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Put it away, Ted. This week, we got bugs. Alexis finds out that she got head lice from school, which leads to much hijinks as the rest of the family deals with the fallout, except Moira who pretty much just ignores it and deals with her own stuff. David flirts with the idea of flirting with Patrick while Stevie encourages him. And Johnny tries to do a nice gesture for his wife which has mixed results. Your hosts, meanwhile, just enjoy a nice respite from the unending hellworld they find themselves living in (as are we all), and try to chime in with some lolworthy statements here and there. Were they successful? Tune in and find out!
Looks like a young Tom Waits crawling his way out of a dead tonton after a bender on Hoth. You ever have an ex boyfriend want to take pictures of your mom so that he can publicly embarrass her for his own monetary gain? David Rose has, and he isn’t gonna stand for it. Meanwhile Alexis has to volunteer at the retirement community and learns that Ted has been patiently waiting to volunteer that D to her community cervix.
“He says ‘voter fraud’ is the reason he lost!” *everyone laughs* This week we briefly discuss some fairly unimportant current events that you might have heard of. Then we watch Schitt’s Creek, in which Moira may or may not have gone to pound town with Roland (she didn’t). Alexis tries to flirt with Patrick, and Patrick tries to flirt with David.
It’s November 3, 2020 7:00 PM as I write this and I have nothing for you. Hey guys, how ya’ll doing? We recorded this on Sunday, it was released on Wednesday. Between those two days some stuff happened. I hope that stuff went well for you and this episode finds you in a chipper mood. If not, maybe it will give you 40 minutes of escapism. Either way, if you are listening to our show and reading these descriptions, you’re a winner in our book. This week is about a bad motel review, and we get to meet Patrick for the first time. Also Johnny “helps” Alexis with her homework. It’s a good time!
Alexis might be the actual youngest person in this class. Picture this, you’re in a small town in the Cunited States of Amanada, you desperately need an exfoliating mask and some candles that smell like Italian shoe leather. Where are you gonna go? Wal-Mart? Dollar Tree? There is nobody to fill that hole in your heart… Yet. Soon there will be, and in this episode we get to watch the birth of an idea that will eventually lead to the vibrant and moisturized skin of dozens of small town Canameradicans. Also, we get to watch Alexis go back to highschool, and Johnny helps ol’ Ivan spit mad game at Twila. It’s fun, we have fun here. COME HAVE FUN WITH US.
Come on, there’s no world where I would have used any other screenshot. I have a 12 year old’s sense of humor. This week’s Schitts Creek is a fun episode that finds Johnny and Stevie taking a trip to the local golf course to court potential business. We find out a dark and shameful secret from Alexis, and David just kind of ambles around pointlessly. Moira lends support but not much else. Meanwhile your hosts rant and reminisce like they always do because that’s basically what this show is. Hey, don’t look at me, you’re the one who downloaded the 261st episode. You’re either in it for the long haul, which means you’re already a lost cause, or you’re some weirdo who got through the incredibly confusing marketing (Wait, is it Schitt’s or Dawson’s?) and for some reason thought “That’s how I want to spend an hour!” Whichever one you are, we freakin’ love you and thanks for listening.
Dan Levy takes a moment between scenes to check the official Creek of the Week twitter feed (@talkindawson) for important podcast updates. This week the title says it all as Johnny decides to make the motel a house of ill-repute and allow the local illegal sex trade to make use of some of their rooms for a week. Meanwhile, Moira books a movie that will almost become a secondary character for the rest of the run of this show. Your hosts also do reccomendos and things get a little real while talking current events.
Alexis looking ready to buckle David’s swash. Sorry, I’m tired. Hello! The real world has been chaotic and frightening, but here inside the Creek Zone things are all warm and comforting. So put on your jammies and crawl under the blankie with your hosts for some… waitaminute, it got weird didn’t it? This week David has to take a driving test, but more importantly he has to learn to trust his sister. Meanwhile Johnny may have found a new calling, and it puts Stevie at ease. Moira is also out there chewing scenery as only she can. We also give reccomendos for 40 year old movies, and read listener email.
It’s got safety tubes but I aint scared. The brakes are good. Tires: fair. Hey guys, I just watched the first presidential debate of 2020 and I am feeling particularly nihilistic, and also a tad drunk, so I am trying desperately to put aside my all-consuming fear for the future of our republic and focus on writing a clear and concise recap of the 258th episode of Creek of the Week. Here goes: Johnny Rose has decided it is time for his family to purchase a new *pause for 20 seconds of screaming* car for the family. Alexis finds out that *gnashing of teeth* Vet Ted has a naughty secret. David helps Stevie address her own *cutting myself just to feel something* existential crisis, and Moira plays a character to *20 minutes of uninterrupted weeping* help get a great deal on a new whip. We also talk about the freakin emmys!
The Cast of Schitt’s Creek notices the herd of Emmys about to trample them to death. Hello Fam, this week’s fine podcast finds David and Stevie dealing with the fallout of sharing a hot young fvckboi. Meanwhile Johnny takes a temp gig as a waiter, and Moira and Alexis attempt to bond, apparently for the first time ever. Prior to that your hosts artfully explain to all television executives why they should be in charge of their businesses. What a week for some Creek.
Hi Mike & Matt. The hiatus is over, the mics are hot, and the boys are back in town bringing you a fresh ladle full of Schitt to upend directly into the pleasure center of your beautiful brain. This week is a low-key season premiere that finds Stevie and David porking the same gentleman. Meanwhile Moira learns that local politics aren’t as easy as she thought they would be. Johnny comes face to face with his many failures, and Alexis is asked to plant-sit for the departing Mutt. Your hosts also discuss the many important events that happened on January 10th, and other titillating and tantalizing tales you won’t want to miss. Am I coming on too strong with this description? I can roll it back next week if you’d prefer something a little lower-key. It’s just I haven’t done this in a while and I’m a little nervous and when I get nervous I overuse my adjectives a bit, and lean super heavy on alliteration. Just don’t reject me, I don’t think I could handle it right now. I’m very vulnerable. Enjoy the episode.
No joke here, I just was vibing on Stevie’s Wonder Woman stance. If Schitt’s Creek does one thing well, it’s their season finales, and the second one is no exception. This week we watch the drama leading up to, and unfolding at another classic Mutt Barn Party. First there was a question about Alexis’ invitation (she goes anyway). Then there was a question about whether David or Stevie had claimed a particular evening conquest. Meanwhile the elder Rose’s are reunited with friends from their rich-days who don’t have anything nice to say about their new home. Y’know, fun problems! No pandemics or cop murderers or inept leaders pushing us ever deeper into the lake of fascism from which we may never be able to return.
#Moira2020 #MyFirstFamily #UCAS Simply because we know you can’t get enough politics talk, this week’s episode focuses on a political campaign, and the ugly dealing you sometimes have to get into to wrap your dirty little mits around that tender throat of political power. This is something Moira knows all too well as she hatches a scheme to thwart her better-funded opponent, and it pays dividends. Meanwhile David shows remarkable business sense and is paid even more dividends. Alexis and Johnny don’t do much, but damn they look good not doing it.
Rolands rock bottom is an average day in 2020 for the rest of us. Guests. Remember those? This week Roland is on the outs with his lady and has to stay in the motel room next to the Roses. This causes tension and leads to the Schitts splitting off with the Roses in some character pairings we don’t usually get to see on this how. Meanwhile David and Alexis go apartment hunting. Thats the recap. Listen to the episode now. BYEE!
Moira is one top hat away from being Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter and we are here for it. Another fine week in our shared dystopia means another fine episode of Schitt’s Creek for us to watch and you to listen to us watch. This week Moira is campaigning (timely!) and gets invited to a party of like-minded women who are unhappy to welcome a man into their midst. Meanwhile Alexis struggles at working, and David struggles at keeping a business afloat. Come for jokes, stay for the wigs, this week has a doozy.
Moira and Stevie’s reaction upon hearing of the return of COTW from hiatus. DON’T LOOK SO EXCITED LADIES! The long dark month is over and COTW returns to your ears. We’ve come back swinging this week with a spicy ep called Moira’s Nudes. Unfortunately the only nudity you will be experiencing is the auditory nakedness of two grown men baring their souls for their podcast audience. It may be metaphorical, but it is every bit as erotic. Also, during the episode Moira combs the internet for old dirty pictures, Johnny reveals the extent of the family’s money issues, Alexis finds employment, and David seems to be thriving.
That field probably looks like the back wall of our studio if a full Dawson’s Creek reunion is ever announced. Probably smells like it too. Jesus I’m sorry about this one. This week’s episode features a fun little mixup when Alexis buys Johnny way too much raw milk. It also features some drama when David plays stylist to his mother’s political opponent. Add in the return of sexy Ted the vet, Schitt-faced Jazzagals, and some sick pre-show reccomendos from your hosts, and you’ve got yourself an episode of a podcast.
Your reaction when you hear that COTW has a fresh ep. We’re back baby! And we have a fun episode in store for you. This week there is a power vacuum in Schitt’s Creek and one of the Rose’s has to fill it. At first Johnny thinks it will be him, but when the town rallies around Moira, there is strife in their otherwise rock-solid marriage. Meanwhile David and Stevie are looking to score at the local dive bar, and Alexis is trying to figure out single life in a small town. It’s fun, we have fun, everything is fun right now, isn’t it?
Virtual hugs in advance for our lack of show next week. Since one half of our daring duo is incommunicado for a few weeks, the other half took it upon himself to bring in a guest. So this week we all get the pleasure of watching an episode of Schitt’s Creek with the inimitable Sean from the WDIM Podcast. We talk about movies, TV, disgusting internet memes from the mid aughts, and then settle in to watch Moira Vs. Town Council in which David starts his new job, Alexis has a human moment, and Moira gives democracy a try. Enjoy! Theme by Sound of Days.
This would be a good place for a caption if I had one. So, in the real world it has been one hell of a week. But in the creek world things are only mildly uncomfortable, so lets stick with that while we can. Alexis is sick, and Moira is frightened, something tells me she would not do well in 2020. Johnny has a business idea that Bob falls in love with, and David is applying for a job. Three simple story lines that have nothing to do with anything unpleasant. Well, except for the one where Alexis is sick. I hope she got properly tested, and she should probably be quarantined for 2 weeks just in case. Johnny and Moira are both 60+ which makes them high risk. Oh jesus I have to go wash my hands. Theme by Sound of Days.
Actual footage of Josh scootin’ on down to Texas. Hey beautiful creekbabies. This week is a fun episode involving bicycles. As it turns out, neither Alexis nor David knows how to ride one. And when Alexis receives one from Mutt as a gift, she becomes kind of unreasonably annoyed and has to learn how. Meanwhile the elder Rose’s spy a used mattress that seems like exactly what they need in order to have their marital relations upon. Laughs are had. Theme by Sound of Days.
Actual picture of 12 year old me goin’ ham on some bubble tape. There once was a lady named Moira Who wished to sing in a choir-a She dropped a few hints And wouldn’t relent So the jazzagals finally employed ‘er Thank you, thank you very much. Theme by Sound of Days everybody. Have a good Wednesday we’ll see ya next week!
This week: A couple of snacks watch a couple of snacks make snacks. Am I using this term right? This week your hosts are unusually talkative.  We recap our fun live stream (should have been there, twas bitchin’), and talk about the usual pre-show banter stuff.  Then we watch Shitts Creek and blather some more.  The episode is one of my personal favorites.  David & Moira make enchiladas.  Johnny looks to rent office space from the evil and manipulative Bob, and Alexis face-acts like no human being has ever face-acted before.  She’s incredible.  We were incredible.  Everything is incredible!  Man I’m riding such an incredible high I can’t imagine anything could possibly go wrong! Theme by Sound of Days
Spoiler alert: They found him. He was in a field dressed like a goth rooster. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady, come come my lady.  You’re my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Theme by Sound of Days. Sugar. Baby.
#MyLastSupper Season. One. Finale.  Welcome to the end of the first season, and what a ride it’s been.  Lessons learned, friendships made… excuse me. Sebastian!  Sebastian stop that nonsense right this minute! I’m sorry folks, it seems 19 year old son has taken it upon himself to play with his army men in the middle of my foyer.  We can’t have that, why, that is where we meet our guests!  I’m sorry.. Sebastian!  Sebastian you know what we said about putting your head in there!  Sebastion ple… Sebastian… Seb… Sebastian please.  Thank you Sebastian, Mummy loves you very much. OK where was I?  Oh yeah, SEASON FINALE BITCHES!  Johnny sold the town!  I’m sure there will be no complications.  Meanwhile everyone else has to say goodbye to their new friends and are finding it harder than expected. Sebastian if you do not stop that chittering, I swear I will take you over my knee!  Wait til your father comes home, Sebastian.  What’s that?  But Sebastian, your skin is already flayed to the bone, Mummy can’t possibly… stop that gnashing Sebastian, we’ve talked about that.  How can we ever take you to town when you behave in such a way?  Fine!  Fetch the lash while Mummy is talking to her internet friends.  Please, Sebastian, just a moment more. I am SO sorry guys, this little man is just a handful.  Nevertheless I think you get the point, we watch the season finale and have a grand old time commentating on it for your listening pleasure.  Now if you’ll excuse me, motherhood waits for no man! Theme by Sound of Days.
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