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How unfair is it when you are wanting to give your family everything only to be left with little time at the end of the day? Where does the time go? You give all of yourself making sure to keep the routine and structure of day to be productive
Are you tired of feeling defeated when it comes to your weight and your wellness journey? New York Times bestselling author, Jonathan Bailor, shares his expertise and breakthrough in conquering this fatal disease, diabesity, a name unfamiliar t
Tired of having your health hijacked? Learn how to curb cravings so the chore of eating becomes more of an enjoyment. Food was created to nourish and fuel the body. Even with the basic necessities of nutrition, food was also designed to be enjo
Every day we need a reminder to just be YOU! There is no substitute or better solution to what YOU bring to the world. You're a one of a kind! Just be YOU!  A once in a lifetime opportunity to soar on wings that were created only for you to fly
What's in a word? Mark Twain once said, "I can live for two months on a good compliment." Words have power. The sentences you use are filled with stones or seeds. You are either using them to kill your confidence or to grow your mind. Desire to
Have you ever noticed how dark a sky is until you see the one bright star piercing the darkness? Has your light gone out this season? The holidays have gone and the lights are being turned off. It makes a winter drive very dark in the country.
How much of your life are you running from and hiding away? Maybe it's all about FLEES! No one really likes looking at their mess. So instead, a false reality is created, so the one that's being lived in can be forgotten. Desire to be supported
Nothing like having a conversation with your children only to discover, I am too old for this! But who is too old for slowing down hoping for the fountain of youth to spring forth? Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women
It's time to kick your New Year off with less stress before overwhelm overcomes you. Dr. Samantha Brody shares how to dismantle your stress from the inside out in her new book, Overcoming Overwhelm. Dr. Samantha Brody is a wife of 14 years and
The new year has begun with only a few days in and overwhelm is taking over. You got this! Blow your own mind.  No reason to let overwhelm and nerves, along with chaos and busyness take over what you decided for your new year. Desire to be supp
This is your New Year! May your heart be wonderstruck! Look for what awakens your soul and drives your actions to explode with heavenly enthusiasm. Nothing is impossible! Reach beyond the stars. This is your year to claim and make your heavenly
Are you ready for the New Year? Regardless of your resolutions and promises you'll break, who you become tomorrow starts today. Everyone loves the idea of a fresh start; a new beginning. And what better time than the start of the new year. Desi
The countdown has begun to a New Year, a new you! However, you don't have to wait for the ball to drop. Let your faith be bigger than your fears. As you look back over this past year, what do you wish you had accomplished? Desire to be supporte
When you are tired and don't feel like doing anything, do everything in love.  There are many days where you are exhausted, little energy left to even go to the bathroom. You know those days. Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-m
It doesn't seem fair that everything leads up to a moment of ripping paper and extreme joy. So what happens beyond the bows and wrapping paper? Maybe it's the fighting and arguing for who gets to play the new game first. Or panicking for what i
Now that Christmas has come and gone, what deadline are you rushing to next? Remember, the last shall be first. Because in all seriousness, is rushing getting you where you want to go? For most of what we want, NO!!! Desire to be supported and
Now that the holiday rush is over, the line begins for returns and lots of leftovers. You can't forget how to make the best of Christmas leftovers. All that food; some you love and other stuff you wish never entered the refrigerator. Desire to
The things we love are never far away. They are within our heart. Hope is born! Love came down. Joy to the world! So much of our life, we are searching for the star; the ONE thing to light our way. Something that will transform us. Desire to be
It's beginning to look like an upside down Christmas. Not only a topsy turvy day, but a feeling that flows throughout the year. Living in an upside down world might be trendy and rad, and create a memorable experience (for only a chaotic minute
It's better than a dream, because it's real! Christmas is real! Not something found in stores or something you can buy. Christmas is in your heart! And it's not a dream. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know. But
Have you ever wondered where the light of Christmas comes from? A light so bright it can pierce the darkness. Let the light of Christmas shine! You finally made it. You got through the Monday blues, Tuesday woes, Wednesday hiccups, Thursday wis
For all that you do, consider it a gift! A gift that keeps on giving. A gift that strengthens the heart and fills the world with joy. Parenting is the toughest job you will ever do. And whether you feel confident in your parenting skills or que
How many times do you get through your day with no idea what really happened? Make today a postcard from the heart. A day filled with joy and unexpected blessings. The key is looking for the blessings and finding the joy amidst the pandemonium.
When stress piles on and the list gets longer, the easiest thing to do is beat yourself up. This holiday season, be your biggest fan! Constantly thinking that you're "less than" or saying words and phrases that devalue yourself definitely defea
Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold. Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon, an American writer, said it best! Desire to be supported and encourage by other like-minded women? Join us at Women of IMPACT.
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