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Yes this week we are playing Minecraft. Yes this is still a podcast. Yes that is pretty poggers. ARTIFICIAL ASPECTS OF FRIENDSHIP PATREON LIVE NOW!!!!!!! Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Does it technically count as going off topic if there was never a topic to begin with? This is the Sandra Bullock episode. Your Google Assistant haunts you. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
We really crack this nut right open. Tom Kenny makes a guest appearance. Shiroe says all burgers are free. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
Shiroe says NPCs can have little a human rights, literally that's the episode. People are people but not like us people but they're people who are people. What your Krustysona? Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
Shiroe's favorite movie is The Last Unicorn and he makes all his friends watch it. Steve is Steve is Master Hand is Crazy Hand is Tabuu. WE'VE BOUGHT THIS PODCAST DESCRIPTION AND AREN'T GOING TO LET YOU READ IT UNLESS YOU FOLLOW OUR RULES! Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON : This episode uses music by Kevin Macleod: Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
The energy of this episode is palpable. 5 Present Day Business Ghosts and 1 Past Business Ghost talk around how to make burgers for money. We find the next great tongue twister: "Closet Cosplay of The Clock King". Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
We are blessed by a Peppi. Shiroe is gonna become a landlord we just know it. Burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Joe - @the_joseppi Twitch : - - - PATREON :
Shiroe becomes Anime Batman. The Crescent Moon Alliance finally learn about cooking. We enter the Simpsons World as Sora faces off against Mr. Burns' Heartless and Krusty the Clown shoots King Mickey with a gun. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
We delete a character from the TV show Log Horizon. Elder.LY is the hot new video game from the developers behind Elder Tale! You wouldn't want to listen to this episode, would you Doug Bowser? Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
Kirby with human legs, Gastly with fishnet tights, and Samus (in her morph ball) log in to VR Chat. Nyanta get's into Shiroe's 2007 Honda Civic. Taako Adventurezone makes yet another appearance. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
This show is Support Class propaganda. Shiroe and Krusty the Clown participate in Rat Gentrification. Log Horizon does a whoopsie. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
In this episode Shiroe and friends find themselves fighting Spooky the Ghost after Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde steal all the golden fruit from Pac-Town. We don't know what to do during communion. Pac-Man goes to church. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
It's a brand new season of Deck of Friendship! Shiroe gets VR sickness and plays a perfect round of Fall Guys. Naotsugu is the worst. Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki all fail to open a door for 15 minutes. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
Deck of Friendship! Returns! Marble, Ray, and Jupiter are back to finish off Neo Yokio before moving on to a brand new season. Will Helena (and also Kaz I guess) make it out of Neo Yokio and dismantle its capitalist empire? Genuine content warning for spider imagery. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - - PATREON :
Kaz Kaan goes undercover at his old school to root out demon sympathizers, that sure doesn't sound like the work of a bootlicking footsoldier. We definitely stay on topic the whole time and don't bully Jupiter into singing Schoolhouse Rock or bully Ray into drinking a salad. Toblerone is Overwatch 3. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
The city of Neo Yokio is a capitalist nightmare, but what color is your suit? We meet Present Marble and Posh Mars. Posh Mars is destroyed. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
April Fools! Horror movie podcast Netflix and Kill has taken over to talk about something spooky, capitalism. I mean Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase. Check out Netflix and Kill every Tuesday on your podcatcher of choice and @netflix_n_kill on Twitter! Twitter : Ky - @kythejedi Marty - @frostyther0bot Hannah - @hannahvboyens
Welcome to Season 2.5 of Deck of Friendship! Jupiter doesn't know what any part of speech is, so we make a brand new OC! Kaz Kaan puts on chill anime hip hop beats to be depressed and casually fly off buildings to. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
We uncover what the heck happens at the end of Fighting Foodons. King Gorge has a very specific furniture style and whole deal. Dia continues to be the best character and WE WERE RIGHT AGAIN! While we won't link to the relevant tweets to avoid putting victims eternally on blast, in the months since this episode was released serious evidence has surfaced alleging that Penni committed sexual crimes with an underage person while she was an adult. We take this very seriously and stand with the victims. You are free to still enjoy this episode for our part but we ask that you don't ignore that context. We will not be working with Penni or supporting her in the future and we encourage you to avoid seeking her out. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Welcome to Olive Garden, we have your family! Check for the secret Shadow the Hedgehog easter egg! In this episode Penny kills him. Find Penny on Twitter and on YouTube @snapcube, and find her band Go! Child anywhere you stream music! Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Find us on! We clap did clap the timewarp clap forthefirsttime clap! Look, after the whole taquito thing we all knew this show had a time limit. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
What is a podcast?! A meaningless pile of words and goofs! But enough talk (our juice glass smashes on the ground) have at you! Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Somehow this podcast continues to become more unhinged with time. Specifically a week taken between the two halves of the podcasts. Goofy's 4th Mouth and the Witches Ghost (had to get it out somewhere). Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Chase crashes a boat while Albert insists that everyone dress up as clowns. Tetsuya Nomura has been pulling the strings on this podcast for years. This description was written by Jumbalydia, the greatest impressionist alive! Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
Welcome to Banana Island! Banana Island! We are two goths and a jock, Fighting Foodons is two jocks one goth three nerds and a dweeb. The adults in this show are having a "most irresponsible" contest. Music credit to The Jackbox Party Pack 5 soundtrack. The music we used was specifically by Brian Chard. It's a good game folks. Twitter : Marble - @marblecantus Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - @jupiterfromhell Twitch : - -
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Marble, Ray, and Jupiter
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Dec 1st, 2020
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Dec 1st, 2020
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