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Episodes of Discount Dungeons

We pick up our two divergent story lines and blend them together as the party reunites and is joined by a new ally. What information will this ally bring and what adventures will it lead to
Picking up with Rimpi and Raza as they prep for there mission, they set out to gather the people and items needed to begin their trek. What will they encounter on their road Hangston and can they keep their murderhobo tendencies in check?
We pick for a last second call brings a dire ally into the fold. Can this shift the tide in favor of our Ashen leader or have the wheels of the plots against her spun out of control? Thank you to our special guest Thom of GMM fame
We pick up party after Raza's return from the dead and Rimpi being assigned his first mission command. The rest of the group disperse to undertake personal tasks as Latimer beginning setting unknow machinations into motion. 
Picking up with our vagabond heroes ambushed upon  their beloved Leviathan by an unknow band of foes. Can their return sudden return alter the tide of the conflict and allow them to escape? What chaos will follow should they manage too? Tune in
In search of yet more lore which Ecstasy has secreted way our band find themselves on route to the small town of Borouglrath on Thorngallow Isle where the in famous Scale and Feather Restaurant lures them in with a most interesting offer.   Spe
After the successful subjection of the Mighty Micky our band of sycophant's return to the primary Clan of Ash strong hold to decompress and plan the next phase of their  investigation Music credits can be found here: Music Credits Support us on
With a lost trove of a lore behind them and a curious machine in hand, our bruised band of adventurers make their way to the next location on their dark lady’s list. Their minds ring with chaotic thoughts, but the loudest among them is “be bett
The air born interlude over, our team touches down and must ready themselves to face whatever secrets await them in the forgotten lore hold of their leader   Music credits can be found here: Music Credits Support us on Patreon! Chat with us on 
Having taken to the air in the hopes of hastening their journey to a secret lair of the Clan, Ecstasy and her hand picked band must content with a great foe.... boredom.... whatever could go wrong?   Music credits can be found here: Music Cred
Ecstasy, yet to come to terms with her fractured self, must yet face more of her past as she seeks to restore not only her Ashen Throne; but her still lost memories.   Special thanks to our Guest Thom of Green Mountain Mysteries for voicing Ka
Picking up after the climatic losses of campaign one, a shattered band must come to terms with the tragedy and decide how to move forward
The gang remises about the best and worse parts of season 1, What we can improve upon, and teasers for season 2! Thanks for joining us and listening to season 1. Can't wait to see you all again in season 2 :)
In Season One's finale Korapest's forces bear down on the party, the team attempts to regroup in order to handle this new threat. Safety may only be fleeting for some members, while others make a mad dash through the city. Danger around every c
Anna faces the dire culmination of the Gauntlet while Atudak and Kuckaw must content with the chaos of the panic crowd. Can our heroes reunite in time to weather the raising threat.   Music credits can be found here: Music Credits Support us on
With the partly splitting to do their own things: Anastasia, Atudak, and Kuckaw find their way to a grand colosseum with of the goal of testing their might. Can they make it through the coming challenges unharmed? Music credits can be found her
After studying hard Stacie, Zara, and Skizzix part ways with the rest of the group as they head to their licensing exam. Can they master the challenges before them?   Music credits can be found here: Music Credits Support us on Patreo
Our heroes set forth from their respite on a new leg of adventure. Atudak faces a fear while other face trails of there own. The sky is open, but a shadow lurks within.   Music credits can be found here: Music Credits Support us on Patr
Weak and weary our ragged band enters an oasis. Greeted by a breath taking sight, will  they’ll finally get a rest? Can Ana finally get coffee or will shenanigans get in the way?    Thanks to Nick for voicing Graves in this episode! Catch his w
Having not received the warmest of welcomes to Minleah. Our merry band of misfits find themselves down and out with yet more threats looming. Will they make it out alive? Either way looks like that down-time is going to have to wait for another
With their new companion at their side and a long road in front of them, the party journeys to the town of Minleah where they plan on laying low for a bit and taking it easy. Well...let's just say things didn't quite go as expected... Thanks to
The party's respite is short lived. There are dark tendrils slowly creeping in, and any moment could be their last. None may be more aware of this than Atudak; a fragment from a past he had left behind comes back into his life...but could this
Following the drama of the last few hours, Rivaan and Skizzix help uncover more of Stacie's past...possibly more than she can handle. How will she react to the multitude of reveals about who she is?   Meanwhile, Ana listens intently, Kuckaw pic
The party, reeling from the fallout of what just transpired, are forced to act quickly to save one of their own. Skizzix taps into an unexpected magic source to try and make things right.   Amidst the reveal of new information, a decision is ma
Skizzix and Corvin infiltrate the goblin camp and learn of their plans. After seeing a quick demonstration of the goblin's capabilities, they pull the rest of the party in to try and complete their mission. However, outside forces are hard at w
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