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The overwhelming majority of agency recruiters do not stay in the business past year 1-5. Whether for the right reasons or not, educated and informed decision versus an ignorant one, most recruiters never have the advice and insight into this c
There are plenty of folks out there who bill a mil or can bill a mil if they want to.  As too many recruitment leaders say, recruitment isn't rocket science - this is highly achievable. However, the conditions have to be right for the individua
There are a variety of recruitment setups that we've learned from our clients, our own experiences, and the experiences of candidates. Having been in the unique market of recruiting recruitment professionals at all levels from junior to sales l
Experienced headhunters operate very differently than those who don't have as much experience with tough challenges as it relates to dropped offers, deals, and general disappointment when candidates surprise you. What kills your deals makes you
Having survived working in agency recruitment for 5 years at the same agency, Dandan shares her top tips for people who are looking to establish themselves in this career. Every agency has their unique challenges and opportunities; these 7 tips
As a landlord since she was 25 years old, Dandan amassed over 10 doors currently valued at 7 figures+, resulting from buying and selling 9 real estate investment assets at various points in the last few years, with more on the way.  She shares
It's not always rainbows and sunshine in our line of work (most of the time, that's the case lol). To survive long-term in this role, here are the top 7 suggestions Dandan shares on how she has motivated herself in this career to reach top-leve
Having spoken to thousands of recruiters, we constantly help candidates decide if agency recruitment and this sales career is something they should continue pursuing. Dandan breaks down the top considerations to make when deciding your career f
As a direct hire aka perm recruiter since day 1 of Dandan's career, she shares the most important contract clauses to negotiate so that you don't get screwed over by deals going sideways. It's critical to be tight on your contracts and to take
In today's crazy market conditions, your time is more valuable than EVER. Any wasted effort that you could have spent on something else hurts your pocketbook and how your clients can perceive your abilities if you can't drive deals to close. Ca
Today's candidate market is worse than usual, so it's inevitable you'll face candidates who will want to leverage you against other recruiters to have you all compete for their placement. Having recently experienced the perfect example to help
We'll cover 3 main points as related to candidate process & management: - Sell Reqs with gusto, knowledge, and authority - Sell candidates on your process, considering counters, other processes, and timing factors - Handle & leverage objections
As a headhunter/agency recruiter, you're not supposed to steal your company's one and only intellectual property: data for clients and candidates. Employers use noncompetes to scare the living daylights out of entrepreneurial staff who may want
Don't ever be suckered into a situation where your candidate bamboozles you and takes time, effort, and mental stability away from you. Here are 4 things to watch out for in candidate behavior that you absolutely need to address in order to mai
In evaluating recruitment markets, it's crucial to pick the right one to build your career and business on because you can't just pick up and go every time you feel like it. Thus, as a headhunter, you have to recognize the signs of a candidate
Our profession, like all professions, will have good days and bad days. However, due to the low barriers of entry and exit, so many people miss out on the incredible lifestyle this career and create due to one bad day leaving them to give up. N
As salespeople, headhunters and agency recruiters have to be able to charm, influence, impact, vet, and assess both clients and candidates at any given moment. Mastering the sales process is part of our profession's apex in terms of really beco
As you continue to grow in your recruitment career, understanding and selecting the right commission model for you is crucial to the next stage in your growth professionally and financially. Learn more about what the draw model actually consist
Now with social media, engagement, and easier access to your audience than ever, wouldn't client engagement via inbound be worth the effort to create a huge presence online? The answer is MUCH more complicated than pivoting into integrating ins
When you're trying to build a successful recruitment practice, you must have a hustling and bustling flow of reqs to truly get your candidates maximized and busy with many client choices in one spot. This is KEY to maintaining a market advantag
End of the year is a GREAT time in recruitment where you can finally get some reprieve, time for yourself, and reset for a successful new year. In this episode, we cover 10 action items for you to take as you continue along your recruitment jou
As headhunters, half of our job really starts when the candidate/client process kicks off so it's crucial to spot the red flags early and manage them appropriately so that no one can waste your time - THE limited resource you NEED to maximize t
As a top agency recruiter and sales leader at a larger company and now founder of his own recruitment firm, Chris Allaire has seen it all through thick and thin, boom and bust. In this episode, Chris shares his mindset, approach, tips, and chal
No matter if you're 1 month or 10 years in this business, we need to push through our limiting beliefs to collect on the vision we have on the other side of our dream of becoming a top-biller. As a producer, you'll have moments of extreme confi
As headhunters and agency recruiters, we have to be the source of our own inspiration. As hard as the days and the job can get, we need to call upon our own well of confidence and perseverance to drive us to the promised land. Share, comment, a
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