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Sleep is a Performance Enhancing Drug with Kristen Holmes

Released Monday, 11th November 2019
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My guest today is Kristen Holmes, Vice President of Performance at WHOOP. As you know, whoop is a sponsor of the show, but that's not why Kristen is here. I wanted to talk to an expert about sleep and actually understand much more about the analytics I've been getting from my whoop band, and I was so excited to talk to Kristin. 
I used to think that sleep was something you had to endure to be able to function, but I've learned that sleep is an amazing miracle process that makes you function at your best and regenerates and restores your body each and every night… If you let it.
Kristen works with thousands of the best professional and NCAA athletes in the world. If your favorite athlete is having trouble sleeping, she’s the one they would call to help understand and interpret their data and figure out what to do about it. Kristen is also an amazing athlete and coach in her own right. She’s a former member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team, as well as one of the most successful coaches in Ivy League history, having won 12 league titles in 13 seasons and the first national championship ever for Princeton University.
Kristen and I are going to talk about: 
  • Why sleep is more important than nutrition, exercise, and anything else you could do to improve your life
  • What are the different stages of sleep and how can you maximize the ones you needWhat is sleep hygiene and how to develop your routine
  • The 90 second habit you need to adopt to increase how quickly you get to sleep at night
  • How to go back to sleep in the middle of the night
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