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All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again. Chris & Kayla seek an expert to help deliver an update on one of last season's very timely topics. Special thanks to guest Travis View (@travis_view on Twitter) from the QAnonAnonym
Small steppes can have Mammoth effects. Chris takes us on a journey to the far reaches of the Earth to find some unintuitive science and some unlikely helpers in the fight to save civilization from our changing climate. Special thanks to guest
I don't want to believe. I want to know. -Carl Sagan   Kayla sciences even harder on the Self Realization Fellowship: their beliefs, their organizational structures & rules, and the veracity of some of Paramahansa Yogananda's claims (don't hold
There are disciples who seek a guru made in their own image. -Paramahansa Yogananda Kayla enlightens Chris about an influential organization, stretching across America, started by a chain of gurus. --- *Search Categories* New Religious Movement
Abusive systems rely on guilt, gaslighting, and isolation. You need not be perfect. You are not crazy. And you aren't alone. Chris & Kayla talk to trauma-informed writer &  survivor activist, Molly Maeve Eagan (, co-author of tru
I want to believe... but take this story with a bowl of salt. Chris abducts Kayla's scheduled episode slot to disclose a previously unidentified story... before it's too late. --- *Search Categories* Anthropological; Internet culture; Common in
Good or bad, who's to say? Chris & Kayla walk by an interesting building in LA's Chinatown, which turns into a whole full excuse for Chris to talk about history on the cult show again. --- *Search Categories* Anthropological --- *Topic Spoiler*
It's a societal thing, not a Zumba thing. Kayla finally reveals the shockingly large full extent of Zumba's power and influence. --- *Search Categories* Business; Common Interest / Fandom; Alt Medicine / Wellness --- *Topic Spoiler* Zumba, part
Ditch the workout. Join the party. Kayla and Chris dance their way into the beginnings of yet another wellness-based movement. --- *Search Categories* Business; Common Interest / Fandom; Alt Medicine / Wellness --- *Topic Spoiler* Zumba, part 1
We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. Chris takes us on a journey to a land that is simultaneously far away, yet near, ancient, yet brand new.   **many thanks to Zach Mortice ( for lending his energy & insights f
When you tell people they can’t have something it makes them want it more. Kayla takes Chris down the rabbit hole on a topic that's been dubbed "The Supreme Drop for Moms." --- *Search Categories* Business; Internet culture --- *Topic Spoiler*
Out of an abundance of caution, we are making this podcast. Chris doesn't hesitate to take us on the longest CoJW episode journey yet, into the movement(s) that oppose all that science we set up in the previous episode. --- *Search Categories*
Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors. In the first episode of CoJW's third season, Chris sets up the science and history behind a movement that has been in the global conversation lately. --- *Search Categories* Science / Pseudos
*PLEASE BE ADVISED* THIS IS *NOT* AN EPISODE OF CULT OR JUST WEIRD This is a personal story, told over the medium of a podcast... and  OPTIONALLY (we can't stress this enough) to the audience of our podcast. Content warnings below. . . . . . .
It is because of hope that we suffer. It is through hope that we change things. In the fifth and final CoJW-does-QAnon episode, Chris and Kayla cover a few things they haven't yet, tie up some loose ends, and (hopefully) plant a small seed of h
People are hurting. In the fourth installment of Cult or Just Weird's QAnon deep dive, we hear from real people whose lives and loved ones have been affected by the grip of the online conspiracy. Content warning for this episode: emotional/inte
This Is Not A Game. In part three of the five part COJW series on QAnon, Chris takes a hard look at the human psychology behind game mechanics, and what makes QAnon research so engaging. Special thanks to ARG game designer & Zombies Run! creato
Are you awake yet? In part two of CoJW's five part series on QAnon, Kayla gets into the nitty gritty mechanics of how it got going and where it's at now. Special thanks to conspiracy researcher Mike Rothschild (
Do you know how long this has been going on? In part one of a five part series, Kayla and Chris tackle a zeitgeisty topic that they've been ruminating on for a while. --- *Search Categories* Anthropological; Internet culture; Common interest /
Teach the controversy. Chris foolishly dives headfirst into the most controversial debate of the internet age. --- *Search Categories* Anthropological; Internet culture --- *Topic Spoiler* The war on how to pronounce GIF --- *Further Reading*  
May we live long and die out. Kayla discovers a group that exists to cease. --- *Search Categories* Anthropological; Common interest / Fandom --- *Topic Spoiler* the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement --- *Further Reading*   https://en.wikip
We hit a mother lode of madness. Chris complains to Kayla about some extremely weird ads he's been getting on YouTube lately. --- *Search Categories* New Age; Science / Pseudoscience; Business; Destructive; Conspiracy Theory; Alt Medicine --- *
Science is about questions. Self help is about answers.   Kayla and Chris take a bite out of a meaty topic. --- *Search Categories* Science / Pseudoscience; Business; Destructive; Alt Medicine / Wellness --- *Topic Spoiler* The Lion Diet --- *F
May you have the courage to change the things you can, the serenity to accept the things you can't, and the wisdom to know the difference. Chris & Kayla go deeper down the rabbit hole of the Twin Flames Universe, with some former members to hel
Do you believe in True Love? Chris and Kayla talk about soulmates. Well, a particularly "fiery" new age version of them. A version which has the potential to be problematic, and may even provide the foundation for a cult... --- *Search Categori
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