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People keep talking to me about NFTs...most people seem to hate them and hated that I was even mentioning them =). After I mentioned it on Twitter, Matt hit me up and offered to give me his perspective on them as his band is heavily involved. I
Heres the second re-do of the two podcasts I was too wrapped up in 'The Puzzle' to really talk about properly. We should be back on track now, so the next one will be 'By A Thread' - Dev
Heres the re-do for the Deconstruction album as I was sidetracked last year with the Puzzle and didn't give this enough effort. I feel its back on track now, so the podcast will continue with Ghost next, then Epicloud, Casulaties... etc etc etc
Been away for a long time dealing with some personal things, so Im starting the podcast up again...but before I get into talking about the albums, here's me just talking a load of crap. Take it with a grain of salt, and thanks for the support.
More o this! Timestamps: (0:00) – Social media (5:33) – Art being intentional (8:47) – Determining creative direction (19:57) – Finding a narrative (25:38) – The sound of The Puzzle (28:54) – Offering solutions / The Film (35:47) – We are not o
Boo-yaw! Timestamps: (0:00) – The Puzzle / Movie (35:17) – Snuggles (40:14) – Working with a producer on the next album (44:19) – The genesis of Deconstruction (47:56) – The process of Deconstruction / Dirk Verbeuren (51:56) – Psychologically p
Sorry this one took so long, been a weird month =) Timestamps: (0:00) – Being balanced (5:44) – What was Addicted? (15:43) – The commercial rock sound (18:09) – Producing Addicted (21:00) – Writing Addicted (21:19) – Personnel / Anneke van Gier
Not sure who still listens to these, if anyone, but heres the next one =) Timestamps: (0:00) – Dev’s creative process / The Puzzle (18:52) – Chaos (36:24) – Halloween Stream / Dev’s upcoming projects (46:09) – The genesis of Ki (50:30) – Moving
Aliens =) Timestamps: (0:00) – How the weather inspires Dev / Routines (11:27) – Being a new parent (21:34) – Dev’s mindset and lifestyle change (29:33) – Writer’s block after The New Black / Accumulating gear (35:41) – The inspiration for Zilt
Yay! ...Stuff!! Timestamps: (0:00) – Social media (24:09) – Advertising (31:12) – The genesis of The New Black (35:56) – The artwork (40:51) – The production / Recording (47:10) – Writing The New Black / The performances (52:23) – Lyrical theme
More of this sort of thing if youre interested... Timestamps: (0:00) – Synchestra as a reaction to Alien (6:53) – Themes of Synchestra (8:39) – Studio techniques (11:53) – Notes from Africa (12:48) – Reactions to Dev’s work (24:54) – The missio
Sorry for the delay =) Timestamps: (0:00) – Looking back at the podcast / Self-help (16:06) – The genesis of Alien (27:42) – Self-sabotage during Alien / Anti-psychotics (35:19) – The warehouse (37:15) – Writing Alien (44:10) – The meaning of A
Heres more of this, if you fancy... this one is about the two records Accelerated Evolution and SYL. Yay! Timestamps: (0:00) – Uncomfortable truths (15:00) – Writer’s block / Acceptance (30:06) – Starting the Devin Townsend Band (40:12) – Two a
Well, heres yet another one of these. I assume if youre listening to it, you want to be…so I should probably stop worrying about the rambling nature of it. If youre listening to it simply because it annoys you, well…thats super weird. Anyways,
So Ive been hearing that you folks have been enjoying this enough that I should continue? Im happy to do so, but its certainly odd. I'll just keep plugging through them and I hope they dont veer into crazy levels of pretentiousness, especially
So this is episode 3, about the album 'Infinity' (which followed City and Ocean Machine). I warn you going into this: I am confusing in the ways i explain this one. Theres so many things I would like to say and honestly, Im barely able to be co
This is episode 2, about the second Strapping Young Lad album, CITY. I figured instead of doing Terria next, Id do them in order (though Ive still ignored HAARHT and Punky thus far, but I'll get to them) and City was done simultaneously to Ocea
This is the inaugural episode, and I figure the best way to dip my toes into this format is to use it as an opportunity to discuss all the albums in depth. This one gets into my album Β 'Ocean Machine' as a decent starting point. Enjoy! =) Times
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