Episode from the podcastDon't Call Us Heroes: A DND Adventure

Tepid Fights a Parade

Released Wednesday, 26th August 2020
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The team continues to talk about weapon upgrades with the Rix the blacksmith and Tepid decides to trade the stolen dwarven gun plans in trade to get two of each of the guns made. The blacksmith also sells them bags of holding and Alli seriously wants one in real life. Tim is nice enough to give Kumar a letter opener that does 1d1 damage. Joe has a hard time understanding the concept of commissioning a weapon and gets mad when a legendary level weapon he wants made costs a lot of money. The DM warns the players not to use bags of holding in other bags of holding. The teams finally meet up to go see poor sick Admiral Souldrinker but get stopped by a parade for a local hero. Tiped decides he cannot wait and turns into a owlbear and tries to plow through the parade. I really hope this hero become their foil. Joe also learns that some enemies have special powers to dodge attacks. They finally meet Souldrinker and get a update on his sickness. Afterwords the party runs into the mayor doing diplomatic relations with other nations.


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