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The Philadelphia Experiment is one of the most enduring and disturbing military conspiracy theories of all time... Let's check it out.
Hello Listener, today's special Christmas show is all about the book "A Holiday Hazing: Santa Clause Syndrome," by author Ethan Indigo Smith. We have a nice conversation about generational conditioning, establishment gaslighting, and how instit
The Dead Internet Theory is a loose term used to describe a range of changes and oddities in the structure and content of the internet, which have become increasingly prevalent in the last decade. Everyone knows something about the internet has
In this episode, we continue our journey in looking at the Enochian mysteries of one of the most influential yet mysterious men in history. John Dee was an English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, teacher, occultist, and alchemist. He was
In this episode, Dr. Margaret returns and talks about psychic development as well as her E.T. encounters. She's a really great person and I always love having her on the show. If you're interested in esoteric knowledge then make sure to listen
Werewolf lore goes back before recorded history and has been a part of all human cultures throughout time. Joining us is Denny Sargent to talk about his book "Werewolf Magick" and look into the deeper aspects of the collective unconscious and h
John Dee has been mostly edited out of history despite having a massive influence on the modern world. Why is this? Well, that's not an easy question to answer. Dee was easily the most educated man of his age and a genius. He was a master of mo
In today's episode, we're going to interview legendary BITCOIN god Ethan Lou, and talk about his upcoming book "Once a Bitcoin Miner," that's coming out October 19th! Link below, get your copy today! I got an advanced copy of the book and read
In this episode, we're going to talk about some creepy American towns. This topic is a request from Patreon support Ashley, and there turned out to be a lot of information to cover concerning this topic. Far too much information for one episode
There's a ton of people claiming the Ouija Board is a doorway to evil spirits since its very inception. This is nothing new, especially if someone is raised in a Chrisitan household or in satellite around one. However, there is a specific entit
Ever wondered what the Hollow Earth is all about? Well, I go over some of the well-known theories as well as some Agartha Legends. I researched this topic for a while and the rabbit hole just got deeper and deeper. It's literally vast beyond my
Finally, we get to the next episode covering the life of the notorious Aleister Crowley! I think we left off with the old bard doing some pretty weird stuff, but it always is going to get weirder concerning Crowley. If you have issues with the
It's time to get weird! In this episode, we got Daniel Jackson of Beyond the Veil, and we're gonna talk about the Hat Man, Ghosts, Angels, reincarnation, and a bunch of other stuff! Daniel said a lot of things I've never heard before and I thin
Hello listener, with all this UFO stuff invading the world of the mainstream I thought it was perfect timing for an episode on credible UFO encounters. A senate meeting is coming together on what to do about increased UFO sightings recently, an
Is reality as objective as people like to think it is? Though the idea that the universe can be contained and labeled is comforting to the masses, is there truly any weight to the reality they cling to? Well, in this episode we're going to dive
There are many alternative narratives and views on the Nephilim and Annunaki. Many get far more into the weird category than even Zechariah Sitchin's work believe it or not. And many can get extremely cerebral and confusing. These alternative n
We've finally reached what many thought I'd cover far earlier in this series in the Nephilim, Sitchin himself. And I know it has been a long journey through all the lore surrounding the Nephilim from across all cultures throughout human history
Finally, we reach the part where we can talk about the origins of the Nephilim myth across all cultures. The Sumerians are supposedly the first civilization, and the religions and lore of the ancient world are little less than an amalgamation o
In this episode of the podcast, I continue the last bit of Atlantis Nephilim lore I wanted to cover, as well as real-world examples of possible lost advanced civilizations. Then I go into Nimrod, a very famous ancient king of Babylon with some
Here we go. Been gone a bit but let's continue our journey into the sprawling litany of lore concerning the Nephilim around the globe and throughout time. In this episode, we're going to look at Atlantis lore concerning the Nephilim, as well as
In this episode, we continue our annual look into the mysterious life of the notorious Aleister Crowley. His was a life engulfed in occult mysteries. So, if you're perturbed by such subjects you should probably avoid listening to this episode.
In this episode, Dr. Margaret Van Coops returns to talk about her latest book "The Light Side of the Oneness." Dr. Margaret is a veteran paranormal researcher, psychic, healer, and much more. Join us for an interesting conversation about metaph
Today on the show I join Aquarian radio as we talk about the Annunaki, the Lyran Federation of aliens, and a whole bunch of interesting stuff. Make sure you go check out their show because they release a lot more content than I do. It's a fanta
Today on the show we have a very special guest! The world-renown Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, a famous esoteric author and veteran paranormal researcher. She's been around since before it was ok to talk about this kind of stuff, so it's defin
In this episode, we're going to continue exploring comparable Nephilim myths from cultures all throughout history across the planet. There really isn't that much else to go over, so... Let's just hop right in shall we? And remember, sometimes w
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