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Today’s episode is a monster – a full hour with Dr. Demian Dressler, author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide focused on supplements for dog cancer. Dr. Dressler touches on the hallmarks of cancer, and then reviews supplements that counteract th
When is a dog too old for surgery? Dr. Nancy advises John, parent to a 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, about whether to go ahead with surgery for his dog. There are some specific questions she’d ask BEFORE making the decision. Today’s episode
So, Debra’s dog really perked up on colostrum. Is this her imagination? Dr. Nancy Reese, our chief medical editor, answers this and more. It turns out that colostrum is not snake oil – it’s very helpful, for energy and even some anti-cancer eff
There are some specific questions you should find out from your veterinarian before you decide to use cold laser therapy for your dog. Dr. Dressler goes over the factors that should influence your decision about whether cold laser helps or hurt
Many oncologists are skeptical of integrative medicine, even though pet parents REALLY want to use it. Kendra Pope is no skeptic. She’s a board-certified oncologist who practices in Red Bank, New Jersey. She uses oncology, but also acupuncture,
Renee’s dog has mesothelioma, and she’s got a nagging question. Why did it take so long for her veterinarian to get the diagnosis right? Dr. Dressler explains why some cancers – especially rare ones like mesothelioma – can take longer to diagno
The Morris Animal Foundation has been around for over 70 years. They are the leader in researching not just dog health, but cats and wild animals, as well. Over three thousand dogs have participated in their Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It’
When you can’t afford surgery for your dog, have to pay vet bills with money you don’t have, or can’t afford to go to the vet at all, it feels awful. And others can judge you, making everything worse. So what do you do if you can’t afford – or
It’s Memorial Day, the day when Americans honor servicemembers who never made it out of their uniforms. So we’re taking a break from our regular schedule to bring you the astonishing story of a true War Hero, Sgt. Stubby. JT Doyle crafted this
Dr. Dressler fields in a Listener Line call from Betsy about her dog Remy. Poor Remy came into her life as a senior rescue right at the start of the pandemic ... and now he has prostate cancer. Was his late-life neuter partly to blame? Also, ca
There are multiple clinical trials going on for dogs with cancer right now. Are they worth enrolling in? What if you don’t live near a big university? How do you start researching clinical trials? What should you ask your veterinarian? What sho
Dr. Trina Hazzah, integrative oncologist, is concerned about loss of appetite. When a dog won’t eat, it’s a sign that something is wrong … but what? It could be any number of things. And the cause of the appetite loss is important. Because if y
Is dog testicles haven’t dropped, is that a risk for future cancer? If the veterinarian can’t find dog testicles when they neuter … should we keep looking? It’s a conundrum for Kim from Sequim, our caller for today’s Question and Answer episode
Sharon calls in to our Listener Line with a question. Her corgi’s getting closer to the prognosis timeframe the surgeon predicted. Now he’s gagging a few times a day. Is this the cancer coming back, or invading his lungs? If he’s not eligible f
Susan calls in with a question about the dog cancer diet. Can it be used with a dog with pancreatitis? Or is it too high in fat? Dr. Nancy Reese, our chief medical editor, outlines the general modifications she would make to the dog cancer diet
Our grandmothers used to say “go to bed and stay there,” whenever someone got sick. Medical science is now saying that was better than good advice. It may be the best advice we can take. And it also applies to our dogs, maybe especially our dog
A reader asks why his veterinarian didn’t wait for a biopsy before suggesting amputation for his dog’s cancer. Dr. Demian Dressler explains why that probably was. The discussion that ensues covers a wide range of topics related to osteosarcoma
Nessa was surprised by how quickly her dog passed during euthanasia. She felt unprepared and sad that she didn’t get more time to hold her and say goodbye. Nessa is very kind, so she left a message on our listener line. Her question: can you de
If your dog is in pain, they yelp. Right? Wrong! Most often they just don’t “talk” about their pain. So how do we know if our best friend is OK? Dr. Demian Dressler joins us to discuss the many signs of pain. Some are subtle, and some you have
Kelly in Houston has three dogs. One has lymphoma and is on the CHOP protocol. Naturally, Kelly wants to prevent her other two from getting cancer in the future. One of her dogs has severe skin allergies, and the only thing that is keeping her
Depending upon what is causing a dog to die, symptoms vary. But there are two things that Dr. Demian Dressler has observed that often show up when our dogs near the end of their life. Justin’s question sparks a deep conversation about the thing
Sandy calls in to our Listener Line to ask her question. She wonders: is Panacur for cancer in dogs a good idea? She read about it online. And some folks seem to think it really helped their dog (and their own) cancer. And others think it just
The still hazy legal status of cannabis makes advising clients about it darn near impossible. Dog lovers are left to figure out what to do on their own. With only product manufacturers to advise them, they can easily get bad, incomplete, or ina
In this episode, listeners will learn the common signs and symptoms of many types of dog cancers. This episode is also designed to be a valuable tool when creating a symptom checklist, that can be taken to your next vet appointment for further
For many years, DNA sequencing has been a first line option for diagnosing and treating many human cancers, in a treatment that is often referred to as, targeted therapy. Targeted therapy works by directly inhibiting the growth and replication
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