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This weeks episode sees Oli joined by Formulanerds writer Dan, along with two guests from the Grand Prix Podcast Andy and Elton as they debate the news and content in the F1 world.This week the panel discuss the Formula E season opener in Saudi Arabia which saw great wins, dramatic crashes, and even a missile strike. Following this we discuss Romain Grosjean's Indycar test debut and his first ever Indycar crash!Other talking points included Lawrence Stroll's rumoured interest in Lewis Hamilton and the return of BWT to Aston Martin, a brand that knows the company well!We have entered the season of car launches and we discuss which ones stood out, which ones were boring and which ones were copied and pasted from last year. The panel give their views on ones to watch in the season ahead, and Dan tries to convince everyone Bottas can win a world title.Follow FormulaNerds
This week on the 'Cut to The Race' podcast, Oli, Matt and Emma chat to Lawrence Barretto, Senior Writer at Formula One.    Someone who works closely with drivers and teams, getting to chat to people we can only dream of, Lawrence tells us about his career to date including stints at Autosport and He discusses how he started his role at Formula One, and what he enjoys most about the many elements of his job. He also explains what is challenging about travelling with the F1 circus.    Emma asks him if he has interviewed anyone, a driver or team, who have been particularly difficult, or awkward. The response is juicy, and Lawrence explains that sometimes he has to think on his feet.After watching the interview that Lawrence did with seven time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, Emma asks why Lewis gets such a negative response on social media despite hus success, his achievements and his involvement in inclusion and diversity within the sport.The conversation turns to the much anticipated upcoming F1 season Oli asks Lawrence if the calendar is likely to change this year due to the ongoing pandemic and we find out the impact of not having fans at the circuits has had on the sport and Lawrence's job.With the car launches in full swing,     Oli asks what team we should be watching this year, as Matt wants to know what driver line up is the strongest, and whether "super teams" are a thing.We discuss what tracks are a "must go to" and what circuits Lawrence would want to see back on the calendar.    Matt also asks Lawrence on his thoughts about the CEO of Rich Energy, William Storey, trying to make a return to F1. Is it all hot air or should we have take him seriously? While we discuss this, William Storey tweets the Nerds and ignites the rumour mill again.    Finally Emma wants to know about his shoe collection, which is now famous around the paddock, and Matt probes Lawrence on his Instagram bio, where he states he is a "burger connoisseur".Give this a listen for top tips of where to find the best burger joints around the F1 circuits.   Follow FormulaNerds
In this special episode of the 'Cut to The Race' podcast, we have a special guest on the show. Oli, Emma, Matt and Will are joined by Chief Communications Officer of Aston Martin F1, Matt Bishop.    Matt has previously worked at McLaren and most recently helped develop W Series. He has also released a new book, The Boy Made The Difference, which is beautifully written.    Matt reminisces with the Nerds about his career journey, how he was never a motorsport fan until he picked up a copy of Autosport magazine back in the day, and saw the cars on the front.   He speaks candidly about his time working as a journalist, then progressing into his role at McLaren.He discusses what he thinks of Sir Lewis Hamilton's actions last year prompting the #WeRaceAsOne initiative. He also speaks openly to the panel about Lewis as a person and a driver.    Matt helped launch W Series, the all female single seater series, with Catherine Bond Muir, in a bid to help promote females in motorsport. He discusses how it was born into what it is now, and gives us his view on when we may see a woman in an F1 car.    He discusses his role at Aston Martin and gives us his thoughts on the drivers and expectations this year for the newly rebranded team.He moves on to talk about his new book, The Boy Made The Difference. A beautifully written fiction about the true reality of HIV/AIDS through the 80s and 90s. It is also about family and love. Matt talks about his inspirations and motivations behind the book and his experiences that he drew on to write it.   Follow FormulaNerds
On this week's panel, Oli, Will and Emma discuss the latest Formula One news and debate the best race of all time.   The news this week is introduced by Emma who takes us through the headlines. The panel discuss the latest developments in Sir Lewis Hamilton's contract negotiations, including the controversial "team mate" clause. Emma also talks us through the twist in the tale in regards to the Portugese Grand Prix. The race could be cancelled due to possible travel restrictions imposed on the country but it has been reported that they could be in some money trouble and the race could be replaced with back to back races at Bahrain. Could we see the oval layout make a return this year?    The panel discuss what Stefano Dominicali has said in regards to holding another race in the United States, possibly in Miami. But this also leads the panel to discuss how much Formula One needs to promote the sport more in America, not just the week leading up to the Grand Prix.   The panel tackle the subject of reverse grid races, and the possibility that we may see Saturday sprint races in the near future.The main topic in this podcast is what the panel consider as their best race of all time.   Emma takes us through the events of the Canadian GP of 2011, and how Jenson Button won a chaotic race. Famous for being the longest race in F1 history, Button won from last place, pitted 6 times and was involved in various scuffles.   Oli discusses the Brazilian GP of 2008 when Lewis Hamilton stole the world championship title from Felipe Massa on the last lap. A race where the phrase "Is that Glock?" was born and the absolute emotion from Massa when he learned that even though he won his home race, he lost the championship by 1 point.   Will takes us back (not very far) to the Austrian GP in 2020. As the season opener, this race set the scene for a fantastic season, with 9 DNF's, Lando Norris claiming his first F1 podium and some great racing. Will is a fairly new fan to F1 so it felt right to discuss the first ever full race he watched.   The panel move on to discussing the top 10 races voted by the fans on the official F1 website, and they try very hard to remember the significant events of each race.   Follow FormulaNerds
On this week's panel we have Oli, Matt, Callum, Emma and a special guest joining us. Sam Hall, Editor at GP Fans. Callum brings us the latest news in Formula One, including the 2021 race schedule changes, the sad news of the passing of Adrian Campos, and the ongoing Sir Lewis Hamilton contract negotiations. Callum also brings us a quote from George Russell apparently taking a swipe at the seven-time world champion, which brings some debate to the proceedings. Oli is keen to get Sam's take on a recent article that Emma wrote on Fernando Alonso's return to the sport this year. Emma feels he has "had his day" and that returning could tarnish the legacy he has worked so hard to achieve, but Sam relishes the opportunity to put Emma in her place (don't worry, they are old friends!). The panel then discusses the evolution of the "new" team on the block, Aston Martin. Matt takes us back to when this iconic name first appeared in Formula One, back in 1959 and how the brand has returned to the grid. Callum discusses the timeline of events to the team we know now, from when it jumped onto the scene in 1991 under the guise of Jordan. It then became Midland F1 Racing, onto Spyker F1. Many of us will be more familiar of how the team was known as Force India and more recently, Racing Point. The panel discuss the driver selection for 2021 and whether Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are the right drivers to bring the team forward. Finally, the panel discuss their own opinions on driver pairings for the 2021 season, and what teams have it right with drivers. Emma surprises us with her choice of driver pairing, and the panel agree that Mercedes will more than likely come out on top again in 2021, but it is the fight in the midfield that we should all be watching. We end the podcast acknowledging the new bromance between Matt and our guest Sam. Not quite Sainz and Norris, but it's a Nerds first.
Join our exclusive 'Cut To The Race Podcast' group on facebook!   On this week’s episode Oli, Callum, Will, and Matt put on their tin-foil hats to discuss some of F1’s biggest controversies.   Will starts off the gang by relaying the story of the missing telemetry from Arytin Senna’s 1994 Imola crash. Was this a deliberate maneuver by Williams or just unfortunate circumstance that led to the loss of a great? Will guides us through the legal proceedings and the investigative findings of the FIA and local municipalities involved as well as paying tribute to the legend the sport lost in this mysterious crash.   Matt actually did some research and delves into the Spygate fiasco of the 2007 formula one season. With Ferrari, Mclaren, and Renault all involved as well as some big names (including Jean Todt, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Ron Dennis),the tale turns to raise some very serious questions about the impartiality of the FIA and the governing bodies. With all the spying and illegal activity, it only feels fitting to have taken place in 007.    Adding fuel to the conspiracy fire, Oli recounts the mysterious conditions surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s mysterious and all too convenient engine failure at the Brazilian Grand Prix. With Alonso and Hamilton not playing nice and getting along in the McLaren garage, did the FIA sacrifice sir Lewis’ hopes of a title as recompense for them competing in 2008? Did Kimi Raikkonen just get lucky with his championship that year or was more at play? Our panel lastly delves into the hotly contested debate about the 2016 champ Nico Rosberg’s first, last, and only drivers championship.   Callum reminds us of the history between the two and the unusual outcome that season produced. Did Mercedes leadership and bosses play a role in the mysterious gearbox issue?In a shocking turn of events, the panel may even defend Nico the more is it discussed. Join us and relive all the drama and intrigue of the controversies that still plague the F1 community as a whole.
On our panel this week, Oli, Emma, Callum and Matt discuss breaking news from this week and the very popular but much-hated debate “Is it The Car?” Join Our Podcast Group on Facebook Emma and Callum take us through the breaking news of this week including the news that Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc tested positive for Covid-19, the rumour that ex Haas driver Romain Grosjean could potentially have a drive in Indycar and the possibility that we could lose Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan from the calendar this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Follow us on Twitter The panel also discusses the news that William Storey and his Rich Energy brand could return to F1, and that Red Bull are in talks with Honda regarding a power unit deal from 2022. The main debate about car vs driver sparks discussion amongst the panel, with the conversation starting with a comparison of three main team and driver eras of Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes and their respective drivers Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Follow us on Instagram Then the panel discuss driver pairings such as Lewis Hamilton vs Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, and Matt tries hard to defend Ferrari yet again. We look at race wins in each era, and decide which era was the most dominant. Follow us on Facebook 
In our Cut to The Race special episode, Oli and Emma interview F1 journalist and correspondent Ben Hunt. Ben is an established Formula One and football journalist, working for The Sun newspaper here in the U.K. He gives us his views on the newly announced F1 calendar for 2021, and whether 23 races this year is a bit ambitious given the circumstances. The trio discuss Netflix and the Drive to Survive series which has brought a lot of new fans into the sport and THAT cameo Ben had in the Mercedes episode. He gives us the low down on the headlines that came from that cameo, plus his thoughts on Sir Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. Oli mentions Haas and the driver of car number 9, and Ben explains his thoughts on why said driver should have been sacked but gives the reasons why Haas have kept him. He gives us an insight into what it is like to be a journalist, the challenges, the highlights, the travelling and what some of the drivers are like. Emma asks Ben on his opinion of Lance Stroll and Oli asks Ben his honest opinion on Sergio Perez at Red Bull and Aston Martin. Strap yourselves in for some juicy stories and opinions!
This week Oli and Will hold down the fort covering this week's latest news and we replay an interview with Former Silverstone Logistics Manager who shares some inside stories with the team.
Oli, Emma & Matt discuss this week's news and the best of the 2020 season.
To put a smile on your face this Christmas... Here is a selection of our favourite moments since launching the podcast this year.
Callum and Oli are fresh out of their exclusive interview with Karun Chandhok and Matt, well Matt got up especially early to record this podcast so is chugging coffee like it is being rationed, AND Emma returns after spending 3 weeks in the wilderness with no Wi-Fi and moving house.   We discuss the latest F1 news and commence part one of our 2020 season review. Hot off the press is the news that Sergio Perez is confirmed to race at Red Bull next year with Alex Albon being dropped from the team. It is a move that most of our panel agree with and is pleased about, however, Callum seems disappointed and states he would rather have Albon in the seat. But not if it was his own money.   Mercedes announce that Toto Wolff will be staying with the team for another few years amid speculation that he could leave after being connected to Aston MartinRacing. The Nerds believe this could be a key factor as to why Lewis Hamilton has still not been confirmed in the team next year. He is a seven-time world champ, he can do what he wants seems to be the popular opinion from the panel, but Emma suggests with so much talk around Hamilton's future in the sport, he may be wanting to hash out the finer details especially with budget caps coming into force. The panel briefly discusses the latest on a certain young Russian driver due to be joining the Haas team next year.   Haas has said they may keep the details of their investigation private but does that mean that the rich kid keeps his seat when every fan, pundit, journalist, and the people that he will be working closely with believe he should be sacked?Are Haas biding their time to find another backer? Or is there a loophole where they can get rid of him but keep the money?   We then turn the discussion to the season review, starting with the teams and driver performance over this short season. The conversation starts at Williams, where we agree that Nicholas Latifi really isn't doing anything, that George Russell should get his first points for Williams next year and that the team are taking baby steps forward. As we discuss Haas, we agree that the decision to remove both drivers and bring in younger blood was probably the best decision to make but we believe that a certain Russian driver should never have been given the drive. Giovanazzi gets a mention. We all agree that Gasly has been sensational. And Emma gets giddy talking about Daniel Ricciardo. Matt does his best to keep it together when talking about Ferrari.   We wrap up with the top 4 teams, with Emma giving us insight to Perez vs Stroll. Callum gives us the stats of the season and Oli talks us through the performance of the champions, Mercedes.   Follow us at: - www.Facebook/formulanerds  - www.Instagram/formulanerds - www.Twitter/formulanerds Or read our latest news and opinions at
This week our panel discusses the action? at the 2020 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Due to the team's technical difficulties last week, they briefly discuss the Sakhir Grand Prix as well. We have a brief chat with our mysterious founder Andy as he emerges from the shadows to tag along for this weekend’s review. A disappointing day and a hangover has the team dragging. Much like Antonio Giovinazzi, there wasn’t a lot to get excited about today. Our panel once again ruminates on the futures of Sergio Perez and Alex Albon. The team also takes a brief look at the status and numbers of number two drivers like Valterri Bottas and Esteban Ocon throughout the grid to see what the numbers tell us. McLarens magical formula with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris proves to be an exception to the status quo of the rest of the F1 field’s structuring and they were rewarded handsomely for it. The Nerds briefly remind us that Alpha Tauri still have yet to name the driver that will be taking Kvyat’s place for next season. Could it be Yuki Tsunoda? As the episode draws to a close, the gang comment on the exceptional helmets of Romain Grosjean, George Russell, Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez, and Sebastian Vettel. Matt gives us a shakedown of the personnel changes at Ferrari and what they could mean for the future (of course he does). Alas, much like Kevin Magnussen, the Nerds bid the 2020 Formula 1 season adieu and look forward to 2021 and the offseason.
We struggle through this emotional episode in utter disbelief that Grosjean escaped almost certain death.  This week on the panel we welcome Oli, Matt, Will, and Callum to talk us through the first race at Bahrain and their reactions over the course of the (extended) race. The panel starts off by recounting the extraordinary events and details of Romain Grosjean’s much covered crash. The panel was actually watching the race together as a first to and we get a glimpse into what their interactions and reactions were with one another. With the, sometimes debated HALO saving Romain and allowing him to escape with minor burns, fans the world over will relate to the reaction the team has and how hard it was to watch such an unprecedented accident in this “safe” era of F1. Safety was a very common theme throughout the race broadcast and the podcast episode due to the events on track. Matt gives a very brief overview of just how far we have come from the old days and a few safety implementations since then. Will provides us with an easily relatable yet in depth look at the Halo system and the impact it has had. The panel also briefly touches on the perception of the modern day F1 driver and remind us of the inherent dangers motor racing entails. As always, the gang circle back around to ruminate on Sergio Perez and what next year holds in store for him. From a brilliant race to a fiery retirement to possibilities outside of Formula One all are discussed. Sergio had a very strong race and that could make the decision for Red Bull even more difficult. But what does the press conference slated for Monday, November 30th have in store for us? Will we hear from Red Bull or is Checo being forced to announce the end of his road in F1 for now? Next week, F1 will run a very high speed iteration of the current Bahrain track. With Mercedes’ dominance and the straights being the key points of contention, the Nerds look ahead to make their best guesses at what the second race holds for us. Some hyperbole leads to a discussion of the largest victories in racing history and some other humorous stats and quips. To close out this week, our panel take a brief look at the constructor and driver standings. Who was right in their guesses from last week? What teams and drivers made the biggest strides forward? How cheeky can Callum be if he was right? Overall our lads remembered to keep it light despite the emotional aftermath that was this race. While maybe not the best overall race this year (or even close to it) theres still plenty to be discussed out in the desert
This week, we get the giggles and it falls apart with panel: Oli, Matt, Callum and Emma who, on a non-race weekend, discuss the winners and losers of the Turkish Grand Prix and look ahead to the triple header at Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.    The panel discuss the top three drivers from the Turkish Grand Prix, your winner and now 7 time world champion Lewis Hamilton, second placed Sergio Perez in his Racing Point and the fact that Sebastian Vettel took the podium for the first time in a year and the move, or mistake from his team mate Charles Leclerc, that got him there.   After claiming his maiden Formula One pole position, Lance Stroll failed to convert it into a win, or even a top three, so the panel discuss how his race panned out. Was it just Stroll being Stroll or was there an issue with the car? The panel discuss this, and all come to the same conclusion. It seems the changing conditions in Turkey brought the more experienced, wet weather masters to the forefront during race day, and Strollwas just not good enough.   The race is rated and each of the panel name their driver of the day at Istanbul.   Moving on the panel discuss the current championship standings and how tight it is in the midfield battle for 3rd in the constructors with minimalpoints between the teams. It really is anybody’s guess who will grab 3rd, but each of the panel make their prediction not just in the constructors but in the race for 4thin the driver’s championship. There is no surprise who Emma predicts, with Callum and Matt agreeing that Daniel Ricciardo will take 4th, with Oli......well...making a surprising prediction with Charles Leclerc.   The panel briefly discuss the upcoming race in Bahrain with various opinions on how the “oval” circuit will compare to the usual track. Will it be a boring race? Matt thinks it may be more suited to NASCAR or IndyCar, but it is certain Formula One cars will be super-fast, with 87 laps over a 3.5km circuit and various DRS zones.   Of course, it would not be a FormulaNerds podcast without mentioning Red Bull and Alex Albon. The subject is discussed once again, as the Red Bull driver had the race in Turkey to prove he deserves the seat at the team. Did he prove his worth? The panel don’t seem to think so.   Callum arrived to the podcast wearing a rather fetching FormulaNerds official t-shirt featuring the Spa racetrack design. Despite Oli trying to grab a screenshot of his t-shirt for you all to see, laughter ensued, mascara ran, Matt needed to mute himself from giggling and Oli had to walk away. At this point all was lost, shenanigans started and there was a possible roadtrip to Spa discussed involving a motorhome, a one man tent and nobody being allowed to use Emma’s private bathroom.   Sounds like the perfect Top Gear episode doesn’t it?   Makesure to follow us on: Visit our website at www.formulanerds.comto read the latest F1 news, opinion pieces, watch “Our Normal Bloke” and buy Callum’s t-shirt at our shop!
  This week we welcome to the panel: Oli, Matt, Johnni , Emma and Will who warmly welcome two very special guests this week. W Series drivers Abbie Eaton and Sarah Moore join the panel to discuss all things W Series and answer questions from the Nerds - our Turkish GP race review will follow during the week. In a FormulaNerds ‘Cut to The Race' special, Abbie Eaton and Sarah Moore join us to discuss W Series, and what they are most looking forward to next year after the announcement that W Series will support 8 F1 races next year. We delve into how W Series has been the catalyst to drive more women into the motorsport industry, whether it is racing, engineering or media. Abbie and Sarah tell us what W Series aims to achieve and what they are continuing to do to provide a platform for women and young girls. They both share their career highlights and lows, and tell us the challenges they have faced in their careers. They both discuss the hard work they need to put in to race in single seaters, and tell us their wishlist of circuits on the F1 calendar that they would like to race. It is safe to say the Nerds were buzzing by the notion of Abbie and Sarah joining us on the podcast, Emma and Sarah go way back, well about 5 years, and she also drove a Ferrari 360 around Silverstone with Abbie as a passenger (and Abbie is still with us!). Go give our new W Series fans a follow: Sarah Moore Abbie Eaton Make sure to follow us on: Visit our website to read more about Formula 1 news, watch Will’s videos and get some FormulaNerds merchandise.  
This week we welcome to the panel: Oli, Matt, Callum and Will who – while no race was held this week – shall discuss the details of Red Bull Racing, Who the greatest legend was, What F1's elite drivers are paid and the sort of facts new fans need to know.   Will talks about a new info-video he is releasing this Tuesday which details some key and some more light-hearted facts that new F1 fans will benefit from knowing. From who some of F1's legends are too what teams used to be great and are now sub-par! He also gives us a deep dive on the history of Red Bull. From their early sponsorship of Sauber in '95 through to the dominant years in 2010 and the Max Verstappen based powerhouse we know today! This is a wildly interesting team and there is a lot to unpack!   Callum then reveals what some of our followers favourite Facebook posts were this week and sparks the debate as to who the best F1 driver of all time was in “Prost VS Senna”. Matt makes his case for Prost and sprinkles some spicy chat into the podcast :) God knows he isn't the only American to stir up debate this week ;)   Callum then sets us off again on who the best champion was from 2000-2010 and rounds off the debate with predictions on what team will come in 3rd at the end of the season, McLaren, Renault or Racing Point! The midfield teams all have had their share of success and sadness throughout this season so it will be an extremely exciting end to see which one manages to come out on top! Can Renault keep on finishing highly, should Danny Ric have stayed and not gone to McLaren???   Oli plays guessing games with the panel as we talk driver Salaries, from the smallest earners to the biggest money makers, also the cost of an F1 car itself and even down to the specifics of gear changes per lap! This is some all out, no holds barred proper nerding :) He and Matt also drop the bomb about our impending event in Brackley where A REAL F1 DRIVER will be partnering with us and the Formula Model Shop who make some of the best formula one models on the market :)   This is a seriously good episode not to be missed where once again we prove that despite a lack of racing action we WILL make F1 content... and also argue a bit!   Make sure to follow us on: Visit our website to read more about Formula 1 news, watch Will’s videos and get some FormulaNerds merchandise.
This week we welcome to the panel: Oli, Matt, Callum and Emma who talk through this weekend's race at Imola and what this historic circuit means to every Formula One fan around the world.    Callum discusses rumours and news from this past week, including the announcement that Pierre Gasly will remain at the Alpha Tauri team. We also touch on the news that Williams are retaining both if their drivers for next year, putting those rumours of a Perez move to bed.   Imola means a lot to the Formula One community, as it is widely associated with the tragic race weekend in 1994 which ended in the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. Matt takes us on a journey through that moment in history and the impact it has had on the sport. Emma pays tribute to Roland Ratzenberger, the young Austrian driver who sadly lost his life in qualifying of that weekend in 1994.   The circuit has changed since the 90’s and the panel have different views on if the sport should have returned to Imola and why the first half of the race was pretty boring. From lap 30 we saw a virtual safety car brought out by the retirement of Esteban Ocon, then the actual safety car caused by Max Verstappen beaching his Red Bull at the Tamburello corner.   This weekend was slightly different, we had no Friday practice to discuss as the race weekend consisted of two days, not that we missed the practice sessions, let's be honest. With Mercedes grabbing another front row lock out in qualifying, with Valtteri Bottas taking pole position ahead of team mate Lewis Hamilton, we discuss the antics provided during the race. Mercedes gunning for their seventh world championship, Antonio Giovinazzi and his amazing starts of late, plus George Russell and the point he could have had. Emma gets super excited about two incidents involving Lance Stroll, a racing incident on lap 2 and the fact that he run over a mechanic during his pit stop. Matt discusses Sebastian Vettel's 13 second pit stop and his thoughts on Ferrari's performance.   We also discuss the retirements from the race, including Callum's favourite for a podium, Pierre Gasly.   It was a touch and go race for Valterri Bottas, who suffered damage to his floor on lap 2. He benefited from the retirement of Max Verstappen, and with Alex Albon spinning out after the safety car restart, it gave Mercedes their seventh title, which put a massive smile on Oli's face! A round of applause is also deserved in the midfield Daniil Kvyat made some last lap moves to take home 4th for Alpha Tauri and Charles Leckerc dragged the Ferrari home for 5th. A poor strategy decision from Racing Point left Sergio Perez in 6th.   Lewis Hamilton claimed his 93rd grand prix win, with Valterri Bottas on the podium next to him. Everyone's favourite Aussie Daniel Ricciardo took the final podium place in a race that focused on strategy, lacked overtaking and told a great story.   Make sure to follow us on:,   Visit our website to read more about Formula 1 news, watch Will’s videos and get some FormulaNerds merchandise.
This week the panel consists of: Oli, Matt, Callum and Will who talk through the Portuguese Grand Prix, and what a cracker of a race that was.   We discuss the biggest news of the week, Haas binning both their current drivers, chat about rumours and Will gets to guess the podium.   Valtteri Bottas dominates Free Practices but cannot deliver when it counts. Lewis Hamilton gets his 92nd win and takes the record for himself. Racing Point has illness issues and especially Lance Stroll seems to suffer from this decease. With Hass letting both Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen go after the season speculations run rampant as to who takes over and what will happen to the likeable duo in the white FIAT’s. Callum has the lowdown on paddock rumours and guides us through them with the usual tongue in cheek banter. Will did not get to watch the race this week and will be guessing the podium. Will he get it or fail miserably? The Portimao Racetrack delivered excitement and action from the first practice session to the end of the race With Pierre Gasly’s car catching fire, Lance Stroll crashing twice in the same way in the same corner and Kimi Räikkönen delivering one of the best first laps in the history of the sport we have a lot to cover. Charles Leclerc, Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi had amazing first laps and took several places, but best of all a McLaren ended up in the lead. Carlos Sainz took first place after Lewis Hamilton mysteriously drove very slowly, unfortunately for the Spaniard, he couldn't keep the spot for long, and we resumed business as usual with a Mercedes 1-2.Video   Links mentioned in Episode: - James hunt punches Marshall - Schumacher And Hill Collide - Max Verstappen FIGHTS Esteban Ocon - Magnussen tells Hulkenberg "Suck my balls!   Make sure to follow us on:,   Visit our website to read more about Formula 1 news, watch Will’s videos and get some FormulaNerds merchandise.
This Week... - Emma guides us through a GP. - Johnni guesses something right for the first time in his life. - Oli gets excited. ...And Will gets smashed.
This week on the show - Oli, Matt and Callum discuss Renault leaving F1, the 2021 regulations, Perez' final chances to secure a seat next year and we interview up and coming British F4 Driver Frederick Lubin.
Sochi is normally a procession race. This one was different. Sainz, Stroll and Hamilton all got in trouble. Listen to the panel tell Emma about the race and discuss key incidents. Follow the FormulaNerds: Facebook - Search 'Formula Nerds' Instagram - @FormulaNerds
With no race this weekend, we discuss the latest F1 news and get slightly sidetracked once or twice!
*Spoiler alert: Mugello is pretty good* Our review of a 4 hour broadcast with 2 hours of racing. Come along as we try to unravel the pell mell that was the Tuscan GP.
Its finally here!! The Formula Nerds are proud to announce the first episode of our podcast "Cut to the Race"!!! Get ready to learn what you can expect going forward as we break down on track action and breaking news in the F1 world!!
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