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Spring has sprung-a-dung-dung! We're in full bloom. A sight for sore eyes but also a fright for sore noses AKA allergies. We discuss the beautiful flowers we DIDN'T see in Japan because SOMEONE chose to go to SPAIN instead, how Diane's glad bra
Perhaps the best audio quality we've ever achieved?! Love tracking out growth at the ripe age of our mid-20s (that made Diane gag to type). But yes, it's festival season and with that we find out what's hiding in the crevices of Diane's car, Ca
Camille uses today's episode as a platform for her problematic defense on why she's not pork-free. But it's OK because Diane is a sinner as well :( And she is also apparently quite.....confused about the exact identity of David Foster (Wallace)
Camille chose the themes and one of them is CLONES. Yes, spooky wooky or a fun science experiment that could also lead to our doom? Well it starts with tiny South Korean dogs. Then onto bananas. Then onto celebrity dopplegangers. Help us find o
Hey ladies~~~ put ya hands up! Sorry, that’s just a song I like. But yes! We’re talking some women shit but it’s for everybody! What might not be for everybody is the rough audio quality on this episode for which we apologize. It wouldn’t be us
This episode has a whole lotta wheezing, baby! Because it was just so dang funny. For us. But hopefully for you, too. We discuss lost WWII bombs found in the sea, cheating boyfrens xoxo, and why Camille's Twitter is underrated, under appreciate
The Super Bowl happened in case you forgot which is HIGHLY likely and understandable. But we needed a theme so American football it is. But #2, as always, Aubrey stole the show for most of this brand spankin' new episode. We discuss back to bac
Trigger Warnings!!!! for the break when we discuss the true-crime documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight" which involves discussion of kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, affairs, and induced Stockholm Syndrome. OOF. This episode is complicated becau
Trigger Warnings!!!! for the break when we discuss the true-crime documentary "Abducted in Plain Sight" which involves discussion of kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, affairs, and induced Stockholm Syndrome. OOF. This episode is complicated becau
We're at it again and this time Diane goes on and on and on (I would know because I am Diane and I edited the episode) about Korea although she's a damn gyopo and has no real authority. But that's entertainment bizz baby!! And near the end you
Let's catch up with Camille and her new life as a certified Bush Baby of the Bushwick area of the Brooklyn borough of the New York City of New York State! Yes m'am! We talk the rats that are ready to attack, a new dank ass tea trend that's caus
OK yes!! It's been a minute!!! But we were doing things such as moving across the country for one person and moving across the frickin' planet for the other! Now we've had our long moment to breathe, we're here to talk to you about how Diane's
You know the phrase, "bigger and better"? Well, it does not apply here! Not completely. The audio isn't our best but we're now 99% on our own in recording and editing so it's been a learning curve. We suggest listening to this episode like you
We get SERIOUS debating the IT clown conspiracy in this episode. The theme is "pumpkin" exploring a neighborhood thief, gluten-free signifiers for trick or treaters, and the still unsolved mystery of Cornell University's infamous clock tower pu
In this week's episode, we talk all things Norway. Why? Because Diane binge watched the hit Norwegian TV show 'SKAM' and needed to spend an hour talking all about it. These Norwegians really have it figured out!! Produced by Jessica Clemmons
Our FIRST THIRD guest is JONAH GREEN! A dear friend and guy who loves making himself a productive member of society. We're unfamiliar with that feeling so this was an interesting chat indeed. Join us, won't you? *creepy hand gesture* Produced
It's that TIME OF THE YEAR. SENIOR YEAR. For some of you. Not us. We graduated. We did our time. Join us as we walk along memory lane via Diane's senior year facebook updates, parking spots and a four-part valedictorian speech. FUN. Produced b
CATS! The Episode! Off-off-off broadway. We talk about our favorite kind of house pet in this week's episode. From how vodka is literally the cure, the pickiness of one particular new editor's cats and the pest problem in Palace of Westminster.
Woah! Back to back guests? In this economy? Yup, we convinced our dear marijuana-friendly pal Chris Klemens to give us his hot take (toke?) this episode. He reads a restaurant's misleading menu for filth and plans his dream weed-packed wedding.
Howdy! Good golly gee, we have our favorite southern boy, Jon Cozart, with us this episode as our first ever guest on the podcast. He gives us the lowdown on Texas and even learns a little something. We also put our friendship to the test by in
What's the best kind of park? The amusing kind. Yes! This episode's theme is amusement parks. We cover stories about a ghost town by Chernobyl, how to pass a kidney stone via fun rollercoaster, and a somewhat short coming of age story from Dian
This should really be an episode about romantic subcultures. We have: Kama Sutra, the Sugar Bowl, and The Bachelor. Things got a little too real when Camille puts her heart on the line and auditions to Mrs. Peter Kraus. Yes, she would take both
Oh, sorry! The episode is up a day late due to editing delays, sorry! And the theme is ALCOHOL. Sorry! And coincidentally, all stories based in Canada as well. EXTRA SORRY, EH?! From mummified toes to piss in the oven, we cover a lot of ground
DUN, DUN! This episode we discuss cold cases. From a stolen gold coin in a German museum to lost love at a wrestling convention. Then with special personal mysteries from us that we're living out today. Who's Projector Boy? What does he want fr
Only episode 3 and we're already resorting to clickbait titles. But, wait! Not actually clickbait. We think. Sort of. You'll get it once you listen to the episode which we hope ya do! We talk not all but a lot of things tech: a Tinder for moms,
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