teaching in a High School and fighting at the same time. [4:18] Why non-fight fans should stick around for this podcast episode. [4:40] The decision to become a UFC fighter full time. [6:57] Rich’s experience and drive in business. [11:04] How Rich came to learn more than one martial art. [13:10] The process Rich followed going into a fight. [18:12] The experience of winning so quickly. [22:34] What it’s like to be the ultimate champion: it was a letdown. [25:19] Rich’s advice to young fighters about enjoying the journey. [28:54] The lessons about loss that Rich has learned. [31:54] Rich’s toolbox: What it is and how it works. [35:20] When you’re not giving 100%.
Episode 82: Fathers and their children: a powerful equation, with Jeff Hay [PODCAST]
One of the most powerful things that’s happening in our world these days is that parents are seeing the need for deeper connections with their children. They’re looking further down the road than they used to be, considering what they want their legacy on their children’s lives to be. Dads in particular are coming around a bit more slowly than moms, but it’s happening. Today’s guest, Jeff Hay, is very aware of the need for Dads to be powerfully present in the lives of their kids and is doing what he can to encourage that sort of action. On this episode, David has a candid conversation with Jeff about that topic, and you’re going to be the one who benefits. The powerful role Dads have in their kids’ lives. Dads are the essential model of manhood that their children need. Nobody else can have the impact of a Dad who takes his role and his presence seriously. This conversation opens the door to many of the issues involved in Dads taking a more proactive role in the lives of their children, and today’s guest, Jeff Hay, has lots to share about how Dads can reclaim some ground in the lives of their children or ensure that the mistakes many Dads have made are not carried out in your life. Be sure you listen. This is a powerful conversation. Your daughter will evaluate every future man, based on who you are. That’s one of the gold nuggets Jeff Hay leaves with us as he talks about the impact that dedicated Dads can have on their children. He draws out the reality that a Dad is the context by which his sons and daughters learn what manhood is and what it should be. Dads, make sure you take that seriously. You don’t want to set a standard that your children will be disappointed with, or worse, one that leads them to accept something far less than what they could have or be. This conversation is very intriguing and powerful, so be sure you take the time to soak in the goodness of what Jeff Hay has to share. The first thing parents should do if they want to connect with their kids. Turn off the cell phone. Put away the computer. Take the time to really focus on the moments you have with your children right now. You won’t get the moments or the years back once they are gone, so make sure you’re doing the best you can with what you have. Today’s guest, Jeff Hay, has begun his own private movement to encourage Dads to take on their role with more seriousness and more intentionality. You can find out more about Jeff and this mini-movement, on this episode of Crank It Up. What you can do to rebuild bridges with your children that have long been burned. If there have been painful interactions between you and your children, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not too late. You don’t have to settle for things as they are. But if you are going to move forward, it will require a great deal of courage and humility on your part as the parent. You’ve got to be willing to approach the sore spots, speak to them honestly, and admit your wrongs in what has happened. That’s the only hope you have of getting your kids to listen to what you have to say from that point forward. Listen to Jeff Hay’s counsel about repairing the burned bridges, on this episode. Outline of this great episode [1:47] David’s introduction of his guest and the setting. [2:59] How David came to meet today’s guest. [3:20] What the father/daughter dance is and how it came about. [6:09] The changes that happen in life and how they impact relationships. [10:26] The unique situation where Jeff and his wife separated - and why. [12:11] The difficulties experienced by couples who have parted ways. [17:30] The powerful role of Dads in their children’s lives. [21:07] Things men can do to build the bond with their children. [25:01] The first thing parents should do if they want to connect with their kids. [29:00] What you can do now to be who you want to be then. [33:10] How Dads can start over with their kids.
Episode 80: Coming Alive to Your life Purpose, with Lisa Garr [PODCAST]
How do you go about discovering your purpose, your place in the world? How do you know what you’re supposed to be about day to day? It’s a difficult question to answer, as well as a difficult question to take the TIME to answer. But if you’re going to crank it up in a way that matters, you need to do it. Today’s guest, Lisa Garr, hosts a radio show that challenges people to consider that issue and many others and has a delightful conversation about that topic and many more on this episode of Crank It Up. Accidentally becoming a radio show host. Lisa Garr was like most people, unsure of her purpose and the greater direction of her life. She was asking serious questions along that line when a series of repetitive dreams and an opportunity to take over a radio show at a failing station merged into an opportunity that has become her life’s mission. Now Lisa hosts conversations with interesting guests of all sorts and broadcasts them across the nation every afternoon. You can hear more of Lisa’s story and how she pursues her calling every day, on this episode. How personal awareness impacts the relationships of your life. One of the most impacting areas of life is that of familial and other close relationships. It’s vital that every person learns how to keep those relationships in top shape. Lisa Garr has discovered that being mindful, in every moment enables her to be present for the conversations and needs of those she cares about and therefore more effective at meeting needs, showing care, and adding value to their lives. You can hear more of her thoughts about relationships, marriage, parenting, and how she pulls them off successfully in the midst of a busy career, on this episode. Many people ignore the things that are right in front of them. Every single day you have blessings and amazing happenings that go on right in front of you. You’ve got the opportunity to enhance the quality of your life simply by noticing and being aware of them. On this episode Lisa Garr chats with David about what it means to be conscious and how a person can amplify their ability to practice consciousness daily. It’s a great conversation you won’t want to miss. Brain science shows that repetition increases aptitude and skill. There’s a great deal of research these days showing that the repetition of anything, either positive or negative, can create physical neural pathways that strengthen the thing being repeated. So, that could be a habit, a thought, or a belief. Lisa Garr shares how she’s learning to take advantage of that biological fact to retrain her thinking and behavior so that her life is more aligned with what she wants it to be. Be sure you listen. Outline of this great episode [1:48] David’s introduction to this episode and his guest, Lisa Garr. [3:24] How Lisa does her own radio shows VS her TV shows. [4:06] Lisa’s mission and what she’s doing with her show. [5:30] What Lisa means by “everyday consciousness.” [6:00] Lisa’s family and their trip to Africa with David. [10:20] David’s observations about Lisa’s relationship with her husband and daughter. [11:35] Why jumping into the unknown is a powerful part of living. [12:00] A peek behind the curtain of Lisa’s radio show. [14:35] How Lisa got clear on the vision and purpose for her life. [19:53] The way most people ignore the things that are right in front of them. [24:33] Advice to those who an unfulfilled feeling inside. [29:00] Brain science and the benefits of awareness and belief. [37:50] The impact of technology on kids and adults these days. [39:00] Lisa’s experience as a mother and the approach she takes. [42:59] What’s going on with Lisa’s radio show. Resources mentioned on this episode Tweets you can use to share this episode
Episode 15 – Ken Dunn – How to build credibility, invest in people, and develop a healthy business culture
Credibility and healthy business culture doesn't just happen. It requires hard work. The host of the Crank it Up show, David T.S. Wood has spent many years in the network marketing world and loves the concept and practices that make that kind of business great. He’s always eager to find ways to encourage people interested in network marketing to engage with the process of building their own business and taking things to the next level. In this episode of Crank it Up, David is speaking with Ken Dunn, a highly successful network marketer who stepped out of law enforcement and the mortgage loan business to grow a tremendously successful network marketing business. Ken has been distributor and owner of several companies and has made millions and millions of dollars in the course of his career. David asks Ken to highlight the story behind his journey into network marketing and how he was able to see his new business take off in a matter of months as opposed to the years it takes most people. David’s advice is simple: build credibility in everything you do, invest in people from day one, and work to develop attitudes and mindsets throughout the business that fuel the entire team for the long haul. Ken’s advice is not just for network marketers. In his mind anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur or business person needs to understand and apply those same principles. Ken often says, “Success begins between the ears,” and in this episode of Crank it Up he’ll describe how that belief fueled his network marketing career and how it can make a difference in your life and business. Get ready to Crank it Up! OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE Why David is fascinated by Ken Dunn’s story and how Ken began a career in law enforcement. Transitioning from police work into starting a mortgage company and eventually into network marketing. How Ken’s network marketing business exploded almost from the start. How an interrogation is the same as relationship building. The 3 vital steps to sponsoring someone in network marketing. Ken’s journey through 3 network marketing companies and how each has benefitted his career and life. The transition from a network marketing associate or distributor into an owner. How Ken’s publishing company has published books in every genre, from network marketing, to children’s books and fiction. The impact of a book on the lives of real people. How social media has changed network marketing forever. Why every network marketer or entrepreneur has to find others to help them. Dan’s favorite books that have helped him in life and business. 6 principles every salesman in the world needs to possess. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE - the new Amplified Living blog and website. Check it out! Ken’s book - The Greatest Prospector in the World - Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!  
Episode 10 – David T.S. Wood – The Power of Going First
“Everyone is waiting for someone else to go first.” That’s an old saying, who knows how old or who first said it, but it’s a powerful revelation of what happens between us as people. We don’t look people in the eye. We don’t initiate a conversation. We zip into our garages, close the door, and never make time to meet our neighbors for the first time. Why is that? This episode of “Crank It Up” is what David likes to call a “solo round” where he’s talking to you from the heart about an issue that’s important to him. This round is about going first. Firsts throughout history There are many “first times” throughout history that have changed the course of the the world and the popular beliefs of the day about what is possible. David highlights three of those - Sir Edmund Hillary (first to summit Mt. Everest), Roger Bannister (first to run a mile in faster than 4 minute), and Neil Armstrong (first man to step foot on the moon). All of these illustrate that somebody had to have the courage to go first and as a result others followed to accomplish even greater things. Going first in everyday life. Going first doesn’t have to relate only to world-wide events or achievements. In fact, it makes a greater difference when you take this step with the people in your private and personal world. Learning to be the first to say “Hello”, or to smile. Being the first to meet your neighbor or invite the entire neighborhood over to create connection and harmony in the community. These are things that feel threatening or a bit risky, but it’s actually the exact opposite that usually winds up happening. David’s going to unpack it and emphasize the importance of developing that habit in this important episode. OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE The old saying, “Everybody’s waiting for someone else to go first.” The example of Sir Edmund Hillary (video link below) and the summit of Mount Everest. The example of Roger Bannister (video link below) who first broke the 4-minute mile. A final example: Neil Armstrong - first man on the moon (video link below). The philosophy behind what it takes to “go first.” - What does it mean to lead, to go first? First first thing you have to realize (the point of the quote). Why noticing is important to the process. A test for you to do. Going first to bring a community together. What really happens when you choose to go first. The strength and power of saying “Sorry” first. Where do you have an opportunity to go first? LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Sir Edmund Hilary Roger bannister Neil Armstrong The Amplified Living website Music featured in this episode For the first Time – The Script The First Time – Mercy Me First Time - Lifehouse The First Time – Ella Henderson Quotes from this episode Holding on to hatred, anger or any dark energy  is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die - David T. S. Wood Everyone is waiting for someone else to go first-  David T. S. Wood It’s not about changing the world, its about changing the world we live in and experience every day. - David T. S. Wood Tweets you can use to "go first" in your world
Episode 6 – Robyn Pearce – Time Management Tips for a Balanced Life
Time management and productivity are not what you think - so says Robyn Pierce Robyn Pearce lives and works from her home country of New Zealand, an amazing place just off the coast of Australia. She loves to speak of her home country and you can hear her enthusiasm in this conversation with your host David T.S. Wood. It’s a country of every kind of natural beauty that has something for everything. It’s residents are friendly and welcoming to everyone. Robyn says that predominantly it’s a country of warm welcomes. Robyn has developed great expertise in the area of time management and productivity and she has a very interesting place to begin. She believes that thinking in terms of “time management” is not the right way to approach the issue, but rather that “energy management” should be the focus. Learning to prioritize and do the things that increase and actually produce more energy for you are some of the key ways you can accomplish more of greater importance. When it comes to time management there’s also the issue of learned behavior. Each of us has been trained in the way we do things simply by repeating the procedure or habit over and over. Getting into new, more effective productivity patterns is the same type of process. We have to relearn, to reprogram our brain and body to do the task in a new, more efficient way. Robyn’s got some great tips on how you can approach that issue that she shares in this conversation. The conversation continues into topics of interruptions, self-discipline, “chunking,” napping, clutter, and how all those things either help or hamper time management and productivity. There are a wide variety of things and situations that can impact your efficiency and Robyn and David touch on quite a few of them and give powerful tips on how to get started refining your productivity and systems. This conversation is PACKED with tips, tricks, information, and mindsets that can help you turn the corner on your time management and productivity tips. Join David and Robyn whenever you get the chance. You’ll be glad you did! OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE A bit about Robyn’s family and background. Robyn describes the magic and wonder of her New Zealand homeland. Why you should think in terms of “energy management” instead of “time management.” The time and productivity management expertise Robyn has developed. The problem of technological interruptions in modern day life. The obvious role of self-discipline in time management and boundaries. “Chunking” - a powerful way to accomplish important tasks and projects. How “ ultradian rhythms” work in the brain, and how they can help increase productivity. To nap or not to nap. Can taking a sleep break help with your productivity? Clutter and how it impacts your time management and productivity. 3 simple steps to clearing out the clutter. Why you should be looking for simplicity Managing meetings better for greater productivity. Dealing with the feeling of overwhelm. How to protect your quality time with self and family. Why you should put yourself first. Robyn’s role in David’s upcoming event on the Gold Coast of Australia. LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW Robyn’s website - for the “How to Master Time in 90 S econds” document. May 24-28 for the “Amplified Leader” event - contact Denise: TWEETS YOU CAN USE TO LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THIS GREAT CONTENT  
Episode 5 – Colin James – Followership, great leadership, and the power of learning
Have you ever thought of the idea of "followership?" Colin James has. A lot. Today David speaks with Colin James, a passionate man who’s eager to impact people and make a difference in their lives. Colin hails from South Africa but lives in Sydney, Australia at the time of this recording. He enjoys the special feel of the city of Sydney and loves living there. The harbor has its own “magic” that inspires him. His office that overlooks the opera house and harbor. David has lived in 11 different countries and has lived much of that time in a very impactful way, owning nothing, living a very minimalistic lifestyle. He literally lived out of a suitcase for much of that time. And growing up in South Africa he was confronted with the truth that his own actions had an impact on the justice and equality of the world around him. He considered becoming a priest and even studied the Jesuit perspectives for a time. In the end he came to believe that learning is where freedom comes from and began his exploration of followership, leadership, and how the two work together to increase knowledge and freedom in the world. David and Colin discuss a wide-ranging field of topics but center it around leadership and what goes into making leaders good, bad, effective, or ineffective. Some of the most powerful insights come from their interaction about whether leadership can be learned or if it’s an innate trait, and why good leadership requires a brutal sense of self-honesty. They wrap up the conversation discussing Colin’s intrigue with how learning impacts things like compliance, manipulation, and cultural progress and wrap up with a final mention of the Amplified Leaders conference on the Gold Coast of Australia where Colin will be one of the speakers alongside David and many others. OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE Getting to know Colin James The magic of Sydney Australia How anything that has “audacity” or boldness to it has an impact but is also opposed The power of perseverance in getting things that matter, done Colin’s journey: how he learned to live without while making a tremendous impact at the same time The importance of learning by experience Colin’s work in the area of “followership” and how it impacts leaders The definition of leadership in Colin James’ view Is leadership something that can be learned, or is it something a person is born with? Why leadership requires a sense of brutal self-honesty Self-sabotage and the temptation we have toward it Learning occurs in a place of disequalibrium The Amplified Leader’s Conference - Colin’s latest areas of study - followership, counter-cultural behavior, compliance, manipulation, and liberation LINKS MENTIONED IN THE SHOW Book: “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi TWEETS YOU CAN USE TO LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THIS GREAT CONTENT  
Episode 74: Travel advice and mindset from a world traveler, with David T.S. Wood [PODCAST]
Many people have the dream to travel the world, to see the 7 wonders, to experience the diversity and beauty of the cultures of Asian, the Pacific, Africa, and Europe. But it’s often the case that once that dream becomes reality, they become fearful, uptight, and defensive as they enter that other culture. David T.S. Wood recorded this episode in Vietnam and was mindful at the time of how many things travelers need to know about visiting a foreign culture, so he grabbed his recorder and rambled off some very helpful mindsets and ideas for you to consider as you plan your next trip. It’s a valuable episode that you’ll want to hear. Why are you going to another country in the first place? If you have a desire to travel the world, you need to start with understanding your real motives. Most people who love to travel are curious, interested in the history and culture of the places they visit. You need to remember those “nobler” desires for your travels when you finally arrive in country. Many tourists become rude, bossy, and unkind when they get to another culture. On this episode, David’s got some great ways to look at your traveling adventures that will help you be a blessing to those you encounter and get more out of your trip. Everyplace you visit is somebody’s home. No matter where you travel - Vietnam, South Africa, Ireland, Uzbekistan - you’re going to a place that other people call “home.” In most cases, that means they dearly love the geography, the weather, and the way their culture functions. If you come into their home with a demanding, complaining attitude, you’ll not only be insulting them and their dearly loved homeland, you’ll also be putting yourself in a place where the people of that land will avoid you. Who wants to be around a grump? Latch on to David’s advice in this episode and your next trip can be your best one ever! Consider the difficulties of the language barriers you encounter. While David T.S. Wood was visiting Vietnam, he left his cabana to take a walk on the beach and enjoy his hour long exercise routine. He took the outline of his exercise routine with him on a piece of paper. At one point he left the paper on the beach with a small rock on top of it while he took a dip in the ocean. When he came back, one of the custodians of the resort had taken his paper while cleaning up the beach. David’s first instinct as he confronted the man was to be angry, but then he remembered that the man couldn’t read English and therefore had no idea what the paper was. It looked like another scrap of paper to him. Being aware of the language barriers can help you act more kindly to the people you encounter, and enjoy your trip more overall. Learn to walk in the flow of the cultures you visit for more enjoyment of your trip. Every culture has its particular way of doing things. Some are more laid back, and as a result, time commitments matter less. Others are more social, so a quiet demeanor could come across as an insult. David’s advice from traveling all over the globe is to take some time to observe, ask questions, and get to know the culture you’re visiting so that you can not only enjoy it more, but also be a greater blessing to the people you meet. An uptight attitude or grim demeanor will not get you very far, and could even make you a target for pickpockets and other criminals. Hear David’s thoughts on enjoying your world travel, on this episode of Crank It Up. Outline of this great episode [0:48] David’s introduction to this episode, recorded in Vietnam! [1:41] The interesting contrasts of Vietnam. [2:40] A traveling philosophy David wants you to understand. [6:32] The attitude or mindset that changes everything when you travel. [12:34 Understanding how you appear to those who live in the culture. [21:48] Taking care how you respond to locals in various situations. [25:27] Precautions regarding robbery in foreign countries.
Episode 72: Unstressing Your Personality To Experience The Joy Of Life, with Dr. Lynn Owens [PODCAST]
Today’s guest is a wealth of insight and knowledge about the way human beings are made up, psychologically and physically. Dr. Lynn Owens has the degrees and expertise from her research that fuel her extensive passion for making a difference in the lives of others. The current focus of Lynn's work is in understanding the connection between personality and performance. This conversation centers around how the wrong personality fit into life roles can create stress, lack of fulfillment, and all kinds of problems. Be sure you listen, it’s an enlightening and powerful conversation. What would happen if you could harness the power of your personality? Currently, Dr. Lynn Owens is focusing on understanding how to harness the strengths of a person’s personality to maximize their performance. The overall result of her work suggests that personality matters, a lot. By understanding your unique personality strengths and the effects of stress on those strengths, massive changes can happen in your everyday life. Learn more about the possibilities as David and Lynn chat, on this episode. Ever feel like a square peg in a round hole? That’s a feeling you get when your personality and the strengths it brings to your life, are not properly fit with the roles you’re playing in your life. There’s a natural “fit” that you need to find, where your personality and the tasks you have to fulfill in life are in sync with each other. When you find that place, you are energized instead of stressed and able to carry a heavier load than you thought possible. Hear how Dr. Lynn Owens’ research is paving the way for more people to discover this important nuance to life, on this episode of Crank It Up. There’s no right or wrong personality, only “real” personalities. Naturally, each of us views life from inside our own head, without an easy way to see life from the viewpoint of other people. Coming from that place, it’s easy to feel that the way someone else is doing things is “wrong.” But Dr. Lynn Owens has discovered that personality and stylistic differences are neither right or wrong, but simply real. They exist. They are there. Our job is to learn how to live with and support them in ways that bring benefit to the world, in ourselves and in others. You’ll gain some great new insights listening to this conversation, so be sure you set aside the time to do so. 5 things you can do to address the stresses on your personality. Research is revealing that much of the stress people feel in life comes from a bad “fit” between their personality and the roles they play in life. In this episode Dr. Lynn Owens reveals 5 simple things the average person can do to begin addressing the damaging effects of that kind of stress. The first 3 are adequate rest, exercise, and healthy eating. To hear the final two (and the one Dr. Owens recommends as the best starting place) be sure to listen. Outline of this great episode [0:48] David’s welcome and introduction to this great conversation with Dr. Lynn Owens. [1:40] Lynn’s explanation of her own journey, it started 40 years ago. [8:19] What really IS a personality? What is genetic and what is formed? [13:43] Wearing masks and walking an authentic path. [20:03] How stress impacts the expression of personality. [22:34] How these issues impact the relationship between couples. [28:41] Can a person’s capacity grow or diminish? [31:14] What can do if you’re feeling like you’re not in a good fit between personality and what you do in life. [35:52] How addictions fit into the spiral of a bad personality fit. [38:18] What can be done now to move in a better direction. [45:58] How to connect with Dr. Owens. Resources mentioned on this episode Lynn on Facebook BOOK: Randy Power’s “The Last Lecture” Tweets you can use to share this episode
Episode 70: A Passion For Teaching, and Drumming Thrown In As A Bonus, with Mike Johnston [PODCAST]
When you hear someone with true passion speak, you know it. And some of the most passionate people out there are artists and musicians. Today’s guest is one of those people, but he comes at his passion from a perspective you might not expect, that of a teacher. Mike Johnston is a very accomplished drummer. He’s played before tens of thousands of people, but he left that “dream” of every musician to become what he was truly passionate about: a teacher. Hear his inspiring story and some incredible business insights as well, on this episode of Crank It Up! Leaving the “Dream” life. Every Jr. High or High School kid who picks up a guitar or a pair of drumsticks at least initially has that crazy dream to become a star. Some of them go on to pursue that marker of success and many wish they had. Today’s guest understands those compulsions and even had the desire himself at one point. But when he realized that playing front of 10,000 people was not big thrill for him, something inside changed. His passion was different. His desires were different. And he had to pursue them. Hear how Mike Johnston gave it all up to become a very successful online teacher, on this episode. How to become a very successful online teacher. Mike Johnston now owns a very successful online brand, teaching drum lessons in bite sized chunks. He’s been loads more successful than drummers that he admits are much more skilled and talented at playing the drums than he is. How has that happened? He says there are two main things: #1 - passion for teaching. He’s not about the celebrity status or notoriety that comes from being famous, he simply loves to teach students in a way that “clicks” for them personally. But #2 - He speaks to the student as a fellow traveler on the journey of drum expertise. He doesn’t see himself as “better” than them, must farther down the road. Mike’s perspective on teaching is very refreshing. Be inspired by listening. Advice for parents from a non-parent. Mike Johnston has dealt with literally thousands of parents and students over the years of his teaching career, so he’s got some unique insights when it comes to the struggles parents have. On this episode David asks Mike for some advice about parenting and he opens up with some of those valuable things he’s noticed. He talks about the balance between overparenting and underparenting, the right way to support and encourage your child’s dreams, and how to help them discover what their passion is. You can get a lot out of what Mike’s got to share, so carve out some time to enjoy what he’s got to say. If the need for money vanished, how would your life change? What if the world progressed to the point that everyone’s material needs were cared for as a product of the way the society worked? What would you do then? Mike Johnston believes that’s a very helpful and powerful question to help anyone discover the things they really love to do. When he asked that question himself, he discovered that he was already doing the one thing he wants to do, teach. Listen to Mike’s insights on passion, finding it, and how to go for it, on this great conversation with David T.S. Wood, on Crank It Up. Outline of this great episode [1:47] An introduction to today’s favorites guest: Mike Johnston. [4:38] A drum solo from Mike. [6:25] Where Mike’s passion came from. [8:10] The transition into making money as a teacher. [11:39] What Mike has learned about connections with people. [14:43] How Mike’s passion relates to you. [17:30] What is it Mike feels when he’s teaching? [22:08] A whole different level of teaching that Mike has discovered. [26:45] How does passion fit into the life of average people? [32:02] Advice to parents about helping their kids find their passion. [35:44] How Mike has monetized his passion in person and online. [44:08] If the need for money vanished, what would you be doing? Resources mentioned on this episode
Episode 68: Join David in this “Goal Setting” Project for 2016 [PODCAST]In this episode: #SettingGoals that get done, with David T.S. Wood
It’s a new year, and with a new year often comes the practice of setting resolutions. But rather than making a vague, unclear resolution that is not likely to be kept, what do you think could happen if you set aside some time to do some serious dreaming and serious goal setting? Not the kind of goals that you hope for, but the kind you’re committed to making happen, and determined will come true. David’s doing that for himself this year, setting aside the time to go through a goal setting exercise that’s worked wonderfully for him in the past, and he’s inviting you to join him. Listen as he describes this wonderful goal setting process, on this episode of Crank It Up. Tony Robbins gets credit for the goal setting process David’s using… and that should be enough to make you realize that we’re not playing around. Tony knows his stuff and has made quite a name for himself helping people revolutionize their life through the changes that come from setting and achieving goals. It’s a 4 step goal setting process that will take you through the 4 most important areas of your life: Personal development, Career/work/finances, Fun, and Contributions. You’ll want to understand this methodology, and David T.S. Wood walks you through each step of it, on this episode. If you were asked to set some goals, do you know how you’d begin? The first step is to get in touch with what’s really inside you, what you’re longing to see happen in your life. And David’s going to walk you through a great way to do that on this episode. You’ll need some time, a paper and pencil, and an open and willing heart. This is not an exercise in wishful thinking, this is an exercise designed to help you clarify what you truly want so that you can put a plan in place to see it come about. Stay tuned. This could change your life. Personal development, fun, business/finances, and contribution. In one way or another, those 4 areas make up the bulk of the average person’s life. They are the things that matter the most and should be the focus of any goal setting you do. David’s applies his coaching experience on this episode to help you think through each of those areas for yourself, establish some clear goals in each of them, and quantify the “why” behind the desires you have. If you will take the time to go through this exercise, you’re life will launch in the new year. Why the “why” is so important for your goals. For any goal or dream, you’ve got to know why you want it. And it’s got to be a compellingly big why. Why is the why so important? Because it’s the “why” that will motivate, propel, and compel you to reach the crazy dream you’re shooting for. So think about the goals you come up with and try to determine a very clear “why” that truly matters to you. You’ll find yourself with more energy and determination than you’ve had before, and you’ll quickly begin moving toward those goals as a result. David’s got a lot to share about the “why” behind your goals, on this episode. Outline of this great episode [0:48] Happy New Year from David and the intro to today’s show. [4:50] The important thing coming into a New Year. [7:30] Are you ready for the goal setting process? Here’s how to use this episode best. [9:50] What to do about the negative things going on around you. [10:38] If things go wrong, what do you do? [10:51] A powerful goal-setting exercise. [14:37] Personal Development Goals. [25:06] Career, Business, or Financial Goals. [27:30] Fun goals. [38:40] Contribution Goals. [46:52] Summary of the process.   Resources and People mentioned on this episode SONG: Uptown Funk BOOK: Awaken The Giant Within   SONG: New Year’s Day by U2 SONG: This Is The New Year SONG: New Year’s Day by Pentatonix BOOK: Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson SONG: Good to Great by Jimi Love Quotes from this episode: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Episode 67: Finding Your Passion and Living the Life You Love, with Janet Atwood [PODCAST]
Janet Atwood is a very familiar name in the personal development and motivation field. She’s become well known for her courses and teaching regarding passion and a fulfilling life. In this “favorites” conversation Janet shares her “BEFORE AND AFTER” story with David, letting him in on the journey she’s been on, moving from a place of non-passion in a job she didn’t care for, into a life of passion and fulfillment. Be sure you set aside time to listen to this one. You’ll be glad you did. Your path to passion is not always straight-on. It’s not always easy to find the passion that can fuel your dream life and the things you are meant to do in order to leave your legacy to the world. Janet Atwood says that she stumbled around for some time trying to find her own passion. She knows that experience well and that it’s one she has in common with most people. On this episode of Crank It Up, Janet shares the story of how she first discovered a clearer picture of her passion, how she made it into her famous tool, “The Passion Test,” and how you can use her tool to discover your own passion. What IS the passion test? Janet Atwood created the Passion Test as a self-help tool for herself. She felt the need to find her own passion. She started assembling ideas from reading and learning from speakers, and in time, came up with a basic “tool” to help herself ask the right questions and find the right answers to discover what she wanted to do in the world and what she was meant to do. She organized those ideas and questions into what is now known as “The Passion Test.” Find out how you can use Janet’s tool to find your own passion, on this episode. Every moment is a gift. You’ve probably heard this statement often. It could be a trite thing to you. But it’s nevertheless true. The main problem most of us have in recognizing that truth is that we’re not awake to the fact that the moments we live are meant for us to engage in through our passion. Our design, our unique makeup is what enables us to receive the gift of the moment and to step into it in a way that contributes to the world in powerful ways. Putting your attention on that moment, in light of your passion, could be the most powerful skill you could learn. Find out more about this idea, on this episode. How do you keep attuned to your passion when life is handing you hard things? We’ve all been there: the place where it’s so dark that you can’t even think about what makes you passionate. What do you do when that time comes? How do you navigate out of the darkness and back into the light of what you are meant to be and do? The first step is to pay attention to the moment, to look for the bright things that are coming into your life: your breathing, your heartbeat, the things that make you smile (even if they are just memories). Getting back into that place of gratitude is what enables you to begin moving out of such a dark time and into a better mindset and season of life. Outline of this great episode [1:29] David introduces the topic of “passion” and asks Janet Atwood to tell him about her life: before and after finding her passion. [6:11] How Janet went from a moment of initial clarity to designing “The Passion Test.” [16:39] What does it mean that you have to “love yourself?” [26:02] Jack Canfield’s testimonial about Janet’s Passion Test tool. [29:27] The beginning days of the Transformational Leadership Council. Resources mentioned on this episode BOOK: Success Built To Last Tweets you can use to share this episode
Episode 55: BE progress for others and watch your life soar, with Dean Lindsay – [PODCAST]
Today’s guest, Dean Lindsay, knows that honest, proactive, ‘possibility focused’ communication is the difference between success and failure in any relationship. It doesn’t matter if those relationships are business or personal, it’s still the same. Dean’s a speaker, author, and motivator on the highest level. His teachings reveal a powerful and important connection between solid leadership, personal motivation, stress reduction, dealing with change, and building forward-focused teams. He believes that you are able to accomplish all those things in a healthy way when you focus on BEING progress for other people. In this conversation David T.S. Wood unpacks Dean’s tremendous knowledge about being progress for you, so you can apply the truths shared to your own situation. You should stick around and listen to this conversation. The journey toward becoming a writer was a deeply personal one for Dean Lindsay. He admits that the truths he shares in his writings are nothing new. They are as old as Jesus Christ and as new as Zig Ziglar, but he shares them in his own authentic way because they are realities that have changed his life. He spent many years looking in the mirror, applying the truth principles he’s discovered to his own life, and is still very much on that path today. He’s quick to point out that the things he teaches are very difficult to implement, but when you can, they will transform your life. Hear this humble, congenial man share some of those powerful concepts on this episode of Crank It Up. People need to see you as progress. Dean Lindsay’s newest book, “The Progress Challenge” outlines a very heart-felt project he wants everyone to consider. It’s the challenge to BE progress for someone else. That means that they need to see in you something that they know deep down will be instrumental in helping them make the progress they’re hoping to make. How can you BE that kind of progress for others? Dean outlines it in his “6 Ps of Progress” and in this episode of Crank It Up he’s going to unpack them so you know exactly what he’s talking about and how to apply those 6 Ps to your life and interactions. You’re going to enjoy this one! Understanding the pain of others is perhaps the most important “P” of them all. Dean Lindsay’s “6 Ps” are his way of coaching people in how to become progress for others and he says that it’s possibly the most important to learn how to understand and enter into the pain others feel. Whether it’s the pain of being a new person at a networking event or a deeper life pain that has to do with relational conflicts or unmet desires, the ability to meet them where they are goes a long way in being a relationship they can count on to help them make progress in life. You can learn a lot from Dean in this episode as he talks about the benefits that come from understanding the pain of others. It’s one thing to believe in yourself and another to read your own press. Dean Lindsay honestly admits that having best selling books and making the circuit as an event speaker can be a difficult thing to experience and still remain humble. It’s easy to let all those things go to your head, convincing you that you’re something more than you are. He fights to maintain perspective, to walk in gratitude for the success and blessings while continuing to walk through his own personal struggles and growth at the same time. It’s not an easy balance, so difficult in fact that he says at times, “Do what I’m telling you, but don’t watch me too closely because this stuff is hard.” You can hear more refreshing comments like that one on this episode. Outline of this great episode [0:48] David’s introduction of Dean Lindsay, author and entrepreneur. [3:19] Dean’s personal process of becoming a writer. [5:13] The two parts of a great book. [7:30] The importance of hearing the same truths from different people. [8:44] Dean’s newest book, “The Progress Challenge.”
Episode 54: Catherine Graves: Losing your mind & Losing Someone You Love- [PODCAST]
It was her second marriage and everything was going wonderfully. Catherine and John were happy, enjoying life, and the blending of their two families was not the hell-on-earth many people had warned it might be. She was happy, truly happy. When John began acting distant, spending more hours at work and away from how, and laughed at her questions about where he’d been Catherine became very concerned. Was he fighting some addiction? Was he having an affair? Was he becoming too consumed in his career? She didn’t know what to think and pushed on through life to hold things together for the kids. In this episode Catherine Graves shares her courageous story of love, triumph, and forgiveness. You won’t want to miss this one. The day she hired a private detective… It was one of the most difficult things she’d ever done. She didn’t like the feeling that she didn’t trust her husband but the truth was that she didn’t. He’d become distant, much less responsive to her pursuit of him, and very much unlike who he was when they married. She expected that she’d get the worst news: that John was having an affair. But still, she didn’t know what she’d hear. It was a waiting game she didn’t want to play at all, but she had to. What do you do when life hands you situations you weren’t expecting? How do you maintain hope in the midst of uncertainty? Catherine Graves knows… and she’s David’s guest on this episode of Crank It Up. The news she didn’t expect and never wanted to hear. Catherine Graves expected that any day the private investigator would call with news that her husband was having an affair. But that’s not what it was. In fact, it was much worse. A medical appointment revealed that her husband John had a huge tumor in his brain and it was the cause of his distance, disinterest, and lack of initiative in their relationship and family. It explained everything, and it was terrifying. On today’s episode of Crank It Up Catherine shares the story of how she navigated the unknown waters of a terminal diagnosis for her husband, how she made decisions for him and for the family without clearly knowing what her husband would want, and the emotional and personal struggles she went through coming out on the other side. It’s a touching, courageous story you simply need to hear. When you lose somebody close to you, you never expect to have to deal with the reproach of others. But Catherine Graves did. Her husband’s family didn’t understand how she could get on with her own life so quickly after the loss. They didn’t understand that it was her way of coping with the loss, her way of trying to hold everything together so she could continue leading her children through their own healing and return to normalcy. In this revealing conversation Catherine shares her journey and the sting of the words and attitudes that were lobbed at her as she struggled through the loss of her husband. She offers excellent advice for anyone who carries the weight of guilt or blame and wants to be free. This heart-felt counsel could set you free. Checking Out: An In Depth Look at Losing Your Mind After making it through the loss of her husband to cancer, Catherine Graves decided that her journey, her story, needed to be told. She felt that the things she experienced during the darkest season of her life could be of help to others who were facing that same season of loss, or those who were yet to go to that dark place. She speaks to issues of forgiveness, reconciliation, outlook on life and people, and what it means to truly mourn the loss of someone you love. To that end she wrote her book, “Checking Out” and implores anyone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one to read it. It was a tonic to her soul to write it and she hopes will be helpful to all who read it. Outline of this great episode [1:47] David’s excitement about today’s guest: Catherine Graves. [2:17] Catherine’s story… the background of how she got to where she is.
Episode 52: Building around his passion to benefit the golf community, Matt Eldridge [PODCAST]
Matt Eldridge is a seasoned entrepreneur, having experience in building and growing many companies in the past - but he’s also an avid golfer. His love for the game has motivated him to create an app for golfers that makes the game more enjoyable and a...
Episode 40 – Clint Arthur: Using celebrity status to get your message heard [PODCAST]
Do you understand the power of status and celebrity and how it can enable you to make your mark on the world? Today’s guest does. Clint Arthur is the #1 Bestselling author of "Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV,” “Break Through Your Fear of Public S...
Episode 34 – BONUS SHOW: Natalie Alexia and her social photographic movement, Love is the True Black  [PODCAST]
David believes there’s been a growing awareness or a growing movement in the world over the past few years, and it’s a movement that is coming to believe that all of us as human beings are more alike than we are different. Culture doesn’t matter. Background doesn’t matter. Skin color and experiences don’t matter. He believes that when we can embrace that reality and look at others through that lens, there’s no telling what difference it could make in the world. That’s one of the reasons he’s been so taken with the movement Natalie Alexia is leading, “Love is the true black.” Find out more about this amazing, touching, empowering movement on this episode of Crank It Up with David T.S. Wood. What is Love Is The True Black? Natalie Alexia, founder of LITTB describes it as a “social photographic movement.” Simply put, it’s a movement to encourage people all over the world to write their “one message,” the one thing they care most about and believe most strongly, someplace on their body, then pose for a photograph that shows their message. The images and poses are powerful when compiled together, and they are all being released for the first time today, Monday, September 21, 2015. You can take your own photo and submit your own message as well to add to the gallery. Find out more at - and listen to hear Natalie’s vision for the movement on this episode. What is YOUR “one message?” Take some time to really think about that question. Ponder it for a long time. If you could only say one thing to the world, one thing that you want everyone to understand, that causes your heart to race and your blood to churn, what would it be? That is the fundamental question Nicole Alexia is asking in the “Love is the true black” campaign. She believes that as each person gains clarity on their message and shares that message with the world, the combined effort will bring a greater compassion and understanding to people all over the globe. Hear how Nicole is promoting the project and the impact it’s already having as you listen to this episode of Crank It Up. The impact these photos are already having is staggering. So many of the photos speak, even though the only words visible in the photographs is the “message” the person has written on their body. They speak through the expressions and postures of the people sharing their message. They speak through the lighting and poses portrayed. They speak through the stories of the people and the actual messages they chose to represent their deepest heartbeat. And what they speak is powerful. Find out what that message is on this episode. How can you get involved? YOU can #shareyourimpact RIGHT NOW! It's Peace Day! You may wear your heart on your sleeve but what if you wore your message on your body? I know that YOU have a message worth sharing.  (tag 3 people)... I DARE YOU! MAKE A DIFFERENCE upload your own portrait with message over the next 72 hours and tag 3 friends to do the same. #loveisthetrueblack #shareyourimpact #PeaceDay #Belief Outline of this great episode [0:48] Introduction to today’s bonus show with Natalie Alexia. [2:20] Who says we have to follow certain rules about work or life? [3:10] Natalie’s background and life: where she comes from. [4:23] The travels in Natalie’s background and how it has impacted who she is. [5:43] How Natalie’s started companies in all sorts of cultures. [7:30] Natalie’s sense of what’s happening in the world today. [11:12] David’s first connection with Natalie and why he’s become so intrigued with her. [12:35] Natalie’s world-wide project. What it is and why it’s important. [15:05] Where the “Love is the true black” movement began. [19:28] Natalie’s involvement in David’s efforts and how the project is having an impact now. [21:41] The core themes that continued to rise from the campaign. [23:21] Natalie’s insights about the choices people made when involving themselves in the project.
Episode 33 – Jason Hartman and David T.S. Wood: Seasoned Advice From Two Great Real Estate Investors  [PODCAST]
There are gurus everywhere touting their particular programs to educate you on how to get started in real estate investing. You can go that route if you want to, and spend lots of money in the process. But Jason Hartman and David T.S. Wood, both seasoned real estate investors, believe you can get the same education much simpler and for free. Today’s episode is an introduction to their advice which is sure to be of great value to anyone who simply wants to know more about real estate investing, or who is interested in getting started. Be sure to listen in. Why the stock market is not the best route to take for your investment strategy. Jason Hartman has some very strong opinions about the stock market. Simply put: He doesn’t like it. In his opinion, it’s a great opportunity for investment advisors and stock brokers to get rich off your money and condition you to accept loss at the same time. In his mind, any time you relinquish control of your cash to somebody else, you’re not being very wise with your investment because you’re opening yourself up to unnecessary risks. Find out more about Jason’s resistance to the stock market and what he advises instead, on this edition of Crank it Up. Real Estate investing may appear intimidating at first, but it’s really a very simple concept. You’re buying properties that you can either buy low and sell high(er), turning a profit almost immediately - or you’re buying properties that will generate consistent cash flow or income and holding them. Either way, you’re tapping into the one investment that shows the best return from a historical perspective. It takes some money to get started, naturally, but there are ways around that to get yourself going. In this episode of Crank It Up, David T.S. Wood and his guest Jason Hartman share best practices from their years of real estate investing experience and help you get on the way to setting yourself up for a greater income than you ever thought possible. Are you attached to your home? Should you be? Both David T.S. Wood and Jason Hartman, seasoned real estate investors in their own rights, have come to understand that they can’t be too emotionally attached to their own homes. Why? Because their homes are assets that can be used to advance their financial situation and move their lives forward. Emotional attachments cause a person to hang onto things that could otherwise be better used by relinquishing it. Homes can be one of the biggest things that fall into that category. Hear how David and Jason have come to let go of their homes and how they’ve even become comfortable renting high dollar homes for their own use rather than buying, on this episode. Would you rather rent a place to call home, or own it? In this episode of Crank it Up you’re going to hear from two seasoned Real Estate Investors who would rather rent a high dollar home than buy it. What? Isn’t that missing out on a great investment? Not in their minds. Listen in to find out why, and get their best advice to anyone who’s interested in starting out in the real estate investing realm. Outline of this great episode [0:46] An “out of the box” introduction to this episode. [1:20] David’s story: backpacking for 10 years, building a life and business. [3:30] Jason Hartman’s story: A Real Estate Agent, Investor. [7:58] David’s experience with “diversification” in investments and how he was conditioned to accept losses. [10:27] The risks you assume when you relinquish control of your own money. [13:21] What David has learned from being burned when investing in businesses as an angel investor. [16:39] Jason’s opinion of the best investment class ever! [17:40] Why Jason loves hanging out with people who are trying to make a dent in the universe. [18:22] David’s view on real estate investing and how it’s possible for anyone who learns to be discerning. [21:58] How to tell if you’re in the wrong investment deal and need to get out.
Episode 31 – Lance Wallnau: Discovering who YOU are created to be [PODCAST]
Dr. Lance Wallnau is an internationally recognized speaker and business consultant and speaks often on the topic of cultural transformation. Lance has shared the stage with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universiti...
Episode 29  – Alan McKenna – Building Long Term Relationships and Giving Value Through Evergreen Sales Funnels [PODCAST]
Do you know what a sales funnel is? Think about a real funnel, like you’d use in the kitchen. Notice its shape. The large opening at the top enables a lot of liquid or other substance to get into the funnel quickly and easily. But as the substance...
Episode 23 – David T.S. Wood – Conflict resolution is the goal of every conflict [PODCAST]
Conflict resolution. It sounds like a wonderful thing. That’s because conflict itself is one of the most difficult things in life and we’d all love to see the conflicts in our lives truly resolved. Let’s be honest, conflict is one of the things in life that most of us would rather avoid - thus the well-known phrase “conflict avoidance.” Sadly, many of us do just that. We turn around and walk the other way instead of facing the conflict head-on. In this episode David T.S. Wood has one goal: to equip you with a few tools that can make you more able to get to a resolution of the conflicts you face that is satisfactory and truly satisfying for everyone involved. The reason it’s so important to David is because his past was riddled with conflict and he’s seen the damage it can produce in relationships. The conflict resolutions skills he’s learned have enriched his life - and he wants to pass it on to you. Every one of us has situations or relationships where conflict exists on a large or small scale. It’s part of life and part of the way relationships work. People will disagree, and not everyone is able to handle the disagreement in a healthy or constructive way; thus conflict occurs. There are 5 main reasons that conflict occurs and why these very natural things make conflict resolution is so difficult: Differing values Making assumptions Differing expectations Differences in how people were brought up A lack of knowledge about how to achieve good resolution to conflicts David’s way of pursuing conflict resolution Much of how David deals with conflict is by following a maxim he’s learned: L.E.A.D.E.R.S resolve conflict - and each of the letters in the word “leader” is one of the points of action toward resolving conflict. Listen in to the episode to find out exactly what the acronym stands for and how you can implement it in your life to resolve the conflicts in your life. An amplified life is a life that resolves conflict well. So do what you can to learn these principles, put them into practice, and watch the growth and joy increase. Conflict resolution matters to those who want to live and amplified life. Get ready to Crank it Up! Outline of this great episode Why David believes conflict resolution to be a vital skill to learn. David’s personal story about learning to deal with conflict in healthy ways. The reality of conflict in everyone’s life, and why conflict resolution is so important. 5 main causes of conflict and how to start the process of moving toward resolution. How David has learned conflict resolution and the suggestions he has to help you. How L.E.A.D.E.R.S. go about resolving conflict. Links mentioned in this episode Songs used in this episode Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan Johnny B. Good – Chuck Berry Hook - Blues Traveler Don’t Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult What’s it Like - Everlast Quotes David mentioned Holding onto anger or hatred is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations. - David Friedman You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist. - Indira Gandhi First seek to understand, then seek to be understood. - Stephen Covey Listening is about being able to be changed by the other person. Agree to disagree, agreeably. - Stephen Covey The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. - Dale Carnegie No pressure, no diamonds. - Mary Case Tweets you can use to share this episode
Episode 19 – Mike Schmidt & Peter Herzig – How to manage the ups and downs of financial freedom [PODCAST]
Financial freedom is possible. Even if you’ve hit rock bottom! David’s guests today know that it’s true. You’ll be hearing from two of David’s business partners, Mike Schmit and Peter Herzig. They’ve worked together with David in real estate investments for over 10 years and have learned what it takes to be successful. But the success they’ve enjoyed hasn’t come easy. Both have started from very humble beginnings and both have experienced the hardship of hard-learned lessons from their own mistakes. Peter in particular hit rock bottom when his construction company hit hard times and he had to file bankruptcy. But he’s gone from that very discouraging, hard time in his life to being worth over $135,000,000 dollars. It’s not impossible. In fact, Peter would tell you that anyone can do it if they are willing to learn, work hard, and be smart in the way they go about investing the money that comes through diligent effort. In this episode of Crank it Up you’re going to hear a very open, very honest conversation between three very good friends about the ups, downs, difficulties, and joys of working toward financial freedom. It’s a fun conversation to listen to and you’ll learn a lot from these three guys who have the success and the scars to prove that they know what they’re talking about. Get ready to Crank it Up! OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE David’s introduction of two of his business partners, Peter Herzig and Mike Schmidt. Peter’s description of his journey from carpenter to lifestyle entrepreneur. Mike’s background as a Chiropractor and his work toward financial freedom. Peter’s zeal for flying and teaching others how to fly and learn aerobatics. The importance and power of trust and camaraderie. How Mike started from scratch in setting up his Chiropractic business. How devastating times and bad financial decisions caused Peter to file bankruptcy and what he learned from the process. . Peter’s advice to people who have endured financial failures. The early steps Mike took to develop a life of financial freedom. The powerful role books played in Mike’s development of a real estate empire. Peter’s journey from bankruptcy to $135,000,000. The role debt has in sucking out your future energy. The psychological mindsets surrounding real estate that deceive the average consumer. The foundation to moving forward in the pursuit of financial freedom. Links mentioned in this episode - the new Amplified Living blog and website. Check it out! Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!
Episode 17 – Jim Kwik – Effective reading leads to accelerated learning [PODCAST]
What would happen if you could increase the speed and quality of your reading, and THEREFORE accelerate your learning? Today we pull a wonderful conversation from the archives and you’re going to get so much out of it! It's all about accelerated learning, better reading, and the power simple changes to the WAY you read could change your life. David chatted with Jim Kwik, author, coach, speaker, and all around wonderful man. Jim is brilliant when it comes to understanding how the mind works, how to accelerate learning, and how to achieve those things through increased reading speed and greater reading comprehension. It's a powerful conversation about accelerating YOUR learning This conversation is a fascinating look at why leaders really are readers and how the ability to learn more, faster is a key to not only good leadership but also a more fulfilled and impacting life.And keep in mind we're not just talking about reading more but learning more; actually accelerating the rate at which you're able to comprehend the content you consume. There's a huge difference. Jim’s expertise has given him insights that David was excited to share with his audience back when this call was recorded, and that excitement is still present today. Jim Kwik considers the 21st century to be the “century of the brain.” He feels that more and more people are transitioning into roles where they are not paid for their brawn, but for their brain-power. With that in mind he believes that it’s vital that people learn how to better optimize their intellectual abilities so that they can thrive in business and in life. Accelerated learning, one of Jim's specialties, is a huge part of the fulfillment of that need. Reading barriers that could keep you from accelerating your learning In this episode Jim shares one powerfully important piece of knowledge concerning reading speed and comprehension and details why so many people are either poor readers or don’t enjoy reading. He says there are 5 obstacles to effective reading and therefore, accelerated learning. Here they are: Lack of education regarding reading Lack of focus Sub-vocalization (Listen to find out what that word means!) Regression or back-skimming Limiting beliefs Listen to the entire episode to hear Jim unpack and explain each of these obstacles as well as provide steps to overcome them so that you can increase your reading speed and comprehension. You won’t want to miss out on this powerful information. We’re convinced it really can enable you to crank up your life. In this case our "Crank it Up" theme means accelerating your learning. That alone could dramatically improve the quality and fulfillment of your life. Get ready to Crank it Up! OUTLINE OF THIS GREAT EPISODE Why the old phrase, “Leaders are readers” is absolutely true. The importance of guarding against information overwhelm. The role reading plays in learning, and accelerated learning. Why the 21st century is the century of the brain. 5 obstacles to effective reading. Jim’s personal journey to becoming an expert in brain-function and accelerated learning. The “Superhero You” program. The importance of keeping your mind and brain active, especially as you age. Links mentioned in this episode - the new Amplified Living blog and website. Check it out! Jim Kwik’s website - The “Super Hero You” program - BOOKS: “Use Your Brain To Change Your Age” and “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” Tweets you can use to “explode” share your enthusiasm!  
Episode 91: Getting Help Being the Best Version of You, with Kim Ades [PODCAST]
On today’s episode of Crank It Up, David has an insightful conversation with his own coach, Kim Ades. Kim gives us a glimpse inside a coach-client relationship and helps us understand just how transformative it can be. Kim is the founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and, along with a team of carefully selected coaches, she works with clients 1 on 1 and through group coaching sessions. The goal of Frame of Mind Coaching is to engage in a relationship with clients with full transparency in order to support them in becoming the best version of themselves. Throughout this conversation, Kim shares her approach to coaching and how discovered coaching as her calling in life. You are the most important #investment in your life, on this episode Tweet This Why I don’t use the traditional coaching model. The traditional coaching model is all about accountability. For Kim, this type of relationship creates a level of co-dependency she believes is a disservice to the client. The Frame of Mind Coaching approach is all about empowering the client to flourish on their own. Kim believes in full transparency and honesty in the coach-client relationship, which yields empowerment, confidence, and the ability to tackle life’s challenges. Her goal with the coaches on the Frame of Mind team is to have clients who are absolutely thrilled with the experience. Great coaches are committed to their own personal development. Kim discusses her belief that a great coach focuses on their own personal development above all else. For her, it’s all about being transparent with the client – showing that coaches aren’t perfect; they, in fact, are always growing and working on themselves. Kim shares why it’s important to realize, as a coach, that the last thing they need to be is right. Their primary goal is to guide the client to a place of truth in every conversation. It’s not about the coach; it’s about the client from start to finish. Understanding how #coaching works, on this episode Tweet This Coaching is something we create together. The coach-client relationship is about honesty. It’s an intimate relationship. Building that level of trust can take time, but for Kim it’s important to expedite the process in order to get to the meat of the matter – helping the client live their best life. She discusses the value of allowing the client to understand that you, as their coach, are behind them 100%. That this, in fact, allows the client to lower their defenses so the coach can be most effective. That level of honesty is a necessity in having a successful coaching session. You are the most important investment in your life. As they close out their chat, David and Kim discuss the structure of the coaching sessions she offers and the role of journaling in the experience. The idea is to encourage the clients to share their true selves, true intentions, and true goals with the coach in order to find areas to improve and grow. Kim discusses the free assessment she is offering and how simple it is to get an idea of the direction your life is heading and how you can make some improvements. David shares why you are the most important investment in your life and urges everyone listening to take the free assessment. How coaching can #transform all areas of your life, on this episode Tweet This Outline of this great episode [1:19] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Kim Ades. [1:51] What is coaching? [3:02] Understanding the value of having a coach in achieving goals. [3:42] Why do people resist investing in a coach? [4:46] How Kim discovered her gifts as a coach. [7:41] The role of accountability in Kim’s relationships with clients. [10:15] What attracts people to coaching as a career? [11:19] The free assessment that Kim offers and why it’s important. [13:42] Building a team of coaches. [17:05] The misguided notions people have about coaches. [19:20] The value of transparency as a coach. [21:12] The role of trust in the relationship clients have with their coach. [27:40] Coaching is something you create together. [29:38] Realizing that things come up during coaching sessions that are outside of the original intent of the session. [31:41] The relationships Kim has with family members of clients, even though she never meets them. [33:04] The frequency of contact with the coach and the role of journaling in that relationship. [38:27] You are the most important investment in your life. [42:06] Getting a sense of what the outcome can be in a coaching session. [44:19] Last thoughts from Kim. Resources mentioned on this episode – Click “Assess Your Frame of Mind” for your free assessment Tweets you can use to share this episode   Why #coaches focus on their own #PersonalDevelopment, on this episode Tweet This The role of #trust in your relationship with a #coach, on this episodeTweet This
Episode 88: Living in the Present and Finding Hope After the Darkness of Depression, with Margo Talbot [PODCAST]
Depression, suicide, and addiction are taboo subjects - ones that are all too often brushed under the rug to avoid the discomfort many feel when they are discussed. Margo Talbot believes we must be honest about the effects of suicidal thoughts, addicti...
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