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Product Owners frequently encounter Agile Coaches in our day-to-day work and some of their tools and techniques can be valuable to us. In this episode, Bob Galen joins the show to chat about what ideas PO's can adapt, borrow, or use that coach
No matter what method, framework, or practice you are using as a Product Nerd to break down your work, it all comes back to "what" and "how". At least that is what Alyssa Knoll's "Theory of Everything" says and for this episode, she joins the
All too often what some PO's and teams call an "Iteration", is anything but. Seeing that far too often, this episode explores some of the reasons why and ways to iterate with our teams, products, practices, and selves. Got any tips or tricks t
The language that Product Owners use every day plays a big role in how successful our products, teams, and customers will be, not to mention, ourselves. How do we change that language? In his wonderful books, David Marquet explores how he succ
Product owners see and deal with a lot of waste. It's almost everywhere. In our products, our process, our teams, our daily lives. The struggle is not only in how to eliminate or at least reduce the waste, it's how to get others to know and lo
Have you ever been told you're a perfectionist? Is that really common for Product Owners? Is perfection even possible? In this episode, Geoff Watts joins the show to talk about how this is a trait that can sometimes trap us in our work and wit
The simple questions are usually the best. In this episode, I share a question ( or series of questions ) that has been driving a lot of my conversations lately to understand some of the fundamental thinking in companies. Sometimes this reveal
What is it about measurements that cause so much grief? There's a great number of things that we should be measuring in our product, our teams, and our companies that would benefit us to look at. Product Owners need to be in a position to help
A common anti-pattern is when Product Owners are too focused on doing things only in the current iteration. Maarten Dalmijn has written a lot about teams and PO's that find themselves stuck in their sprint bubble and joins this episode to disc
In this episode, you can hear a chat with Vitalik Demin the Chief of Product at Gossip, a voice-based social network app about how he became involved in the startup and how they are approaching all things product there. It's a great chance to
Product Owners will have the most success working with well-formed and happy teams. Creating those teams requires a lot of people working together and figuring out how best to enable them to succeed. Teams and the thinking around them have evo
  Occasionally as a Product Owner, we'll get stuck trying to decide something. How to write a story, come up with a goal, or see when things need to happen. We are stuck trying to look forward into an unknown future. One way to change the outl
So often the amount of success that Product Owners will have is dependent upon the organization they work in. How they are built, what they value, how they lead and treat their teams and individuals. In this episode, the amazing author of "Emp
Such a simple and fundamental question. What do customers want? How much time and energy do we spend on this most important of topics. Tony Ulwick has been thinking about that very thing for a long time, and written several books about it. In
Making decisions as a Product Owner is hard sometimes, mainly because each decision involves a trade-off. That makes people uncomfortable and hesitant since trade-offs are difficult to work through. You can't make everyone happy, and because y
When your organization isn't pointed in the same direction, it's really hard for a Product Owner to work effectively. You can end up in pointless discussions, working on the wrong thing, and lacking a focus on real customer value. How can we h
Kicking off Season 7 with a look at the updated Scrum Guide that launched in November of 2020. What's new, changed, or removed that Product Owners need to be aware of. If you are following scrum that is. If not, maybe there's an idea or two to
Finishing up Season 6 with a Q&A session. Any/all questions on PO, Product, Agile, Podcast, anything really. Thank you everyone who stuck with the show through this crazy season with all the changes going on in your life and work. Feedback: tw
Finishing up Season 6 with a Q&A session. Any/all questions on PO, Product, Agile, Podcast, anything really. Thank you everyone who stuck with the show through this crazy season with all the changes going on in your life and work. Feedback: tw
EP117 [117] - Speaking in Percentages? When Product Owners start asking questions or talking about an activity, what type of questions do we ask? Are they open-ended, exploratory or curious ones, or are they binary quick answers with little to
It's time for an updated look at a PO Maturity index. In this episode, Bob Galen returns to review the recent changes he made to his Agile Journey Index Maturity Model" and discuss why some of those changes happened. There's some feedback, som
  How much time do you, as a Product Owner, spend thinking about your user's core problem? How much time does the rest of the team spend exploring ideas and different approaches to solving them? Why don't you spend more time doing that? In this
  The Product Owner's brain is a complicated thing. Some of the practices and patterns that we try to make it easier, can also cause us to miss some key elements or information. These Cognitive Biases show up in our shortcuts or established way
A common career path when companies start to become more agile is Business Analysts looking to become Product Owners. Sometimes that's by choice and sometimes that is how the organization and teams first move towards using agile methods and pr
A lot of PO's, teams, and organizations struggle with the principles of the agile manifesto. One in particular causes so many issues, that of simplicity. Adding instead of removing, more instead of less, trivial many over the essential few. In
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