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Dead Men Roll No Crits

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We are back on the officer's crew of the Tidebreaker on this weeks DMRNC, with Captain Casius and the rest having tracked the sunkeen remains of the vessel the Brine Banshee. Through what they find beneath the waves is quite shocking...or shoul
We are back aboard the Tidebreaker this week looking for a vessel and a magical ring, but in this week's episode, we look at the events through the eyes of the crew, especially the B-team as they watch the officers lead them into dangerous wate
It's finally come, the episode where Patrick as GM loses not just a fight, but complete control over this podcast. The Tidebreaker crew return to the port of Ollo, looking for Haneilious Fitch, a old sailor friend of Elaerys' Pirate Uncle, as w
In this double-long episode of DMRNC the crew is out on the high seas tracking down a scurvy prey: A crew of wreckers who are said to use illusions to wreck ships and take their cargo, without so much as a care for the Pirate Code.  The enem
This week the heroes and scoundrels aboard the Tidebreaker are in Tessa Fairwinds port of Quent, visiting the temple of Calistria known as the "House of Stolen Kisses". This house of ill repute is home to whores, assassins and secrets that the
A new potential ally reveals herself to the crew of the Tidebreaker, and a new threat potentially is uncovered. Under the guise of a dinner in the hills the course of political machinations in the Shackles is unfurled like a patch-work sail, an
After a black out party the crew of the Tidebreaker celebrates their hangovers with a bar brawl, a former bully, and a chase across the city of Port Peril to remember, a chase for the ages!  How to Get More Pirate Action Dead Men Roll No
On this week's episode a tale as old as time, a story told to crowds, a love of cold ale and stale bread, Beauty and the Beastly! Captain Casius has to impress the court of the Hurricane King Kerdak Bonefist himself, and if he wants to succeed
This week on DMRNC we continue down the path of piratedom and the crew of the Tidebreaker are on their way to a soiree held at Lucrehold castle, the stronghold of none other than the Hurricane King himself! Before they get there though they wil
The rest of Tsadok Goldtooth's test await the Tidebreaker crew as they have entered the waters of Port Peril. A high-stakes alcohol fueled card game is first on the agenda? Can Captain Casius escape with his booty intact? Find out on this week'
This week the crew of the Tidebreaker return to where this adventure all began...the Pirate Capital of Port Peril, but they have a hold full of treasure and a reputation as a ship to be feared and admired. But as they pull into port none other
The crew is able to count their coins, appraise their gems, spellcraft thier magics and divvy up the loot on this week's Dead Men Roll No Crits! You will want to stick around those for we have an explanation of the magical pearl that  Hanto has
The leader may be slain, but there is still death and devastation in these caves. A prized magical chair worth hundreds in gold must be exhumed from the underwater sea caverns, but to do so the party must venture forth into uncharted caves on t
This week's episode has the crew of the Tidebreaker bounce back from the brink of obliteration to take the fight to the murdersome leader of this rabble, this tribe of sea devils. Krelloort the Terrible is ready for them, though many of his war
This weeks is the fatally FUN conclusion of one of the most brutal combats in the history of this podcast! The heroes are underwater and surrounded by Sea Devils, Hanto is unconscious and everyone is low on hit points. How will the crew of the
Returning to the sea caves beneath Mancatcher Cove, the upper levels cleared of Sea Devils the party continue to dive deeper into the darkened dugout.  Little did they know that the massive matronly mother of the tribe is laying in wait for the
This week the party retreats with the Locathah prisoner and retreat to the surface. While they think that they're safe in the Right Eye cavity though, something lurks outside, spying them inside!!! How to Get More Pirate Action Dead Men R
This week on DMRNC the crew continues their treasure hunt in the water-logged caves beneath Mancatcher Cove, fighting off Sea Devils and creatures that infest those caverns. Who or what will they find down there? Only time will tell as you join
In this week's episode, the crew of the Tidebreaker with their erstwhile enemy Isabella Locke descend into the depths of the caverns beneath  Mancatcher Cove. Will they find the famous treasure rumored to be hidden here or will they find death
This weeks episode finds an unlikely 5-some on the hunt for buried treasure and the hidden loot at Mancatcher's cove. This mission is too dangerous for the other crew members, so its up to the  4 senior treasure aficionados of the Tidebreaker t
The crew have formed an uneasy alliance with Isabella Locke, who wants revenge on her former mate Knuckles Grype almost as much as the body builder wants to break Casius. They head to islands depicted on the map tattooed on Isabella, and try to
This week's episode sees the Tidebreaker crew  coming clean with the inhabitants of Tidewater Rock, and facing their pasts and murky futures.  After taking on the combined forces of the Sea Devils and Isabella Locke, Captain Casius forms a stra
It is a boss battle on the beaches. A blast from Casius's past is back to haunt him, but does he have what it take to assuage the hate of the legendary pirate Isabella 'Inkskin' Locke? Find out on this weeks episode of Dead Men Roll No Crits!!
This week's episode sees Captain Casius and the crew of the Tidebreaker having to deal with two problems at once! The island upon which Tidewater Rock is located seems to be under attack and the crew needs to set sail to pursue a threat from th
The crew of the Tidebreaker try their hand at cracking the Rock! Tidewater Rock seems like a juicy target for the pirates, but will their plan to impersonate nobility work with the help of their more erudite crew? Or will their captive crew fac
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