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Cults, Cryptids, and Conspiracies

A weekly Comedy, News and Politics podcast
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Episodes of Cults, Cryptids, and Conspiracies

This week we bet Ewe haven't Herd of this one. In the late 1800's a sheep panic was recorded in the great english countrysidee and as to why we may have the answer? or perhaps unless we could speak to sheep we may never know. Tune in to find ou
This week we discuss the cult Blood Over Intent. A cult formulating itself on youtube and just a warning there is a lot of sensitive content warnings. The basis is that if you commit to spilling blood you therefore are no longer undead and jewi
This week we return from a small holiday break with a tale of neopets. Ever wonder how this kid centered website was actually funded by Scientology?? Is that free omelette funded by a cult? And what happened to your pets over ten years alter? T
Much to Mal's joy, we are finally reading the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. Join us on an adventure of some vampire romance, but mostly a murder mystery stuffed with intrigue, deception, prejudice, and a lot of peop
This week is not about the Grinch. It's actually about a cryptid that stalks near a special road known as the Grunch. In New Orleans many teens must beware or the Grunch will unlcok your doors and steeal you away. Tune in to discover the origin
Tune in this week as we learn of Turnbull Canyon! Potentially one of the most haunted locations in California? Or maybe the least haunted? Is there a ghostly man who roams the lands? What about the native americans that were there before? Liste
This week we get into the most brutal war ever documented in our current time. Thats right its the War on Christmas. Now you may be saying wait that makes zero sense and thats because you are correct here is no war but this conspiracy could mak
This week we talk about what might be the heaviest book on earth. The Codex Gigas went through many trials but is the largest bible we have heard about. And was the author the Devil himself? Tune in to learn all about this book. Thanks for list
This week Mal talks about holy relics of the past and the effect these items can have on history. Did a holy spear indeed stab Jesus and afterward travel across the world? Is it perhaps in Armenia or Rome? And why did Hitler really want it? Tun
This week we discuss a man famous for his ability to freeze a beating heart with just his stories. Edgar Allan Poe was is an accomplished writer who revolutionized a genre of fiction but what about how he died? Was he kidnapped? Perhaps forced
Oh boy the Appalachian area sure is full of the unknown. This week we discuss what for sure landed in Kecksburg, PA. Was it a large nut? A time machine? Perhaps the missing Cosmos 96? Whatever it is we have a lot of eye witness's there who saw
This week we discuss the mystery lights of Marfa in Texas. Is it UFO's or just headlights from the freeway? And what do people truly see out there near the interstate? Tune in to learn about you next possible tourist destination.Thanks for list
In this episode, Chelsea discusses the Ripper Crew. They were possibly the only real Satanists to come out of the Satanic Panic. This episode is a very heavy one, with discussion of sexual violence against women and generally awful acts done by
This week we discuss a Cryptid in the Republic of Congo near the Congo River Basin. What does it truly look like? A hippo? A giraffe? Is it an amalgamation of every animal known to man? Or is the Mokele-mbembe just an excuse for white missionar
Chelsea is sick, so this week Mal is stepping in to take us on a tour of the US with a few stop-ins at some spooky locations! Join us as we discuss the Stanley Hotel, the haunted tunnels under Portland, and a couple other ominous pitstops. Than
We continue the story of how the Koh-i-noor Diamond ended dynasties and altered the political map of the world and its rulers. Also is the diamond ending the current English rule and will a mass independence happen soon? Whose to say but we are
This week we revisit the topic of Queen Elizabeth the First and her potential secretive history. We decide to go in more depth even though this was a topic we had touched on before in episode fifty-seven. Was the Queen truly a man or is the mor
First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones is a fever dream of a book. It's two separate books mashed together with little to no link between them. The idea of a grim reaper/private investigator who sees ghosts, solves crimes, and also seduces g
Ever wonder about the extent of a curse that is possibly tied to a jewel? Well the Koh-i-noor Diamond is certainly painted with the blood red history of its previous owners across the globe? From Persian generals all the way into British hands.
Has Bob's Burgers been preparing us for the last few years? Do they know something we don't? Is Tina Belcher Alex Jones in disguise? Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight are here to help us! But wait...what's apophenia?Thanks for listening and r
This week we flex our cult knowledge once again to discuss the Sullivanians and the truly triggering practices of a man trying to be a therapist. In New York Saul B. Newton decided to creature his own community around mental health but its actu
This week we take a detour into some new alarming data on Lead and its effects on the mass populace. what does Lead have to do with serial killers, archeology and Rome. Well you will just have to tune in to find out. As always stay safe out the
This week we go over the most expensive art heist in history. Was the Isabella Stewart Gardner Heist a mob hit or just underpaid workers taking advantage of a weak security system. And what of the art? And did Rick really do it? Tune in to find
Once again we dive into the Vampire Diaries series, as we follow the adventures of Elena (still hate her) as she tries to romance one vampire brother as the other vampire brother runs around causing mischief. L. J. Smith pens another novel in o
Fictiorama Studios and AMC Games have come together to create a pulpy strategy video game called the Fabulous Fear Machine. Since the plot and mechanics of the game heavily feature cults, cryptids, AND conspiracies, we were very intrigued! The
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