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What is the role of innovation within education?   Shawn Kanungo, a globally recognized innovation strategist, shares his insight into how innovation occurs and what it could look like within schools. Shawn offers challenges and inspiration for educators and school leaders to do school differently.  For example - "if you don't understand how video games work for middle school students - you are irrelevant." Listen to the conversation for more ways that we can seek innovation within education and beyond. Post a review. Subscribe. Shawn Kanungo is a globally recognized innovation strategist. His work and interviews have been featured in a number of publications such as The Guardian, and his content has garnered millions of views.  Shawn was named in Forbes as the “Best Virtual Keynote Speaker I’ve Ever Seen.” Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Matthew Downing Links:  Iowa Big, CAPS Network, Michelle Weise , Christensen Institute Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU
Anaiah Downing, Eliana Downing, and Teo Downing had the opportunity to ask some curious questions to Judy Schachner, award winning author/illustrator.  See episode #29 for the complete conversation with Judy.   The answers to the questions provide some great insight to listeners of all ages. Post a review. Subscribe. Judy Schachner is the #1 NY Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator of over 23 books for children including Bits & Pieces, the Skippyjon Jones series (my personal favorite), Yo Vikings, The Grannyman and Willy and May. She has won many awards including the first E. B. White Read Aloud Award. Anaiah Downing is a 4th grade student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  She enjoys reading, writing engaging stories, and creating unique artistic expressions. Eliana Downing is a 4th grade student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  You can often find Eliana crafting a culinary delight or putting together a craft sale.    Teo Downing is a Kindergarten student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  He is known to build complex lego communities and dinosaur battles that can last for hours.  
How does an award winning author and illustrator create their books? Judy Schachner, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator, gives us a glimpse into her creation process.  See this link for a wonderful example of a character bible, which serves as the foundation for her books.  Her process seeks to break down barriers that hinder creativity, and provides inspiration to potential writers and authors. Judy also provides unique insight into the character of Skippyjon Jones (my personal favorite), which causes increased laughter and understanding. Post a review. Subscribe. Judy Schachner is the #1 NY Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator of over 23 books for children including Bits & Pieces, the Skippyjon Jones series (my personal favorite), Yo Vikings, The Grannyman and Willy and May. She has won many awards including the first E. B. White Read Aloud Award. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Emma Schachner, Sarah Schachner, teachers, and librarians. Links:  SARABELLA'S THINKING CAP - example of writing bible Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU  
How do we prepare for jobs that don't exist yet? Michelle Weise guides us through this transition with thoughtful insight and tons of examples.  Michelle explains how the system needs to be transformed in order to support new workers and workforce. This conversation keeps innovation at the forefront with many ideas that can be easily applied beyond higher education. Post a review. Subscribe. Michelle Weise is a renowned thought leader and author.  She is an Entrepreneur in Residence and Senior Advisor with the US global education team of Imaginable Futures.  Before that, Michelle served as Chief Innovation Officer of Strada Education Network.  Her writing has appeared in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, and her most recent book, Long Life Learning. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Strada Institute for the Future of Work, Wil Zemp, Gunnar Counselman, and Michael Horn. Links:  Strada Education Network.  The Omidyar Group.  The Strada Institute of the Future of Work.  Harvard Business Review. The Economist.  Wall Street Journal.  Long Life Learning  https://claytonchristensen.com   Mursion.  Simon Sinek Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU
What is the role of technology within our learning?   John Couch, Apple's first Vice President of Education, helps us understand the difference between utilizing technology as a mental bicycle and an exercise bike. John does this through stories, personal examples, and providing insight into the vision of Steve Jobs. Our conversation uncovers the need to provide students with challenges, build trust, and connect learning to the real world. Post a review. Subscribe. John Couch is a pioneer of the American tech boom.  He was hired by Steve Jobs as the 54th employee and became Apple’s first Vice President of education.  He is an author of Rewiring Education, owns a winery, and leads a music production company. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Marco Torres, Apple, Apple Distinguished Educators Links: oxford day academy, Dr. Mallory Dwinal, Steve Wozniak, Jewel, eden inspirations, eden estate wines Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU
What drives your learning?   We dive into this question and much more in a conversation that is framed around Tony's newest book, Learning By Heart.  Tony shares significant stories that demonstrate the power of teachers in the learning process as well as the need to have learning tailored to curiosity and passions. Tony doesn't stop there.  He shares a pivotal moment that saved his educational journey as well as lessons learned from a personalized axemanship course.  Post a review. Subscribe. Tony Wagner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute. Prior to that, he held a variety of positions at Harvard for more than twenty years including four years as an Expert in Residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab.  Tony has written 7 books including 3 best sellers. On top of that Tony served as the Strategic Education Advisor for the education documentary, “Most Likely to Succeed."  Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Ted Dintersmith, Mastery Transcript Consortium,  Better World Ed & Abhi Nangia Links:  Better World Ed, What School Could Be, Learning By Heart, Mowglis Summer Camp, Mastery Transcript, High Tech High, Grit Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU Sponsors: Podpage.  Go to podpage.com.  Use code "divingdeep" to get first month free or half off a premium subscription.  
Design has a significant impact on the way information is conveyed to learners, and the degree to which learners are able to process and understand content.   Oliver Caviglioli breaks down the way the mind works, organizes content, and what we can do to better facilitate understanding.  He shares all of this through numerous stories while referencing learning researchers.  Give a listen / Subscribe / Post a review! Oliver Caviglioli was a former special school head teacher and is now an information designer who focuses on creating visual clarity around teaching ideas and processes.  Oliver has displayed this visual clarity through books such as Dual Coding with Teachers and Teaching Walk Thrus.  Check out his work at olicav.com.  Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Tom Sherrington Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU Sponsors:  Podpage.  Go to podpage.com.  Use code "divingdeep" to get first month free or half off a premium subscription.   Upper Left Corner: PNW True Crime Podcast. Upper Left Podcast
Noan Fesnoux highlights the importance of experiences within our educational journey. He shares how they have impacted his learning, and also how he views learning for students.  Noan shares numerous examples of effective experiential learning activities, details his time working at Green School Bali, and provides some insight into starting The Real School of Budapest. Noan shares all of this with clarity and a deep conviction.  Give a listen / Subscribe / Post a review! Noan Fesnoux has been working as an educator since 2003, including his work with multiple startups. In Vancouver, he helped establish Little Mountain Learning Academy. Over eight years at Green School Bali, Indonesia, Noan developed several programs core to the school, including Green Studies and an impactful experiential learning program . He moved to Budapest, Hungary in July 2019 to start up the REAL School of Budapest. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Dave Strudwick, Glenn Chickering, Aaron Eden Mentions: https://www.greenschool.org, www.realschool.eu Podcast ad:  RethinkingEDU Sponsor:  Podpage.  Go to podpage.com.  Use code "divingdeep" to get first month free or half off a premium subscription.  
Kristen Graham, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, shares some of her experiences while covering education in Philadelphia.  She also tells inside stories from the Phillies 2008 championship, breaks down important skills needed in journalism, and describes events from a recent arrest.  Kristen shares all of this through interesting stories and wonderful insight. Give a listen / Subscribe / Post a review! Kristen Graham is a Philadelphia Inquirer education reporter.  She won the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for her work on the series - Assault on Learning - which affected large scale change.  Kristen is active covering breaking news stories and longer in depth pieces.  If you want to know what is happening - real time - in Philadelphia - then follow her on Twitter - @newskag. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Teachers Mentions: Phillies, Reading Terminal Market, Magic Gardens, Pennypack Park, Down Home Diner. Podcast Mention:  RethinkingEDU
Amelia Nierenberg, New York Times reporter, brings needed and helpful insight into the current state of education.  Amelia's observations are not only pertinent to our current situation with her work on the Coronavirus Briefing, but can help move education forward in significant ways.   The conversation isn't entirely about education though . . . we started in Senegal, explored some of the best unknown restaurants in NYC (Amelia was a NY Times food reporter prior to the Coronavirus Briefing), and somehow we discussed a local stray cat named Molly.   The enjoyable interaction will cause us to contemplate in refreshing ways.  Give a listen! Amelia Nierenberg is a writer for the New York Times - focusing on the Coronavirus Schools Briefing.  She has also written about food at the times, worked for the associated press in West Africa, and started things off at the Boston Globe. Shout outs:  Alexander Russo. @alexanderrusso Music: Believin Stephen Links: NYTimes Coronavirus Briefing. amelianierenberg.com Podcast mention:  RethinkingEDU. www.rethinkingedu.co
Professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle helps us better understand the complex dynamics of rock climbing, and what is needed to succeed.  Sierra tells us about her favorite places to climb, how to improve, and the impact her coaches have had in her development.  Sierra also shares some helpful stories from her educational background that allow us to consider ways to tailor systems to student needs.    Sierra Blair-Coyle has been competing professionally as a rock climber since the age of 14.  Sierra is the current Pan American Bouldering Champion, she has also been a World Cup Competitor (2010-2019), and was a two-time National Champion.  Sierra enjoys traveling the world competing and doing what she loves full-time. Shout outs: Brad Music: Believin Stephen Links:  sierrabc
Anaiah Downing, Eliana Downing, and Teo Downing had the opportunity to ask some curious questions to previous guests from episodes 16, 17, 18, and 19.  The answers provide some great insight to listeners of all ages. Previous guests - Stephanie Klemons, Voltaire Wade-Greene, Betsy Struxness, and Seth Stewart are talented artists (see previous episodes for details) who share a connection of being original cast members of the musical Hamilton.   Anaiah Downing is a 4th grade student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  She enjoys reading, writing engaging stories, and creating unique artistic expressions. Eliana Downing is a 4th grade student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  You can often find Eliana crafting a culinary delight or putting together a craft sale.    Teo Downing is a Kindergarten student at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia.  He is known to build complex lego communities and dinosaur battles that can last for hours.    
"That would be dope if . . ." Matthew Downing and Seth Stewart delve into the creation process. Seth shares the need for space, finding a passion, and doing.  So often we get caught in our own heads, don't know what we want, or spend a majority of our time consuming. Those issues serve as major roadblocks towards creating beautiful art. Seth tells some interesting stories from Hamilton like how he went about practicing Lafayette's quick hitting lines.  The conversation concludes by contemplating the roles of teachers and some of the best teaching methods. Seth Stewart played Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, as well as originating the role of Graffiti Pete in Miranda’s In The Heights.  Seth also has numerous film credits to his name such as Karma Club and Sex and the City. Seth has a passion for writing and creating characters that possess great depth. When he’s not doing that - he’s probably listening to hip hop, watching a superhero movie, or trying to save the planet!  Check out iamsethstewart.com. Shout outs: choir teacher, Kent City Schools, family, dance teachers Music: Believin Stephen
Betsy Struxness takes us on a journey from a small town in Italy to the hectic backstage of Broadway performances.   Throughout the conversation Betsy provides an inside look into the creative process for an artist, the essence of an impactful learning experience (JOY), and what it is like to perform on Broadway under those bright lights. This is an engaging and authentic interaction that opens our eyes in more ways than the interesting stories shared from Hamilton, Matilda, and Wicked. Betsy Struxness has had extensive experience on Broadway, including Wicked, Memphis, Matilda, and as an original cast member in Hamilton. Apart from Broadway, Betsy is a multi-faceted artist who enjoys photography, choreography, creating content, and WERQ Cardio Dance Fitness.  Connect w/ her at www.betsystruxness.com Shout outs: Family  Music: Believin Stephen
Voltaire Wade-Greene and Matthew Downing explore Voltaire's early learning experiences like when he recorded Thriller over a precious family VHS tape, and memorized the various movements. Voltaire goes on to share the importance of movement within learning and ways to encourage it within schools.  We save the Hamilton stories for last. Voltaire gives insight after insight of what it was like to perform with Hamilton.  He speaks about the energy and the need to improv at times.  Voltaire has had extensive dance training including stops at the San Francisco Ballet and the Dance Theatre of Harlem.  He has had a number of Broadway credits including Jesus Christ Superstar, The Wiz, and as an original cast member of Hamilton.  Voltaire served as the resident choreographer for the 1st national tour of Hamilton. Shout outs: Daniel Watts, Ephraim, Jeremy Adams Music: Believin Stephen
What can we learn from musicals like Hamilton?   TONS! Join Matthew Downing and Stephanie Klemons as they dive into Hamilton (the musical), choreography, Katie's Art Project, and what makes a beneficial learning experience.  Stephanie shares plenty of stories, behind the scenes insight about Hamilton, the intricate process of choreography, and benefits of art towards healing. Stephanie is an award-winning performer, choreographer and director who has worked on the pre-Broadway and Broadway productions of HAMILTON, IN THE HEIGHTS, BRING IT ON and IF/THEN. Her body of work can be seen currently on Broadway and around the world as the Associate and Supervising Choreographer of HAMILTON. Stephanie is most proud of her Non-Profit, Katie’s art project, started ten years ago, which connects kids facing life-threatening and terminal Illness with artists to collaborate on an art, dance and music project. Shout outs: Andy Blankenbuehler and Brandon Schneider Music:   Believin Stephen
What can great leaders learn from living like a drug addict? Listen in as Matthew Downing chats with Michael Brody-Waite about his journey and the many lessons he has applied to successful leadership.  First, we must take off our masks.  We can do this by practicing authenticity, surrendering the outcome, and doing uncomfortable work. Michael brings it with refreshing insight and numerous examples. He is a TedX speaker, author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts, CEO of a number of successful businesses, and seeks to help others live a mask free life. Listen - Subscribe - Post a review Shout out:  Brene Brown Music:  Believin Stephen  
Matthew Downing chats with Michael Soskil about his newest book and the pivotal role teachers play in transforming the education system and preserving democracy. Throughout the conversation they discuss powerful classroom activities that can be easily implemented, the importance of student agency within a school, and how student voice should be at the center of school decisions.  Michael Soskil was the 2017-18 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, recipient of the US Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, in 2016 named one of the top 10 teachers in the world, and a Global Teacher Prize finalist by the late Dr. Stephen Hawking.  His newest book is "Flip the System US: How Teachers Can Transform Education and Save Democracy".  Shout outs: Josh Parker, Jinni Forcucci, Jelmer Evers Music:  Believin Stephen  
What can we learn from this remote learning experience?  Matthew Downing chats with Steven W. Anderson and Shaelynn Farnsworth about broader theoretical insights as well as practical takeaways.   They delve into change theory, high quality professional learning, engaging in deeper learning, and the nuts and bolts of a pandemic journal activity. Throughout the conversation effective technology integration and literacy instruction remain front and center.   Steven W. Anderson and Shaelynn Farnsworth direct the ship at web 2.0 classroom.  Steven guides the technology integration and Shaelynn spearheads literacy development. They are frequent contributors, speakers, and presenters. Shout outs:  Grace & Aiden / Reaghan & Chesney Music: Believin Stephen
What can help lead to deeper learning when integrating technology?  Matthew Downing and Dr. Scott McLeod discuss this relevant and important question. Scott brings it with theory and examples galore that can be easily applied to the learning environment.   Scott adds to the conversation by highlighting his 4 Shifts Protocol: higher level thinking, student agency, authentic work, and technology infusion.   Dr. Scott McLeod is the Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver. He started off as a middle school social studies teacher before earning his JD and Ph.D.  Scott is a leading expert in K-12 technology leadership issues. He shares his work through his wonderful website (dangerously irrelevant), blog, presentations, books, and countless articles. Music: Believin Stephen Shout outs:  Virginia Educators, Big Picture Learning, PBL, High Tech High, New Tech Network Give a listen.  Subscribe.  Post a review.
Matthew Downing chats with Todd Nesloney about his biggest takeaways from education. Todd mentions relationships with staff, students, and families as some of the key ingredients towards success. Todd also shares stories of his creative endeavors to engage community members and students.  Have you ever heard of a book prom?  Listen in to find out, and hear some other great insight.  Todd is the Director of Culture and Strategic Leadership. Prior to that he was an elementary school principal, and classroom teacher. Todd is an author of multiple books, TEDx speaker, and a frequent conference presenter. Shout outs: Adam Dovico Music:  Believin Stephen
What can foster an authentic learning experience?   Matthew Downing and Jon Smith discuss how to create these types of authentic learning experiences through students publishing their work.  They also discuss student agency, car detailing, and unique features of Book Creator. Includes many practical examples that can be directly applied to the classroom. Jon Smith is a former teacher and tech integrator.  He is a speaker, college professor, auto detailer, golfer, and helps teachers succeed using Book Creator. Shout outs: Jason Hubbard, Larry Kosilla Music:  Believin Stephen
Teachers are on constant lookout to promote deeper learning with the use of technology.   Matthew Downing and Monica Burns discuss many ways to accomplish that such as creating authentic audiences, purpose, and open ended activities. Listen in as we discuss these important concepts with practical application.  Subscribe / post a review. Dr. Monica Burns is a former classroom teacher, author, speaker, and curriculum & edtech consultant. Monica also has a super helpful website, classtechtips.com, which will give you plenty of ideas on how to become a tech savvy teacher. Shout Outs: Elevate Education Crew Music: Believin Stephen
How can we make literature come alive for our students?  Literature is supposed to make us feel and imagine.  Stories were meant to entertain.  However, many of our students experience the opposite of excitement and entertainment when studying literature.  Join Matthew Downing and Dom Traynor as they discuss ways to infuse life into literature along with tons of other pertinent educational topics.   Dom Traynor is the education evangelist at Adobe, author of recently published book Literacy Beyond the Classroom, and founder of LitFilmFest. Video Book Shout outs: Parents Music:  Believin Stephen
Innovation is lacking in schools across the country. Matthew Downing and Jennie Magiera talk about ways to foster greater innovation within schools, the importance of taking risks, lessons learned from remote learning, and the food scene in Chicago (Jennie loves food). Jennie is the Global Head of Education Impact at Google, bestselling author of Courageous Edventures, and founder and president of Our Voice Alliance. Shout outs: Kat Cho Music: Believin Stephen
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