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Nate Parker Talks American Skin Movie

Released Thursday, 28th January 2021
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Day 1 Radio has started 2021 speaking with a number of influential filmmakers and this week's episode keeps the trend going. Actor/director Nate Parker opened up about what inspired him to write his recently released film American Skin. In the conversation, we speak on race, police brutality, and all of the themes covered in the film and how it acted as a mirror to real life. 
1:30 - Who did you make this film for? Nate talks about taking in his young nephew and Michael Brown's 2014 death as inspirations to make this film about young Black men and their relationship with the police. He calls the film an "answer" for young people with questions on how to protect themselves.
7:40 - Nate speaks on the first time he had to have the "the talk" with his mother about how to deal with the police. 
9:45 - Nate talks about if he feels films like this will actually change people's (i.e. cops, cop apologists, etc.) minds about how they see the police's relationship with the Black community. 
13:40 - Branden asks Nate to speak on one of the more emotionally-charged parts of the film when a young Black male character confronts a Black cop attempting to calm the family of a man who has been killed by police. He also speaks on the "old playbook" move of getting the family members of victims of police brutality to get on TV and ask for peace. He also speaks on how many people enter the police force to create change, but simply cannot. 
18:00 - Nate reveals that there were plenty of instances of having to stop filming to allow cast members to process the scenes and dialog they were acting out. He also talks about the advantages of having the film being released direct-to-consumer because of current COVID restrictions.
24:00 - Spike Lee’s involvement with the film. 
27:35 - Nate shares his feelings on whether or not police reform is actually possible. He also talks about the need to have both politicians and militants working together to make a change in the Black community. 
30:45 - Nate gives an update on some of his other projects that are attacking the prison industrial complex and inner-city life. Nate also speaks on the importance not alienating younger generations in the quest for freedom and justice. 
35:00 - Nate speaks on having Mt. Rushmore (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, Too $hort) release their first song together on the American Skin soundtrack. He also talks about how Snoop himself made it come together in less than a month.
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