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Trump's Catastrophe: What Do We Do When the President is the Greatest Threat We Face?
Donald Trump gave the greenlight to a Turkish invasion of Syria that has already led to manifold calamities. We betrayed our Kurdish allies. They are already suffering atrocities and worse is likely ahead. We have thrown a lifeline to ISIS. We have strengthened Assad, Iran and Russia. And we are just a few days into this fiasco of failed foreign policy. Huge questions are raised by these events and we have an extraordinary panel to discuss them including Gen. Mark Hertling, former Commander of the US Army in Europe, Harvard Professor Stephen Walt, columnist and professor Joyce Karam and DSR regular David Sanger of the New York Times. It is essential listening. Join us.
Congratulations, We've Given Birth to a Bouncing Baby Constitutional Crisis!
You've been waiting for it. You've been talking about it. You've been listening to our Rosa Brooks say we weren't there yet for a year now. But, finally, thanks to the really extraordinary rejection of basic Constitutional principles like separation of powers and the idea that Congress and the Executive are co-equal branches of government, we're there! We know because Rosa Brooks, of Georgetown Law School, and Ryan Goodman of NYU Law School and "Just Security" say so on this special edition of Deep State Radio. Except perhaps it's not really a "baby" crisis. It's a big one and we discuss where it might go next on this pod. Don't miss it!
The Dangerous Consequences of the "Great and Unmatched Wisdom" of Donald Trump
Donald Trump has given the blessing of the U.S. to a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe for the Kurds, the alienation of an important ally, greater distrust among our other allies, and benefits for the Assad Regime, Iran and Russia. It has triggered a rare, bi-partisan chorus of condemnation of the president...and, within hours, military action on the Turkish-Syrian border. We are joined by a former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy, Georgetown University's Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake of the IISS, and Ed Luce of the Financial Times to discuss this latest calamitous decision by Trump and its likely consequences. Don't miss this essential conversation.
Impeachable Offenses R Us: The Trump Administration Hurtles Toward...What?
With new scandals and controversies emerging every hour on the hour, it is hard to know which are serious, which are distractions and which are just hallucinations in the mind of a punch drunk nation. What does it mean? Where will it lead? We offer the expert and incisive perspectives of an extraordinary discussion between former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, former FBI agent Asha Rangappa and our regular co-hosts, Ryan Goodman, co-editor of Just Security and professor at NYU Law School and David Rothkopf. You won't want to miss this discussion which seeks to untangle the web Trump & Co. have woven...and then explores just how much lasting damage it may do to our institutions. Please join us.
Are the Democrats Ready for Impeachment?
The die is cast. Impeachment hearings are underway. The Trump presidency is in great (and well-deserved) peril. But, getting from where we are to an impeachment vote in the House and a conviction in the Senate will require a completely different tone and conduct from the Democratic leadership. And forestalling the end of the Trump presidency will require a change of pace from the White House. Edward Luce of the Financial Times and Mieke Eoyang, Vice President for National Security at the Third Way discuss and consider what is likely to happen next. Essential listening. Join us.
 Have We Turned the Corner on Impeachment?
A week ago a substantial majority of Americans opposed even an impeachment inquiry. Today, a majority of all Americans support such an inquiry and fully half support impeaching Trump outright. That's a massive swing that makes the support for impeaching Trump vastly greater than what it was at comparable moments for either Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton. How did we get here? Ed Luce of the Financial Times, Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund and Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund discuss, breaking down the latest developments and offering perspective you can find nowhere else. Tune in.
Making Sense of the Ukraine Whistleblower Revelations
It's not just you. We're all lying beneath the rubble of substantial portions of American democracy trying to figure out what hit us. Fortunately, you have us. So, climb on the treadmill or save this for the drive home or a long walk tonight...and join former U.S. Attorney Mimi Rocah and Ryan Goodman of Just Security and NYU Law School as we explore the revelations from the Ukraine Whistleblower case, the hearings with Acting Director of National Intelligence Maguire, and the president's latest threats against patriots just trying to do their job. It is essential listening for a very troubling and complicated time.
What Tiny 16 Year-Old Towers Over America's President?
The answer of course to the question posed in the title of this podcast is Greta Thunberg, the extraordinary young Scandinavian leader who has delivered the message that the climate crisis is real and urgent better than any world leader. America's president is a source of particular contempt for her as their recent passing encounter at the UN revealed. We discuss her impact, his impact, and the other big issues likely to be discussed in and around the UN General Assembly meetings this week in New York. Join Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Kori Schake of IISS and Max Bergmann of the Center for American Progress for a scintillating and timely discussion.
The Biggest National Security Threat We Face is President Trump: A Conversation with Secretary Leon Panetta
Few Americans in our history have had such wide-ranging and distinguished careers as Leon Panetta. A former Secretary of Defense, Director of Central Intelligence and White House Chief of Staff as well as a long-time Congressman from California, Panetta is one of the most respected, thoughtful and experienced observers of U.S. national security and foreign policy. Panetta presents his views on the threats we face and the need to take them seriously. In this extraordinary interview he discusses the Ukraine Whistleblower case and why now is the time for an impeachment investigation, Trump undermining of Americans standing in the world and the risks associated with his allergy to advice or to drawing up on the professional national resources at his disposal. Don't miss this urgent, pointed interview.
Watershed or More Water Under the Bridge: Examining the Ukraine Whistleblower Case
Every few weeks Trump does something that leads everyone to exclaim, "Now he really has done it! This will be the end of him." And every few weeks after people can hardly remember what the last surefire last straw was. Will the Ukraine whistleblower story be an exception or just further proof that our system is broken and Trump has carte blanche to do whatever he feels like doing? We discuss with Kori Schake of IISS, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and Max Bergmann of the Center for American Progress. Tune in!
Donald Trump is the MRSA of Presidents: A Grave Threat Our System Can't Fight Off
Our political system has built into it a kind of immune system to protect it from abuse and abusers. But just as how in life, bacteria develop that are resistant to drugs, so too in our system we have seen the emergence of a kind of threat that resists oversight, checks and balances and processes designed to keep us safe from corruption and tyranny. Donald Trump is just such a threat and recent revelations regarding how Trump's team sought to kill an investigation into suspect conversations he had with foreign leaders and further illustrations of Trumpworld's efforts to place the president above the law prove it. We discuss with the Washington Post's Greg Sargent, Amb. Ivo Daalder of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Ryan Goodman, co-editor of "Just Security" and a professor at NYU Law School. It is an essential conversation. Don't miss it.
Anyone Have Any Ideas for What Dem Foreign Policy Should Be? Bueller? Bueller?
We're getting into the serious campaigning for president and so far it's fair to say foreign policy hasn't really been front and center. Or anywhere to speak of. Should it be? Does it matter? Would say, a war in the Middle East matter? Like if it started...real soon? Or what about future Russian interference in the election? Anything? We discuss with Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Kori Schake of IISS and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Foundation. Join us.We're celebrating our one-year anniversary of the launch of our website and membership community. For a limited time, you can become a member and receive a 20% discount. Use code "support" at checkout. This episode was brought to you by the Election Ride Home Podcast. Someone is going to challenge Donald Trump for the White House... The Election Ride Home is a podcast dedicated to figuring out who that someone... or maybe even multiple someones... will end up being. Every day at 5pm eastern, veteran journalist and This American Life contributor Chris Higgins catches you up on what happened on the campaign trail. Who's up, who's down, what issues are getting traction, what do the polls say. It's a 15-20 minute show that keeps track of all the latest and summarizes it so you don't have to be nervously refreshing your web browser 12 times a day. It's like TLDR as a service. So, if you want to catch up on what you missed on your way home, listen to the Election Ride Home Podcast.
Stand by For An Avalanche of Sh*t: Trump Foreign Policy Post-Bolton & Pre-Election
John Bolton may not be National Security Advisor any more but it hardly matters because he wasn't actually ever really National Security Advisor to begin with. Trump never empowered him. Trump doesn't want advice. And that's why the NSC has withered and died. And that's why in the next year you can expect Trump to push for a bunch of very bad deals worldwide because he thinks it will help his election chances. Also: Impeachment heats up! Join us for a special, somewhat hair-raising conversation with two brilliant NSC veterans, Center for American Progress Vice President Kelly Magsamen and CNN Commentator Sam Vinograd plus our regular Thursday co-hosts, Ryan Goodman of "Just Security" and NYU Law School and David Rothkopf.
 The Impeachment Investigation Kicks Into Gear: A Newsmaker Conversation with Rep. Ted Lieu
Today the House Judiciary Committee announced the new guidelines for its impeachment investigation. We are joined on this special edition of National Security Magazine by Representative Ted Lieu of California, a member of both the Judiciary and the Foreign Affairs Committees, who discusses where the investigation will go from here and shares his own view on the "mountains of evidence" pointing to the commission of multiple felonies by President Donald Trump. We also discuss the departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton and the Trump Administration's inexplicable fondness for President Vladimir Putin. Or maybe it is explicable. Join us and find out.
Summer's Over, Now Things are Really Going to Get Crazy
We bet you think that there was plenty of crazy to go around this summer and that you were as unsettled by each day's news as you could be. Nonsense. We live in Trump times where yesterday's inconceivable outrage is wrapping today's fish and we're on to something we didn't even have a word for yesterday. That's not just true in the US either. Britain is reeling from its worst democratic crisis in centuries. The Taliban were coming to visit Camp David until they were not. The CIA pulled an asset from Russia because they didn't trust...the US President. Congress is ramping up impeachment investigations. And for some reason Ivanka dressed like a lily pad when repping the US with the President of Colombia. And Labor Day is just past. We help you prepare with this great back-to-school edition of your favorite pod featuring Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, IISS's Kori Schake and the Financial Times Ed Luce. Join us!This episode is brought to you by the Election Ride Home Podcast. The Election Ride Home is a podcast dedicated to figuring out who that someone... or maybe even multiple someones... will end up being. Every day at 5pm eastern, veteran journalist and This American Life contributor Chris Higgins catches you up on what happened on the campaign trail. Who's up, who's down, what issues are getting traction, what do the polls say. It's a 15-20 minute show that keeps track of all the latest and summarizes it so you don't have to be nervously refreshing your web browser 12 times a day. It's like TLDR as a service. So, if you want to catch up on what you missed on your way home, search your podcast app and subscribe to the Election Ride Home podcast. Listen here.
Putin's Hand Puppet Makes An Appearance in France
In the second of two episodes following up on the G7 meeting in Biarritz, Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund discuss why the president of the US continues to play the role of emissary for the Kremlin. They also discuss the state of the campaign to replace to Trump and who might succeed him. Hint: There are only four or five people with a real chance. Tune in.
Four Minutes from Armageddon
If the president of the United States decides to launch a nuclear attack, our system is designed for him to be able to do so quickly and for virtually no one to be able to stop him. It takes four minutes from the moment he determines to do it until launch. This week, the president was revealed to have thought about using nuclear weapons against hurricanes and that wasn't the craziest thing he said or did. Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund and Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law join David Rothkopf to discuss what protections may exist if the president has gone crazy. Tune in.This episode is brought to you by "The New Yorker." For a limited time, Deep State Radio listeners can subscribe to The New Yorker and receive access to all exclusive online content, home delivery of the magazine, access to crossword puzzles and a New Yorker tote bag! Visit to save 50% off the regular subscription price (just $6 for 12 weeks)!
We Are Not Prepared for Today's Global Threats...or Tomorrow's
In a far reaching and incisive conversation with Michael Morell, host of CBS News "Intelligence Matters" podcast and former Acting Director of Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of the CIA from 2010-2013, we discuss a world situation that in his view presents more challenges than any we have faced since World War II. However great the threats confronting us may be, they are however, compounded by problems we face at home: tension between the White House and the Intelligence Community, a political choice not to prepare for coming interference in our 2020 elections, a desire to minimize extremist threats overseas and policy choices that have exacerbated global unease. Further, our leaders and our next generation policymakers are ill-prepared to understand or deal with the emerging technologies that are remaking war, espionage, and international relations. This is an episode you won't want to miss.
Special End of Summer Collusionpalooza!!!
The collusion hits just keep on coming on Deep State Radio. We don't just have the 2016 oldies that made the Mueller Report so great (or so long, anyway), we've got the on-going collusion between the Trump Administration and Russian disinformation warriors (special shout out here to Attorney General Bill Barr) and that between Mitch McConnell and The Obstructors and their pals back in the land of borscht and bribes. And all that's to say nothing of what is sure to come as we approach the 2020 campaign. We've got it all plus: How America Could Screw Up the Next Election. With Ryan Goodman of Just Security and NYU Law School and Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University Law Center, this is just the end of summer podcast you've been looking for!
Nuclear Powered Missiles, Explosions, Radiation Plumes in Russia: Nothing to See Here
David Sanger of the New York Times brings us up to date on the latest from the Russian nuclear program--which means catastrophes near the arctic circle with ramifications that extend around the globe. Kori Schake of IISS and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund join to discuss what all this means for US strategic policy, nuclear strategy and...well, yes, here we go again, Greenland. It always comes back to Greenland. Don't miss this timely and lively discussion. 
Greenland, The 51st State
In an obvious attempt to infuriate Puerto Rican statehood advocates, Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. And if a few thousand Republicans would move up there (as they no doubt would to mine and drill the hell out of its every beautiful nook and cranny) then he would no doubt welcome it as a state. Come to think of it, if we can designate which Republicans move there, maybe everyone can get behind this idea. We discuss this surprising foreign policy gambit plus other slightly more serious ones--like China, Hong Kong and the collapse of the UK into teeny tiny pieces with Kori Schake of IISS and Ed Luce of the FT. Tune in.
Attention Planet Earth: Listen to this Pod and Learn What the Next US Presidency Will Be Like
The day after Donald Trump leaves office in January 2021 (as we'll assume for the sake of argument and/or sanity that he does), what happens to America's relations with the world? What snaps back to the way it was in the past? What does not? Where has irreparable damage been done? Where are quick fixes possible? And where might there be meaningful differences between different potential candidates to succeed Trump? We discuss all these with leading Democratic foreign policy strategist and thinker Jake Sullivan, formerly the top policy advisor to the Clinton campaign and a senior official in the White House and the State Department during the Obama years. Tune in for this important glimpse into a world that may only be 18 months away.
 A Conversation with General James Clapper: Priorities for an Intel Community in Flux
General James Clapper was both the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, one of the most distinguished intelligence leaders of the past several decades. We discuss with him where the Russia investigation is post-Mueller, the challenges for the intelligence community in the face of leadership upheaval and the risks associated with the upcoming election and his belief that it won't be just Russia interfering in our democracy next year. Tune in for this important conversation.
Tobogganing Toward Gomorrah Revisited
On this episode of Deep State Radio Kori Schake of IISS and Ed Luce of the Financial Times join host David Rothkopf to discuss the state of global crises from North Korea to Hong Kong, Kashmir to the Persian Gulf, global warming to Brexit and well, it's a good thing it's summer and sunny outside or things could have gotten pretty depressing. Still, they focus on solutions and what an engaged U.S. president could do to help improve matters. Yes, yes, we know, that raises other questions. But it's summer, so let's stay optimistic, shall we? Tune in.
Rising to the Challenge of White Supremacist Terror in a Country With a Racist President
On this special edition of Deep State Radio live, we have an in-depth one-on-one conversation with Barbara McQuade, former U.S. Attorney and frequent commentator on legal developments on MSNBC. As one of America's foremost legal experts on matters pertaining to combating violent extremism, Barbara offers vital insights into where our system comes up short in giving law enforcement the tools it needs to combat home-grown extremists. She also offers essential commentary on the current state of the impeachment inquiry and related legal battles. in addition, we spend time with TRG Media president Chris Cotnoir as he explains the results of a fascinating listener survey we have just completed among the Deep State audience. Chris explains why all of you are so special and your relationship with DSR is even more unusual than you may think. Tune in.
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