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A weekly Dogs, Animal Welfare and News podcast featuring James Jacobson
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Episodes of Dog Edition

Wondering what to get the dog lover – or their dog – in your life? Our Holiday Hounds sniffed out everything pawsome for dogs and dog lovers this year. Tune in for a very special episode with James Jacobson and his wife, Molly, as they present
Did you know, a dog could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water – that’s two Olympic-size swimming pools! With that kind of superpower, it is no wonder we rely on them to keep us safe every day in ways you may not even realis
No-one wants to think about it, but if you die unexpectedly, have you planned what will happen to your dog? Many people assume friends or family will take it in, but unless you have explicitly had that conversation, your wishes may not be grant
The popularity of pet cloning has grown in recent years, as the technology becomes more accessible and cost comes down, but the practice remains ethically controversial and many who chose to clone, can face a backlash. Would you clone your dog?
The deep fake videos where humans are celebrated for saving dogs lives, and the true real-life story where dogs are credited with saving a man’s life. The rise of fake animal rescue videos Fake animal rescue videos are on the rise and they are
The love of a dog and the love for a dog. Both are explored in very different ways in this episode, first by a group of scientists, then by a teenage entrepreneur. Does my dog love me? Let’s just say, the answer isn’t straight forward. Research
The GREEN screen in TV land that has helped make one pooch a global sensation and the blind deaf PINK puppy inspiring children and adults to have a positive mindset. Pet detective pilot, finding pets from above It is the high-tech solution to t
Whether it is an unusual friendship between a bird and a dog, or a rescue family of pups reunited a long way away from where they were separated, today’s episode is all about animal relationships and family bonds. Interspecies friendship: Molly
How do dogs know if a human is trying to deceive them and how do they react? Also, behind the scenes of a tearjerker of a dog movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain. Can your dog tell if you lie to them? Dogs as lie detectors – who’d have thought
On today’s show, do dogs understand time and what is behind their internal clock? Then we take time out to celebrate the canine stars of the big screen with author and film journalist Wendy Mitchell. Can dogs tell the time? If you ever get the
To mark international dog day, we are celebrating the tireless life-saving work so many animal lovers do across the globe, with ‘Doobert’ aka Uber for dogs and the pilot-turned-orthopaedic-surgeon-turned-dog-shelter-rescuer. Doobert: Free Uber
There is more than one way to lose a dog. In this episode we cross the rainbow bridge with James Jacobson’s Maltese Roo and meet a pet detective who has a nose for sniffing out missing pups. Grieving the loss of a dog Saying goodbye to a dog is
In a case of CSI Israel, how one council plans to clean up its sidewalks from wayward poop. The truth behind why dogs sleep on their backs and why our furry friends are the ultimate drying machines. How dog poo could land dog owners in the prov
The growing band of politicians posing with their pups on social media has sparked a study into just how important dogs are in getting elected. And noses to the ground, going underground with some truffle hunting dogs for that elusive delicacy.
It is all about the licks. Whether it is Ben & Jerry’s doggie desserts or a human face – what is it with all that licking? The many meanings behind dog licks and a tasty frozen dessert to keep dogs and humans happy during the hot weather. What
Many dog owners like to think their dog is smart, but a new study has wrapped some fascinating data around just how intelligent some dogs really are – or are not! Also, how saying yes after a chance encounter started a love story CBS Reporter M
After years living with a new family, Sgt. Pepper who was thought stolen, is found. While a test of endurance for an ultramarathoner and a homeless pup ends in a match made in heaven for Gobi the Desert Dog and Dion Leonard. The Desert Dog I Co
An image may be worth a thousand words, but in this case an image is worth a thousand smiles. How hundreds of pooches have made getting a Covid swab up the nose, more than bearable for owners and health workers. Also, matching dogs with tempora
Do dogs help humans or do humans help dogs? Well actually it is both when you are talking tech. Enter robot guide dogs for people with visual impairments and Tesla’s Dog Mode for temperature regulated pups in parked cars. Robot Guide Dogs for t
The Maremma guardian dog has been guarding livestock for centuries in the Old World ... and now protects Little Penguins on an Australian island. And as America prepares for the 245th Fourth of July celebration, we should also prepare our dogs.
A massive research study aims to answer the question of why golden retrievers are most susceptible to cancer. Then, we explore what it means to have intentional interactions with your dog. A Golden Opportunity to Beat Cancer Hero dogs and their
Creative genius Dean Koontz talks about his muse: Trixie, his Golden Retriever. Then, we follow our noses to meet some special pooches who can sniff out Coronavirus. Dean Koontz: How dogs changed my life Dean Koontz writes international suspen
The emotional, physical and mental toll that comes with hoarding dogs for both rescuers and ‘animal collectors’ is immense, but little is known about the complexities of the issue. Also, when it comes to pain sensitivity in dogs, are all breeds
Dogs have shown consideration for our feelings over thousands of years. Have we reciprocated? The UK is, when it comes to legal matters … and an art museum in NYC is when it comes to art.   Dogs Get Legal Rights in the UK Be warned, Cruella! Ra
How many of us dream about having a dog-friendly workplace where every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day? Social media and the rise of niche pet businesses is making that dream a reality for many. Pet Influencers Your dog might have what it tak
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