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Cults, Cryptids, and Conspiracies

A weekly Comedy, News and Politics podcast
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Episodes of Cults, Cryptids, and Conspiracies

This week we discuss more recent history as we bring up the, as its infamously named, Havana Syndrome. Did Cuba create some sort of sonic weapon or is this just a campaign from America to discredit? Listen in and learn about the symptoms and ef
This week we learn of one of the most well known Abduction stories of American history. Travis Walton was just your normal logger until one day he was zapped by some aliens. Was he ever found and was it all a conspiracy? Tune in and find out!Th
This week we get heavy so trigger warning for child death and abuse. Some heavy cult like stuff again with Chad and Lori Daybell. In 2019 Lori's kids went missing while she went to hawaii to marry her fourth husband, Chad. Tune in to learn abou
This month we read Only By Your Touch by Catherine Anderson! We were promised cowboys, and were thoroughly disappointed, but it wasn't the worst book ever read! If you like Christian housewife romance/porn with a side dish of murder mystery, th
This week we're discussing the recent tragedy of the Pathways International Foundation Kingdom Restoration Ministries. The leader Kevin O. Smith used his position to do what cult leaders do, and exploit and bring harm to the people who put thei
This week we continue the story of Asherah and how the evidence stacks for her being the partner of Yahweh. We cover those that agree and disagree and dive deep into the biblical and mythical interpretations of it all. No matter what side you f
This week we get into the conspiratorial nature of the music industry! Who really sang what song? Was Mariah Carey really scorned by her ex? Did J-lo actually steal the credit for most of the music that was sung by her? Tune in to find out!Than
This week we have a tense topic where we discuss the heavy topics related to Holocaust denial and the supremacy of the white races. Learn about Savitri Devi and how she believed Hitler was the tenth or maybe ninth incarnation Vishnu and would b
Our lovely librarian decided we were going to read Vampire Academy, the first in the series by Richelle Mead! A lot happened in this book. A lot of things we had issues with. But also, it had a lot of things we liked! Like, a plot! And semi-con
This week Listen to the tale of a mysterious cryptid that perhaps is just an escaped animal. With too many legs and too big an appetite this monster populates and hunts among the Oklahoma lakes. Careful out there and swim responsibly. Thanks fo
This week is a primer for future topics! We learn of the Canaanite background from the ye old bible times and where they went in life. Did they die from famine? Were they totally a comically evil people? Or were they simply wrongly persecuted.
Have you ever been possessed by demons that make you lust for a priest? well that happened to a few nuns in the city of Loudon in France, 1632. Listen in as we learn of the sad tale of Priest Urbain Grandier and the nuns who were beset by demon
This week Mal steps in with a story with a yet unsolved mystery. The Star Dust flight from 1947 became famous not only because it went missing but also because of the final transmission from the radio operator. Tune in and listen to our theorie
This month's (late) episode is about the book Mending, by Erica Painter. Finally we are freed from this hell. Join us as we explore the final trials and tribulations of Charlotte, Theo, William, and Kennedy as they experience even weirder and m
This week we continue the tales about Happy Science that originated in Japan. As we learn this week their reach is farther then first thought and their political aspirations are ones to be aware of. Stay safe out there and remember to be wary a
This week we discuss a haunting fitting with the holiday season. The Hotel Chelsea in New York is one of the most haunted hotels known to the united states. Listen in as we discuss the ghosts and mysteries of the hotel.Thanks for listening and
This week is the first of a two part story! we start with Ryuho Okawa and his creation of Happy Science. While today is not a bummer it certainly gets wild and strange. Let's just say the title of todays episode is both comedic and true. come o
This week Mal discusses a private archive of knowledge that wasnt always secretive about its content. The Secret Vatican Archives hidden treasure could be within along with aliens and Jesus Christ. Call your local clergyman today to seek access
This week we have a murder mystery to discuss! Did the fabled actor of Superman get murdered by his lover? Actor George Reeves and his death are quite a mystery but this week we go in deep into the mystery.Thanks for listening and remember to l
This month we read the second in the Torn series: Broken, by Erica Painter. This book broke us. This is a two hour and twenty minute documentary of us losing our sanity about an idiotic love triangle between a vampire, a zombie, and a human.Cri
This week is a primer for a lot of future topics the ladies plan to do. When the topic of religious faith healing and its implications comes up this episode will be a good starting point for when the ladies talk about future cults. Its good to
This week we have two tales of ocean mystery. The Aim High No. 6 is a story of mystery, and the tale of the Niña is a trip straight to Bummersville. Join us for these two ghost ships tales! Honestly it may be in everyone's best interest to avoi
This week we go into something more light hearted with a discussion about Mother Shipton. A famous witch from the 14-1500's who made potions and predicted the future. while many of her predictions were true the world still hasn't ended. come on
This week we have special guest Christina with a requested topic. Strap in and ground yourself for the possibly not well known reality shifting TikTok phenomenon. Just a warning this week can feel heavy. Always reach out to those around for sup
This month we are forced to read Torn, by Erica Painter. Well, most of us are forced to read it. And boy, did we have a LOT of thoughts. All of them are bad, this is a bad book. Words can't even describe it, but we'll take two hours to try.Than
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