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Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger

A weekly Education, Religion and Spirituality podcast
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Episodes of Dare to Dream

Highlights:1.The entire 2022 year in detail & what to expect 2.Personal information about Susan you've never heard before!3.Each zodiac sign in depth for this year 4.Listen to what Susan shares about # Grief - Let Susan know what helped you get
WATCH NOW HIGHLIGHTS:1.A rare journey beyond the limits of your waking consciousnesses2.The Universe shows there is nothing to ever worry about3.A hypnotists journey4.Developed by the late Dolores Cannon, being a Level 3 QHHT facilitator5.Light
HIGHLIGHTS WATCH NOW:- Lisa does live calls plus healings for us ALL- What to say to change your mindset and day- Ancestral mathematics- How to activate a healingThis episode features a healer whose works with inherited emotional DNA that manif
Highlights:1.Witness testimonies2.Other worldly metal discovered3.Poisonous plants growing after the crash4.An avocado-shaped craft, weighting several tons5.The three beings6.Retrieved UFO debris plus devices raise important scientific question
My guest is Adam Apollo who shares insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality, and the future as a "Next Generation Leadership" ambassador at the White House, in multiple NEXUS and other summits at the United Nation
Lions of Lyra is a 2-piece American Upbeat healing medicine music band that hails form California. The band formed in 2020 based on a collection of healing, spirit connecting, love activating, and sacred music. The band members, who met at an
WATCH NOW HIGHLIGHTS:1.What being an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar means?2.The current #planetary changes?3.What is #LightLanguage4.The Divine Matrix and #Quantum #Consciousness5.Our Unique #Soul #Design. My guest is Viviane Chauvet an inter
WATCH NOW: - A heart of heaven and a heart of earth exercise - Flordemayo leads us in a powerful prayer to the #goddess - How she healed a woman on stage – On the energy of a #luminous being -Her knowledge of the Crystal Skulls This episode fe
HIGHLIGHTS:1.How Pamela awakened for 6 months with divine downloads that became a Blueprint for the Human Spirit 2.Dr. Gerali quote: “We show up as the voice, hands, and heart of God, to dance like the perfect diva essence.”3.Her 40-day healing
MORGAN DAMILIER a prolific author who sees and communicates with fairies & elementals. On Dare to Dream with Debbi DachingerLISTEN NOW HIGHLIGHTS:•Irish myth and magical practices, fairies, and elementals•Fairies, UFOs, Aliens – is there a con
WATCH THIS NOW:Highlights ~•Trauma, Resilience, and Healing•Unlocking the body for huge, seismic shifts•Treating the source of chronic disease, rather than the symptom•Utilizing holistic & psychological diagnostic methods to determine the strat
WATCH NOW HIGHLIGHTS:-Climate change and worldwide fires-Unsung heroes and their inspiring stories-An All-Star Voice Cast who will surprise you!-What is important in the face of adversity-Ways to promote emotional and mental health-How two peop
Watch This Now Highlights~-How Doug was transformed by encounters with advanced extra-terrestrials-How to create a frequency relationship -Universal principles that give the best connection with our Spirit guides and Higher Self?-Atlantis and L
WATCH NOW HIGHLIGHTS:1.Statements made by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on government cover ups2.Where the Truth Embargo and Disclosure is as of Today?3.Steve offers new #Science and #Physics4.The Implications of #Extraterrestrial Phenomen
Replay Highlights:1.How to Visualize your future to achieve your desires2.How Controlling Time allows us to deal with old Wounds or Traumas3.Manipulating time for exercise or if you’re an athlete?4.Interesting facts about Quantum Entanglement5.
HIGHLIGHTS for WHY TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW:1. Sacred geometry and crystals2. How the Yahyel’s are like and unlike humans3. How to know if you are the parent of a hybrid child4. What Yahyel spacecraft look like5. Arjun on Buddhism6. Arjun for an
Show Highlights:-Proven navigation to pass safely across the turbulence of the mind into the region of the soul-Having a map or a blueprint of consciousness-How one person can make a difference?-How you can live deliberately?This episode is abo
WHY WATCH BOB DOYLE NOW:Highlights:-What Transformation Personality Type you are?-How your Brain can be Rewired to become the Reality you want Now-A Grounded, Biological look at what Controls our Experiences, our Brain-Neuroplasticity and Brain
WATCH THIS NOW HIGHLIGHTS:- What is the spirit of aging?- Getting older and breaking through #denial- Age and your value- #Conscious and positive aging- #Online opportunities for #eldersThis episode is about The Inner Work of Age. My guest is
WATCH THIS NOW HIGHLIGHTS: 1. The History of the “Abduction Phenomena,” Going Back to Pre-Biblical Time 2. Clients Who Were Shown Their Hybrid Children 3. What is “Staging” or a “Screen Memory?” 4. The #SuperSoldier Program This episode is ab
DR TONY NADER, head of the international #TranscendentalMeditation organization in 100+ countries, #medical doctor, #neuroscientist, and international #scholar with mastery in both modern #science and timeless #Vedic wisdom. WATCH NOW HIGHLIGHT
WHY YOU MUST WATCH THIS NOW HIGHIGHTS:DANIEL Sheehan, esq: Famed Attorney in the fight with the #Pentagon to quicken #UFO #Disclosure & #Extraterrestrial Contact, on Dare to Dream Podcast with Debbi Dachinger-Why the ETs are here – their real m
HIGHLIGHTS:-Why the relentless ET activity?-How Rockefeller and the Clintons are connected?-Nuclear Missiles & the message from the ETs-Key evidence about the existence and presence of ETsThis episode is about Close Encounter News on UFOs, Unid
WHY YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS NOW HIGHLIGHTS:•The 3 truths that will set us free•How We Can Shatter the Illusions of Limiting beliefs?•How to align with being a creator and in charge of our life script#JimPhillips #surrender #detachment #podcast #De
WHY YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS NOW HIGHLIGHTS:1.3 Biggest mistake #entrepreneurs & business owners make2.3 Ways you can ensure Business Success3.How to Vet Potential Clients in Advance4.Justin’s work as a counterintelligence agent for the US Governme
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