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Talking Points: Bothdays, Trapped in a Box, Promote Your Little Indie Game, Pretend You're In The Shower, Running Meetings On Steam, Long Limbs in Dude Stew, International Flights Aint Alright, Cookie Shower, Laughing Class, Mot Sdrawkcab. If y
Talking Points: Recording 101, Iced Iced Baby, Power-Pee, Flaccid Pancake, Kids Scream, Go Google Yourself, Scream Singing, Escalator Excitement, Me Cans Read, Recipe Lore, Q#, Pets Be Good, Got COVID Eh?, I'm Playing Nut, Slow Split. If you'd
Talking Points: Frick Batman, Barber Radio, Solid Snake Potatoes, Taken Tamagotchi, Thickman, No Combs, Tomato Soup Hat, Crunchy With Nooks, Boughie Breakfast, Unfortunately Subway, Disturbing Quiz, McBarge and In Charge, Venusaur Like Me. If
This time on Shark Tank Week... Talking Points: Squishy Sandwich, Box of Why, Double-Stuffed Eww, Mispronounced on Purpose, Doggies Good, Swarm of Ants, What That Song, Superhero Stuff, FAST FAMILY, Forgive Me Dino For I Have Sinned, Bad Old Me
Talking Points: Twenty Percent Steve, WAKE UP, Threatening Directions, Wormhole In The Murder Barn, Petmares, I Need Sustenance Father, Dream Bits, Martha Stewart Dragon, BIGGER dreams, McDestiny, Exploding Jon, Scare Jerod With Shirts. If you'
Talking Points: Pac-Man Spectres, Unfortunate Names, Z is for Mal, Big Ol' Hats, Sonic Man, Emote Sounds, Mispronouncing Names, Plug the Beans, Just Do It Jon, Tiny Toons Problem, Rapture my NFL, Profane Spongebob, Fried and Alive. If you'd lik
Talking Points: Interrupted Intro, Trash Coffee, Blow My Mind, Hyper-Elbowism, Content with Content, The Second One, Doorbell Man, Game with PLOT, Favorite Hims, Wholesome Avengers, Don't Throw Shade. If you'd like to watch the show live, join
Talking Points: Groundhog Day Intro, Close Birthdays, Bad Tells, Can-A-Man Thrice, Another Video Service, Hey Siri, Set Roomba to Kill, Shock Grandpa, Weird Units, Every Snowman For Themselves, Pulling Levers. If you'd like to watch the show li
Talking Points: Seattle Mudcrabs, Jumbo Trogdor, ProtonPrawn, Each Cup a Multiplayer Session, Stretchy Pants, Kat's Person, Crowd Control Hell, Biblically Accurate Brian, Egg But More Egg, Motorboat A Chicken, Tartar Sauce Injection. If you'd l
Talking Points: Why The Grunch Stole Kramble, Games in Your Drawers, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, Dumpster Claus, Abrica-gun!, Eating Chaulk, Decoy Popped-Tarts, Rag On A Stick, Dining Dining Room, Cheap Price to Ruin A Man's Life, Elderly Proximity,
Talking Points: Crimes Against Sonicmanity, Serotonin Hit, Love Languages, BIG, Number Jessica, Tool-Man Response, Quarter Questions, MST3K, No Rules Just Stabbings, See Saw, Rocky 4 Minus Rocky, Seinfeld Hair If you'd like to watch the show li
Talking Points: I'm Ryan Stiles, Watermelon Mahogadunkaroos, Gamecube Run, Outdated Discs, That Guy, #ChipDam, Snack of All Trades, Raw Surl, Hey Steve, Back it up Terry, Ash to Ash, Diglett is People, Disc Lonely If you'd like to watch the sho
Talking Points: New Alerts, D&D Read, Bookshelf Hug Death, Super Saiyan Vaporeon, Unfortunate Hashtag, Doing Letters Good, Thermodynamics and Sassage, Podcast Corruption, Mahogadunkaroos, Second Puberty, Three Timelines, BIGGER, Appliances and
Talking Points: Hap Birf, Ratings, Surgeon Login, Exorcism Simulator, VR Accidents, Swimmy Cats, Am I Dead?, Apple Allergy, Hashbrown Pusher, Breakfast Stabbings, Polite Sword Threat, Wii Sighs, The David Lynch Experience. Watch the show live o
Welcome to Disc Only, the show about nothing. Talking Points: Boston Goats, Second Wheeler, Pizza Boy and the Bus Stop Lady, Gong Show House, Up-and-Down WOW, He-Man Surprise, Don't Think Twice, Killed by Jell-O, Shameful Son, Broken by Turnips
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