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Dr. Ian Lipkin is a world-class virus hunter. He has ridden the lethal storm of Covid 19, and updates us on the variants. He tells Jim Zirin to wear a mask indoors, and get his booster shot as soon as it becomes available.
Author and former Southern District prosecutor Elie Honig new best-selling book describes how Attorney General Bill Barr corrupted the justice department. Barr, in his zeal to do Trump’s bidding violated every norm of prosecutorial integrity.
Caroline Hirsh founded comedy club “Carolines On Broadway,” which featured stand-up comedians Jay Leno, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. Hirsch broke new ground opening the doors to female comics. She tells Jim Zirin how her club survived the pan
Harvard Professor Stephen Greenblatt wrote a book about political tyrants in Shakespeare from Macbeth to Coriolanus. He draws a parallel between tyrants in Shakespeare and in our time. They bully, threaten and lie to the people to maintain thei
Bob Zoellick was Deputy Secretary of State and President of the World Bank. He discusses American foreign policy, applauds the influential diplomats who succeeded, criticizes those who didn’t, and says we must follow bi-partisan traditions.
Covid has claimed the lives of nearly 600,000 Americans. How many of these lives could have been saved? Nina Burleigh, author of “Virus, Vaccinations, the CDC, and the Hijacking of America’s Response to the Pandemic,” tells Jim Zirin what went
The Oslo peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians were achieved in 1992. Tony Award-winning director Bart Sher tells JIm Zirin how he filmed the HBO movie based on the very human Oslo story.
In 2015, the U.S. concluded a nuclear deal with Iran, and Trump withdrew from the Join Comprehensive Plan of Action. Diplomat Frank Wisner hopes to put the deal back on track before the summer when Iranians hold their elections.
Harvard Law Professor Larry Tribe has considered all civil suits, and potential federal and state criminal charges targeting Donald Trump. He tells Jim Zirin that Trump has better defenses in the possible criminal cases, but he must be held acc
Council on Foreign Relations President, Richard Haass tells Jim Zirin why he changed his voter registration to non-affiliated, and says that America under Trump has lost the respect of other nations, and must work hard to recover its place in t
Leon Panetta was White House Chief of Staff for Clinton, CIA Director and Secretary of Defense for Obama. He tells Conversations With Jim Zirin that America lost ground internationally under Trump and it must restore its place in the world.
Biden wants to help people with a $1.9 trillion covid relief plan, but will it be inflationary? MSNBC Economic Contributor Steven Rattner joins Conversations With Jin Zirin to share the pitfalls, and argues that we must spur economy recovery fa
Trump is out of office and off Twitter for a while. The mob that savaged the Capitol has gone home. Or have they? DHS has warned of potential violence agitated by Biden’s electoral victory. Will our democracy survive? Distinguished law professo
CNN host and journalist Fareed Zakaria writes about 10 lessons learned in a post pandemic world. He tells "Conversations with Jim Zirin" the link between the covid crisis and the January 6th assault on democracy as Trump departs office.
Trump’s America First policies have left us bereft of allies and multilateral arrangements. Former NATO Ambassador Nick Burns tells Jim Zirin that it'll be a challenge for Joe Biden to repair the U.S.
Trump lost the election, but won’t admit it. Former New York Governor George Pataki disagrees. He tells "Conversations With Jim Zirin" Republicans must cooperate with Biden on issues of vital interest to all Americans.
Anne Applebaum, Author of "Twilight of Democracy" joins "Conversations With Jim Zirin" to discuss authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, Turkey and even the U.S. She says free elections are no guaranty that progress can be maintained.
Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) served 3 terms, and sits at a desk in the senate chamber, that's formerly occupied by 8 progressive senators. He talks about his experiences in his new book "Desk 88" on Conversations With Jim Zirin.
Author David Rubenstein of "How To Lead" joins "Conversations With Jim Zirin" to discuss his new book. He interviews 31 outstanding leaders of our time, and shares the secret of leadership is to have a strategy that gets their follower's attent
Chris Whipple, Author of "The Spymasters" tells" Conversations With Jim Zirin" how 17 CIA directors have shaped U.S. History. While some directors got it wrong the successful ones are those who had a close relationship with the President.
This year marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment gurantying women the right to vote. "She Votes!" podcaster Lynn Sherr joins "Conversations With Jim Zirin" and shares how suffragist Susan B. Anthony was tried in 1873 for the crime of trying
Will Biden’s lead in the popular vote translate into an electoral victory? Will the Democrats flip the Senate?Political analyst and pollster Doug Schoen tells JIm Zirin chances are even for the Democrats on "Conversations With Jim Zirin."
Kurt Andersen, Author of "Evil Geniuses" traces economic inequality back to the 70's and shares how the Koch brothers and their cohorts rolled back social gains of the 60's, and created economic disparity in the U.S. that will not easily be und
James. A Baker served 4 Presidents, presidential campaigns, and was White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of State. Authors Peter Baker and Susan Glasser discuss their new best selling biography "The Man Who Ran W
Bill Gates said Trump has mishandled the COVID-19 crisis from “start to finish.” Dr. Ian Lipkin, a world-class virus hunter talks the misleading messaging, the junk science, disease symptoms and treatment. He explains how we will win the race t
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