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Dealing With My Grief

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Episodes of Dealing With My Grief

As we approach Father's day, it dawned on me that during the Mother's Day/Father's Day period there is a certain segment of the grief population that seem sto be totally ignored... that would be parents who have lost children. I know that peopl
As I release this episode of the podcast, I am remembering my dad's 86th birthday. It also marks the beginning of my mourning period leading to his death anniversary on the 24th. As this is the third year I have had to navigate this anniversary
Dealing with recent challenges has forced me to re-examine my relationship with the word "help". Being an only chile, I was "forced" to figure most things on my own. Asking for help was something I didn't do often. If I did I'd ask my mother fo
We've been dealing with COVID for over a year... During this time their are a lot of things that we've done that we didn't think we could do, things we didn't want to do... but we did them anyway. Needless to say, it has been a rough year. Subs
I have been away for a long time. My home caught on fire in February 2020 and before moving back into my home in November 2020 I moved a total of 4 times. I caught COVID in February 2021 which caused me to be in the hospital for almost 3 weeks.
I have often been asked if I have problems discussing the circumstances surrounding my dad' s death. Truthfully, I used to , but since starting the podcast It has been a lot easier for me. People need to know that some things they see on televi
I have often been asked if I have problems discussing the circumstances surrounding my dad' s death. Truthfully, I used to , but since starting the podcast It has been a lot easier for me. People need to know that some things they see on televi
Have you ever had an issue expressing how you navigate through the grieving process? If so, I had a conversation with a film maker who has a project that is a must see for grievers as well as those who are supporting grievers. Lindsey Whissel F
A listener asks if I still styruggle with someThe short anse things since it seems like I have come up with coping skills for a lot of things. The short answer is yes... I struggle with some things. However, there are some things that don't bot
I received letter a few months ago from the person convicted of killing my father. This letter had been written in 2008 and had never been claimed by my mother. I'm not sure if she was truly aware that this letter had been written, or if she si
A few months ago, I received notification that the person convicted of killing my father will be eligible for a parole hearing in April 2023... that is less than 3 years away. Even still, while the hearing is in less than three years, he still
I had a wonderful chat with Callsuma Ali about my relationship with my father. We also talk about his murder and my process for dealing with the aftermath of his loss. Connect with Callsuma on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CallsumaAli
Sometimes grief comes between us. we plan for many things, but grief is not one of them. As we be go through life, planning for what we think is going to be the future, grief has a way of derailing those plans, So much so that it may begin to e
On May 25, 2020 George Floyd lost his life to the hands of the Minneapolis, Minnesota police when a police office knelt on his neck until he was dead. This is just the latest example an unarmed African American man whose life has senselessly be
Why did my mother give me my name.... Darwyn? Last week I talked about change... change while going through the changes that grief brings. This week is about the evolution of grief... how my grief has evolved and how I have evolved (or maybe no
Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.” As I publish this episode I realize that not only is change constant, but I have no control over how or even when it affects me. Change for as much as it can be welc
As I sit working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic I have realized that the link between this virus and grief is more that just the deaths caused by the virus. With all the talk about the number of cases and death expected to rise, speculati
As this podcast episode is being released on the anniversary of my father's death, I find myself being consumed by a different question than usual. When did I start my healing process? The answer... when the bleeding stopped! When I physically
February 25 is a day my life change... yet again! On  this day my home caught fire in my living room and dining room. What the fire didn't destroy smoke and water damage did. After spending a month in a hotel, my family is now renting a house w
There are amazing people using different avenues to express and deal with grief... especially as it relates to children.  As someone who lost my father when I was a child, I look to spotlight organizations who are helping children deal in some
People don't give us what we expect in grief because they don't know what we need... and often cases we don't tell them. Before we pass judgement on those around us, let us first take a step back and process what is going on around us and try t
Sometimes we can't give grief the attention it deserves either because the magnitude of grief hasn't hit yet, or because there are other pressing needs that need our attention. When my father died. my mother's main focus as making sure our basi
I last saw my uncle in June of 2016. At the time he told me he had something for me but he had decided he'd wait and give it to me later. As it turned out, later would never come because he died 3 weeks later. Christmas of 2016 on a visit back
When my dad died, I was just a child t a new school trying to fit in... trying to be accepted by those who had barely known me for 5 months. And suddenly after his death I wanted to fit in even more so. I didn't want to bee seen as different. E
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