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Last week’s episode was all about QAnon and how conspiracy theories can divide us as a nation. One of the things we think we can do to bridge the divide is bring mindfulness and skills around living with mindfulness into conversations about rac
This fall we’re focused on hot-button topics. If you remember, we kicked off the fall with a conversation about the census and representation, which then moved into representation in the media and movies with Kamala Avila-Salmon, the head of in
We promised last week in our intro to fall and census conversation that we’d be focusing on some hot button topics that we’ve seen trending of late. And representation is a huge one - especially with the recent release of the mostly Asian cast
Hello and welcome to Fall! What we’re really excited about - besides our book coming out in mid October! - is our fall lineup of episodes. Now that we’re done with our Summer of Action, we’re focused on issues that have not only been in our con
Let’s talk about workplace safety. No, not that kind of workplace safety - we’re here to talk about building psychologically safe workspaces, which in our opinion is a crucial conversation especially as we’re reimagining workspaces in this era
If you’re listening to this episode at the time that it’s being released, and you’re thinking about work, you’re probably thinking about returning to a physical office in this new land of the Delta variant, or perhaps you’re looking for a job,
After last week’s episode with Christine Platt (aka the Afrominimalist), this scenario may sound familiar: You look around your house.  It’s full of stuff - stuff that you don’t wear, stuff that you don’t use, stuff that you don’t need. You gat
When you think about liberation, what comes to mind: Intentional action? Physical protests? Thoughtful contemplation? One thing we didn’t really think about was minimalism as a form of liberation. We didn’t see the connection then between liber
After what seemed like five years rolled into one in 2020, it’s hard to believe that we are now approximately halfway through 2021. We hope that our earlier summer episodes have given you all some ways to practically and intentionally think dif
As we’re still in our summer of action, we had a conversation lately behind the scenes to ask ourselves: are these episodes actionable enough? And we really believe that to make all of this work sustainable, sometimes it has to be in the little
We’re continuing our summer of action and diving deeper. And as we’re releasing this episode, we’re also in the midst of a summer that’s been filled with more friends and family and conversation and ability to BE TOGETHER in a way that we haven
If you’ve been listening to our episodes in order, you know we’ve been focused on the role of community, as well as small business in community - and how we can show up for one another when we support the amazing people who run these. Today we
Let’s face it: we are an app-based, “easy button” based, instant gratification kind of society. One click of a button and we get something brought to our house: food, alcohol, flowers - basically anything you can ask for. If it’s not instant, y
Every once in a while, we both read a book that makes us immediately text the other to say: have you read this?  Isn’t it amazing?  That’s what happened when we read A Radical Awakening. We were blown away by the revolutionary way of thinking a
Mamas, here’s a real question for you: How Whyte are your spaces? We write that word that way because the censors seem to be limiting our ability to write it as w-h-i-t-e without being hurt by the algorithms. But really, when we talk about a su
If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while, you know that we lean into heart-led action to create change - and today we get to interview an expert on where that heart-led action comes from. Terri Givens is a woman of many talents, but
We’re here, just over one year after the murder of George Floyd, with a question: now that we’ve spent a year in discussions centered on being more open about racism, systemic racism, and how we can be more anti-racist, what have we actually do
This episode is personal, as we’re both Japanese women. We’ve been called exotic. We’ve had White men visibly change their reactions to us when they find out we’re Japanese. We’ve then had to hear about their “other Asian girlfriends”. For the
When’s the last time you had a conversation with someone of Asian descent? Not just a transactional conversation, or a “hi how are you” mumbled in passing, but one where you saw them as a product of their history and experiences and asked them
Continuing with this focus on our Asian stories during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, we want to dismantle one of the most harmful stereotypes of Asian Americans:  that of the “model minority.”  But what is it, exa
In your elementary, middle, and high school years - what did you learn about Asian American history?  Can you name even one specific thing that you learned about the role of Asians in American history?  If you can’t name many, you aren’t alone
We’re kicking off a five-episode series that takes a deeper look into what it means to be Asian/Asian-American in this country - looking at the history behind anti-Asian discrimination, but also really talking about what being Asian means for u
If you’re listening to this episode while scrolling through your phone, we want you to stop and pay attention.  This episode, after all, will be all about attention - how we use it, where we spend it, and why some people are so good at pulling
The filibuster is a political tool that we’ve been hearing more about in the media - but what is it really, and what role does it play in not only stalling political agendas but importantly, in keeping Black and Brown people suppressed? If we’r
While “socialism” has often been the catchphrase used to instantly dismiss any talk of building social safety nets, people in a society do need some fundamental assurances of safety in order to function - and function well.  Particularly if you
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