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In a world without color, what's left to do but paint? In Chicory: A Colorful Tale, it's up your job to bring vibrancy back to a land facing monochrome doom. As the most talented artist around has evidently thrown out their brush, can you take
Last Stop is an adventure game that puts you in control of three individuals who each face reality-altering experiences. John, Donna, and Meena embark on unique journeys before ultimately converging with each other in a fated union. What forces
Have you ever wanted to cause an outrageous ruckus in your favorite historical works of art? Well, aren't you a lucky scamp! Procession to Calvary lets you frolic about as an agent of chaos in multiple Renaissance paintings. As a soldier from t
Juke! Side-step! Maneuver! And if all else fails: DODGE! What’s with all the evasion, you ask? It’s because we played Dodgeball Academia by Pocket Trap. Attend a school dedicated to the art of throwing rubber balls with great strength, and skil
The only thing worse than being a cop with amnesia is having a necktie that just does not stop talking. Such problems merely scratch the surface of the warped encounters you'll experience in the world of Disco Elysium. After waking up from what
What happens when you mix Tron and Lord of the Rings? Studio Koba has an answer: Narita Boy! Traverse the Digital Kingdom as a being of ultimate power. Using the radical techno-sword, only the true Narita Boy can bring down the corrupt programs
In this episode, we take a look through the eyes of a woman who faces her life one flashback at a time. Developed and published by 3-Fold Games; Before I Forget is a walking simulator that brings the player on an unforgettable stroll in the sho
Are you ready to make the Hypnospace a safer place for global citizens? Now's your chance to clean up the virtual streets in Hypnospace Outlaw. Do your duty as an Enforcer of the fastest growing online community. It'll be your job to catch thie
The sea beckons to Norah as her lifelong condition worsens. As her husband Harry goes missing on the search for her cure, Norah takes her fate into her own hands. Solve puzzles, explore ancient mysteries, and discover the truth about Norah's un
Begin your ascent to freedom in Hades by Supergiant! Zagreus -- the son of Hades -- begins his journey towards the surface. In defiance of his father, Zagreus will find himself locked in combat with individuals who he once called allies and fam
Star Renegades is a turn-based, roguelike strategy RPG by Massive Damage Inc. With stunning pixel art and a unique take on turn-based combat, Star Renegades brings the player on a high-risk-high-reward journey through space and time. Will you b
Another twenty-five glorious episodes of the Dinosaur Machines Game Club Podcast have come and gone! To celebrate our momentous one-hundred and twenty-fifth episode, we once again compare and contrast our individual experiences with each of the
Work your way through a series of surreal scenarios in Stories Untold by No Code. Sample the best of classic PC gaming with a text-based adventure, first-person exploration, and puzzle solving! As you relive these old school genres, you may fin
What do you get when a hat-loving ship captain embarks on a journey to save his town? As it turns out, an epic quest lies in wait. Play as Lord Faraday as he finds himself in way over his head in Olija. Using unnatural abilities, Faraday can tr
In The Pathless, players take on the role of a Hunter who stands as the last hope of a dying world. As the final guardian of the light falls, impossible odds are stacked against any chance of survival. Armed with nothing but a magical bow, the
Downwell is a game all about falling down... a well! This classic indie title was created by Moppin, and published by Devolver Digital. Navigate your way to the depths of this seemingly-bottomless well equipped with nothing more than a pair of
It'd be pretty sus if you haven't heard of Among Us by now! It's the hit multiplayer social deduction game by InnerSloth! As a Crewmate, it's your goal to survive! But, Imposters lurk within your midst. They'll do everything in their power to l
Have you ever heard the old saying, "you are what you eat"? Well, the creators of Octodad made an entire game about it. Young Horses presents Bugsnax! Seek the truth about Snaktooth Island as a journalist who may bitten off more than they can c
WARNING. An unknown biological threat is on the loose. Luckily, that biological threat is you! Carrion by Phobia Game Studio sets you loose on a laboratory filled with helpless scientists. Uncover the truth behind your wretched existence, and g
Have you ever imagined yourself as a dung beetle Postmaster? If you answered "yes", then you're in for a treat with Yoku's Island Express by Villa Gorilla! Take on the role of Yoku in this pinball-powered platformer. What should have been a sim
Creature in the Well brings us to a world being endlessly battered by a tremendous sandstorm. One gigantic machine within a mountain was humanity's last hope, but it hasn't operated in ages. The mountain now echoes with sinister groans and an e
The Last Campfire is a puzzle game about finding meaning and a way home. After being separated from their group, a lone Ember must travel through mysterious terrain. Along the way, the Ember will encounter various individuals who could use some
Imagine if you will, Internship Simulator: Bring your boss coffee, pay for your own supplies, and make absolutely no money! Thankfully, Going Under by Aggro Crab is none of these things. Instead, you'll spend your time beating up dungeon dwelli
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life - by going on A Short Hike! This indie morsel by Adam Gryu explores the simple hike of a bird named Claire. What awaits our fair bird at the top of Hawk Peak? And, who will Claire meet a
It's just you and a fist full of quarters. The room is lit by nothing but high scores and power-ups. You choose an arcade cabinet, and nothing can stop you. It's this kind of nostalgia that Hi-Bit Studios wants you to revel in as you step throu
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