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What's happening here?! The Derpy Show crew has reunited to host this special episode of Nerdy Show. If you replace the entire crew of a show with that of another, is it even the same show anymore? Find out as we answer that question, and learn
Strap on your headphones and GET IN THE GUY PILE! But first you'll need to be subjected to a hipster check. What is that and why is Neofaust doing it to everyone? Find out? Maybe. The gang discusses some recent and very pressing news topics inc
Unscripted, unrefined, and completely uncouth; hang with Derpy Show - the nerd comedy podcast with a penchant for aimless odysseys.National Derpy Radio has returned with a romp through the mail bag of No Things Considered. Learn the secrets of
MmMmuuUUAhahHAhAhhAhhAh! The derps have been summoned for yet another Derp-O-Ween celebration! This time around, the gang delves into the dark and dreary past of our good friend Neofaust, who was deprived of the bare necessities as a child. Rob
Strap in and lube up, but make sure your wallet is full, because there may be hidden upgrade fees! This week boR wonders what the up-charge is for various prostitute related upgrades. Later, Neofaust attempts to reinvent the wheel to come up wi
This year for Derp-O-Ween, the gang summons forth a most ghoulish host for your listening pleasure, until the Central Florida Ghostbusters kick in the door and ruin all the fun! Having no better ideas, DJ Snorlax, boR, and Neofaust invite the G
On this most devious and depraved episode of Derpy Show, the gang delves into the land of forbidden sex moves, and gas station drug paraphernalia. Since it’s dangerous to go alone, they took a vile concoction of orange-based wine called Mad Dra
Rule one of Rope Van Winkletree? Don’t talk about Rope Van Winkletree!Well, it’s a good thing the Derps are awfully bad at following rules! Join in this verbal free-for-all as they battle it out over the values of Free2Play Games and the merits
Join National Derpy Radio (NDR) as they try to raise money on Derpy Show’s One-Year Herpiversary Derptacular!Ladies and gentleman, thank you for logging on to National Derpy Radio. We can’t thank you enough for your continued excellence and sup
What in the hell is Shadow Ball Gyration? Line up, turn on the flood light, and drop your pants! It’s time to learn the proper way to settle an argument. The gang also discusses the world of Harry Potter and the nature of spoilers in a way only
ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO MAKE FUN OF ROBOJOE’S JEANS?After the completely unexpected return of DJ Neofaust, the gang has to deal with too many cooks in the kitchen. Robojoe has gotten pretty cocky with his new place of derp in the show, but
On this very musical episode of Derpy Show, Neofaust once again brings his guitar. The gang discusses the new Sonic the Hedgehog fan movie, Titanic 2, fake ghost sightings, and Final Fantasy VIII.Later, they discuss what would happen if they ha
Muahahhahaha! This is the spookiest episode of Derpy Show yet! Join DJ Snorlax a.k.a Chan Spookling, FrankenboR, and Necrofaust on truly terrifying journey of derp. Scary places, suicide hotspots, dramatic readings of creepypasta, penile decora
In response to criticism, this episode of Derpy Show is 100% non-offensive, all inclusive, and they actually check all their facts and pronunciation.* Learn about an exciting new blend of tea, the Alpine myth of the Krampus, EVE Online, and gen
HOLY CRAP! THEY’RE BACK? Where have they been? What have they been doing? Why are 3D food printers so lame? Is Oculus now doomed to suck? Why did Neofaust buy Elder Scrolls Online? How often do people get killed on Disney rides? Is this summary
Derparinos, as you are tuning in, Derpy Show has hit a new low. Welcome to the crappiest episode ever! You’ll hear colonically stimulating discussions on the pros and cons of Kings, both big and small as well as God Babies and the finer points
On this exciting episode of Derpy Show, DJ Snorlax explains why he doesn’t like The Boondock Saints, boR thinks he has the origins of Capsule Corp figured out, RoboJoe goes down to Georgia, MissTerri Guest has a tainted soul that must be purged
What is that creature lurking in the shadows? Where did it come from? What does it want?!On this herptastic episode of Derpy Show, a wild Gargle-Mel appears and terrorizes the neighborhood. The gang discusses the newly announced SteamOS and Ste
Come on in for BEEKFEST at tiffinyana’s where the beaks are “cheep” and the rest are festering!Listen in as Neofaust dusts off his guitar and lays down a few groovy tunes for the guys to derp out to. boR gets re-pissed about upcoming reboots of
Neofaust takes a fortnight sojourn to England and regales us with tales of his exploits. Anger abounds as the Derpy Show crew clashes over pronunciation of Homeopathy, and DJ Snorlax rants about Nintendo’s inconsistent aesthetics. Trying to ca
This week the gang taste tests a whole lineup of potato chips before they delve into the important, hard-hitting questions, like “does health insurance cover extractions of anal insertions gone wrong?” A new holiday-themed character is created,
Plug in and listen as Neofaust gets drunk on root beer and high on brownies and argues with DJ Snorlax about who has the best historical “power ‘stache”. While discussing in-app purchases, boR wonders what holodecks would be like if we had them
This week, the gang gets their hands on a speech jamming app and attempts to read classic literature while under its influence. Find out how messed up they get, and learn the answers to these hard-hitting questions: Is RoboJoe being gas-lighted
Prepare your ear holes for some legit meedlies of super proportions! Jam along with the guys as they derp through the hits of the late 90s and early 2000′s. DJ Snorlax gets lost in the most hipster corner of the internet, the NeoGeo forums. Neo
Hark, Herptastic Derperinos! The jokes are fish for the plucking on the newest episode of Derpy Show! DJ Neofaust returns to the show this time but forgot a crucial piece of information while Robojoe forgets that we all already know about his h
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