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Welcome to the end of our podcast. We will be watching the Dark Knight Rise together with you and give our thoughts and feelings on the movie. Thank you for joining on this journey and good luck to you all.   Follow us on:   Facebook: facebook
Join us as we go over the rest of the Dark Knight. We go over the Joker and all of his plans and how Harvey transforms into Two-Face and more.   Follow us on:   Facebook: facebook.com/darkknightminute Twitter: twitter.com/darkknightmin  Join t
We see that the Joker is not dead and we get his why so serious speech. We also see some of the Joker’s recruitment techniques. Next Fox is off to meet with Lou and cancel their business deal in person. Lou is pretty upset due to the fact that
 Hey Everyone! We are finally back from our long hiatus and we have an announcement about the future of the show. We talk about where we are in life and how we are going to handle things moving forward.    Follow us on:   Facebook: facebook.co
We get to see where Bruce has stolen the Russian ballet off to. On his yacht in the Bahamas, Bruce goes off on a swim while Alfred is left to serve many sunbathing ballerinas. Then we get a look at Gamble and where he spends his time. Wait, th
This minute is packed with three different scenes. First, we finish up with Bruce and Fox in Applied Science. Then we move on to Bruce and Alfred making plans for their upcoming trip to Hong Kong. They need an alibi for this trip and Alfred ha
Batman, Gordon, and Dent finish up their rooftop conference in the normal Batman style with him disappearing. We move from that meeting to another meeting between Fox and Bruce as they discuss an upcoming trip to Hong Kong. However, Bruce has
The meeting between the Joker and the mob comes to an abrupt end as Joker tugs on grenade pins and makes his exit. We then see Harvey using Gordon’s spotlight to contact Batman. Batman and Gordon both show up and a discussion/ argument starts.
The Joker and the mob are not on best terms and this business meeting isn’t going that well. They’ve laughed at his plan and his price, but his vest is no laughing matter.    Check out Alice over at the Now You've Seen It Podcast   Follow us o
The Joker is now starting to sling insults and the mobsters are throwing some back. This therapy season isn’t going the best. The Joker suggests that the solution to everyone's problem is to kill Batman. Again, no one is taking him seriously.
We see how proud Lou is of his plan for saving all of their money. He is then interrupted by a very slow and threatening laugh. Enter the Joker and his magic trick. Now it is time for the Joker to start running this meeting.   Follow us on:  
So the mob briefly discusses a “small” amount of 68 million dollars that was stolen from them. They then immediately dismiss the Joker. The Joker! All they are concerned about is the police tracking their money with marked bills.   Follow us o
We get to the end of the discussion at dinner and it ends with Bruce getting ready to throw money around again. We then get to see what a mob business meeting looks like. The location is not very glamorous and the tech is super questionable bu
We have a deep discussion about whether Gotham should allow Batman to continue operating as he is. Harvey the Batman fanboy fights for his pal and makes his famous quote “you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.  
In this minute we try to solve one of the age-old Batman problems.  How can Batman turn his head? Finally, a Batman that will solve this problem. We then see Harvey attempting to have a nice dinner with Rachel but is promptly interrupted by Br
So we are back into one of our famous meeting moments. Lou and Fox seem fairly excited about this deal. Unfortunately, Bruce is so excited that he is asleep. After Lou and his exec team leave Fox and Bruce discuss the real reason for the meeti
Harvey and Gordon strike a deal. Harvey will back Gordon’s warrants as long as Gordon will give him the name of the banks and his trust. They also discuss Harvey’s time at internal affairs and how dirty Gordon’s unit is. Lastly, we get a momen
Harvey and Gordon meet for the first time and start to play their game of chess together. They are both planning things close to the vest and Gordon is being very political about his knowledge of the Batman.   Follow us on:   Facebook: faceboo
As Harvey is about to put Maroni away everything gets turned on its head. Harvey survives by punching a witness and breaking his gun. Harvey then celebrates by flirting with his girlfriend before his next meeting.   Follow us on:   Facebook: f
We have had some technical difficulties with this week's episodes. Some mob activity was happening near the scene of the recording and Gotham PD confiscated the audio files for evidence. So we will need to re-record this week's episodes and we
In this minute we get our introduction to Harvey Dent. He is the newly elected district attorney and he is late for a hearing that he is supposed to run. We are also introduced to his lucky coin and then we start a trail going up against the m
As Alfred finishes patching up Bruce, they discuss knowing Bruce and Batman’s limits. There may be an I told you so on the way. Now we get to meet Rachel for the first time in this movie. Did she do something different with her hair? She looks
Since we lost Wayne Manor we get to see the backup Bat cave, which has no bats at all. In a giant underground room, we find Bruce trying to stitch himself up after his even fight with some dogs. Alfred has his quips locked and loaded.    Follo
We listen in on Batman and Gordon discussing their plans for the mob and brushing aside the Joker as though he is not a big deal. We feel sorry for Gordon as Batman Ninjas him and bad for Alfred for wasting time on breakfast for an empty bed. 
We get to see one batman’s coolest moves in this minute. His precise timing and ability to disable a van just by landing on it. Wrap them up nice for the police Batman. Now it’s time to go have a chat with Gordon.   Check out Dr. Disaster at E
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